Altschlosspfad Eppenbrunn Hike [Best red Rocks in Germany]

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This gal loves rocks. I hope this hiking trip was worth it for her to experience these amazing rock formations that are almost a mile long! You can climb up and onto them like here and several places you can climb through. It’s great fun for kids and those of us that gather strength and wisdom from being in such places.

I’ve hiked this trail 3 times. The Altschlosspfad Eppenbrunn hike just keeps getting better each time — and I want to share with you the pros and cons, how to do it and where you should stay to have an authentic Pälzer weekend away from tourists.

It’s truly astounding if you love red sandstone pillars and leaf carpeted trails.

Author’s tl;dr: The Altschlosspfad Eppenbrunn hike is an easy loop with magnificent rock formations that are a mile long and reach heights of 35 meters (115 feet).

Dog friendly, kid-friendly 5+.

8.0 miles and mainly leaf carpeted soft trails. You can shorten it if needed. Bring poles if you have them (it’s easy, but very randomly roots pop out on trail to twist your ankle when not expecting it).

If you want to make a weekend out of it and also hike the Eulenfels trail, the best place to stay is directly on trail at the lovely Hotel Kupper with sauna and biergarten.

❌ Do not do this hike if gunfire triggers you. The French military base holds exercises intermittently and sometimes you can hear gunfire.

The real downside to this hike is that it will take you longer than you expect because you can’t help but take a jillion photos. There’s also these lovely springs falling off in perfect little drips from 100 feet high. Sunsets and afternoon light are exceptional here. Great for non-morning hikers to get good photos.

Located about 20 min from Pirmasens, Germany this Pfalzerwald forest hike offers more rock formations than the nearby Dahn Germany hike or the Gimbelhof 4 Castles hike. It’s doesn’t have a mid-way stop hütte or restaurant however.

  • What I really loved was the Altschlossfels (Old Castle Rocks).
  • What I thought was rough was the intermittent firing range noise from the French military base.

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Morgan’s Hiking Video Altschlosspfad

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Altschlosspfad Eppenbrunn Hike Overview

✨Best German Fels Hike

  • Location: Eppenbrunn, Pfälzerwald
  • When to Hike: Year Round
  • Distance: 8 mile loop
  • Up/down: 525 feet
  • Time: 3:30 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Points of Interest: Altscholssfels, Hotel Kupper, Mirror pond
  • Transport: Parking is here at Wander Parkplatz Eppenbrunn
  • Stay: Hotel Kupper
The signage on this trail is Above Average. You’ll follow one sign the whole time.
Trail Sign Rating = 4+/5

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Altschlosspfad Hiking Map

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The “built-in” chairs and tables near the final stretch overlooking Eppenbrunn. You’ll start and finish there and there are restaurants if you want to replenish but it’s a tiny village so check opening times and days, or bring some food. It’s close to France, but it def has German hours.

Bonus: It’s on the Camino de Santiago

My friend and I hiked it on a sunny day in February and we were surprised to see so many people out on a Wednesday. They were mostly French hikers with kids and dogs.

This area is along the German-French border and is one of my favorite hikes to view red rocks in Rhineland Palatinate.

Segen means “blessings”. Soak up your blessings on this incredible hike.

You will also like my related hiking guide: If you want more expansive views, the Kalmit or Kurpfalz hikes located on the other side of the Pfalz forest may be for you.

Parking Lot – German-French Border (1:00)

The start of the hike in the village. It’s impossible to get lost. You’ll follow the top sign the entire way.

The hike has a dedicated “wanderparkplatz” right in the village of Eppenbrunn.

Fortunately, the trail is well-marked and starts off near a lovely family-owned spa hotel and biergarten.

They even keep public restrooms open for hikers, even in winter. We had a nice chat with the owner who actually lived in NY until he was 6 years old.

The path is fairly flat to begin and follows the stream on your right and a steep pine forested mountain on your left. Do not go towards Teufel fels.

It can be a little muddy in winter, but not too bad.

German-French Border – Altschlossfels (1:35)

One of the first fels you’ll encounter. I tried this trail in my “own” fashion previously, I do not recommend. Just follow the intended path the first time you do this hike as it’s been honed to perfection.

It’s always fun to walk along a national border. There are a few granite markers and for a short period the trail signs turn to French. It sounds a bit like Baumholder here with some live fire from the French military base.

Once you hit the fels, it’s just massive stone pillar after pillar.

Some are sideswiped and others are like sand drip castles. It’s truly amazing and there’s plenty of places you can climb through the fels themselves.

Altschlossfels – Parking (3:30)

Further along the trail you can find 3 towers, each with a cave inside. It reminds me a bit of the sea caves at Cala Luna in Sardinia. Except these are red and there’s no ocean.

This section is hard to move fast. Save your lunch if you brought one for here as there are just so many places to stop and marvel along this 1.5 km stretch.

What a rock Goddess!

The fels are really big and varied. You’ll simply follow the path until the end of the rock formation and then turn back toward the parking lot.

You’ll catch another bonus rock formation before descending on a dirt road toward the village.

Here you’ll walk along a flat trail next to a very long and still pond before coming back through the village to the parking.

Which way is up? This lovely stretch of trail makes the finale easy and soft. Locals will be watching their kids ride bikes along the path and you can find a million crocuses blooming. If you have little ones, there are plenty of playgrounds here.

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How to get there

Ortotox, want to hire me?

By Car

Peekaboo! Someone tell the trolls to make me their master.

Driving is the easiest way to get to this hike.

Reaching the parking lot by car is a straightforward journey, with the park conveniently situated next to the village.

From these points, clear signage will guide you through the scenic wine country directly to the large car parks designated as Wanderpark platz Eppenbrunn for visitors.

By Bus

I didn’t even include the space-y looking rocks. I ran out of room on the post, but the intricate details of rock formation is astounding.

If you want to take the bus, you’ll need to get to Eppenbrunn via Pirmasens. There is a bus that runs here called 255.

Where to Stay

Hotel Kupper Biergarten. They have a public restroom for hikers. I will forever stay at a hotel that offers hikers a free toliet! The owner is also really really nice and chatted with us in Februrary. He opened the bathrooms for us without us even asking and turns out he actually was living in America for the first 6 years of his life.

Eppenbrunn Sauna Hotel and Biergarten: Hotel Kupper

Just at the beginning of the trail is the family-owned hotel called Hotel Kupper. The owner is really sweet and the rooms look great.

I’ve not stayed here yet but it’s on my bucketlist so I can stay for sunset at the red rocks. There’s a really cute biergarten and sauna at the hotel.

It’s got “local vibes” for days.

🛎️ Book a room at the Hotel Kupper here.

The trail is very soft, except for the tree roots that pop up everywhere. Bring hiking poles even though the trail is not that hard. Just in case you start to twist an ankle, they could help prevent a worse sprain.

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Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy rambling around the Rhineland Palatinate forest and catching some outdoor history and culture. How cool is that?

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We hope this guide about the Altschlosspfad Eppenbrunn hike has given you some helpful information to plan your next adventure.

Author profile: Morgan Fielder is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and passionate hiker who believes in exploring the world on foot with good food. Follow her journey as she shares science-based hiking tips and advocates for sustainable tourism.