Gimbelhof Four Castle Hike

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Are you curious about Gimbelhof in the French Alsace?

What better way to understand the history and life of this border region of France and Germany than to hike between 4 of its romantic medieval castles on one border criss-crossing hike?

Leaf carpeted trails, tiny villages of half timbered cottages with flower draped windows and romantic medieval castle ruins embedded atop red sandstone mountaintops make this lesser-known destination perfect for a holiday weekend mini-adventure for history lovers and families.

TL;DR: Family friendly hike with 4 amazing castle ruins in an easy 4 mile loop with great stops for local food and drinks. It’s one of my favorite hikes in Germany.

Gimbelhof Four Castle Hike

gimbelhof hike guide

4 Castle to Castle Hike Gimbelhof : in Germany & France

Distance: 4.08 miles, 6.5 km
Elevation: 750 feet up/down

Duration: 2.5 hours
Parking: Lot at Gimbelhof cafe
Difficulty: Easy

GPS: Komoot 4 Castle to Castle Loop guide

Where to Stay: Best Luxury – Source des Sens
Best for Families Exploring NatureDu Cheval Blanc, Best BudgetLe Cleebourg

🎥 Walk with me on the hike in October’s Fall splendour.

Gimbelhof 4 Castles Hiking Map

Google map – Like a Hiking Guide in your pocket.

It includes step-by-step directions on how to walk to 4 historic castles on a gorgeous 4 mile loop and other non-hiking tours to go beyond the typical cities of Strasbourg and Colmar to learn about the tasty and charming Alsace region.

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German-French 4 Castles Hike

After you park you can use their playground, restaurant, cafe and toliets. Then starting on the path walk past the playground into the forest. Then the castles you’ll hike by are in order:

  • Castle Loewenstein (ruin)
  • Castle Hohenbourg (ruin)
  • Burgruine Wegelnburg (best for photos)
  • Fleckenstein Castle (paid entrance, free cafe)

The loop is not difficult but there are some hills.

When You Can Hike the Gimbelhof 4 Castles Trail

gimbelhof hike guide
October is my favorite time to hike here.

It’s possible all year, but the best time is in October where you can have the trail to yourself and the restaurants are still open.

This hiking area is located in the single largest forest in Europe. It spans the French and German borders. In Germany it’s called the Palatinate forrest and in France it is called the Vosges.

However, it’s really the same continuous forest dotted with dozens of castles and distinctive red stone spires atop cone shaped small mountains.

You can hike year round, but many huts and restaurants will close at the beginning of November and reopen in April or May depending upon weather.

This simple loop spans the border between France and Germany. It’s part of a larger 33 kilometer trail that gets to many more castle ruins, but this section hits the highlights in a short distance.

gimbelhof hike guide

Germany France 4 Castles Hike : Trail Report

Distance: 4.08 miles, 6.5 km
Elevation: 750 feet up/down
Duration: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy
GPS: Komoot 4 Castle to Castle Loop guide

Free GPS KomootMy Komoot collection of Palatinate Hikes:  has one free region to download
Start/end point: Free Parking at Gimbelhof

Kid-friendly: yes, 3+.  Playground at start. Smaller children will likely need to be carried in packs.
Stroller-friendly: no

🥾😓 Feeling Overwhelmed Planning a Hike? Use my custom-built online Hiking Time Calculator for Non-techie People.

Dog-friendly: Yes, most hotels and restaurants huts here accept dogs, contact them directly to ask.

Fees: None.  No hiking pass needed. Free parking.

HexaTrek: Parts of this trail walk along the newly formed Hexatrek, a long distance trail that goes from the Atlantic border of France in the southwest all the way to Germany here in the Vosges in the northeast.

gimbelhof hike guide

If you come to this hike from Germany you’ll cross the French border and the road turns into what seems like a large bike path. Don’t worry you can drive on it legally. You’ll enter the Sickingen” forest. That’s right, the same Sickingen that is the bloody baron of Landstuhl.

Mobile service is poor here so just follow the ample signs toward “Gimbelhof”. It’s just 2-3 km past the border and you’ll see the parking lot next to the hotel and restaurant.

Here you can get expansive views of Château de Fleckenstein.

The hiking loop starts by going through the charming playground next to the Gimbelhof parking lot. Take your first left along the fence and get right into the wooded single track filled with dappled forest light.

gimbelhof hike guide

Keep an eye out to the left for amazing views of Castle Fleckenstein. Make your way up to Col Hohenburg at 475 meters. It’s a crossroads of many trails. Pass tree with sign and then take a right at the 3 forks – take most right fork. You’ll come onto a wide logging road and then immediately take a single track uphill toward Löwenstein. Do the Krappenfels another time.

The ruin will surprise you! 

This castle ruin has a large ladder that is unsuitable for dogs but great views from the top with railings.

gimbelhof hike guide

What’s interesting about this destination is that you can climb onto and inside the castle ruins to really feel the history and capture mountaintop views of the cone shaped forest of the Palatinate – Northern Vosges UNESCO world biosphere reserve.

With 1000s of kilometers of hiking, mountain biking and strolling paths it’s for people of all ability levels this forest invites people to enjoy Nature and history in the same experience.

While walking on the 4 Castles Trail you’ll pass between France and Germany multiple times.

The rocky outcroppings and steep hills of the Palatinate and Vosges du Nord made for the perfect for defensive fortresses

This forested borderland between France and Germany has switched hands innumerable times, and the borders are not so clear.

This guide is for history lovers who want to merge in a little Nature on their travels.

gimbelhof hike guide alsace
Just a normal house around here.
gimbelhof hike guide

Next along the tour is Château de Hohenbourg just a few hundred meters up the trail. It’s perfect for spooky photos.

gimbelhof hike guide

Once past this ruin you’ll walk toward the Maidenbrunnen (of the White Lady lore) and Germany. You’ll notice the signs shift quickly and you’ll walk past your typical square German jagdhütte. There’s 2 sets of impressive “fels” or rocks on your left, including one with a hidden shrine.

Straight in front will be the Castle Ruin Wegelnburg. This is a photographer’s dream with no railings and gorgeous 360 deg views perfect for sunrise and sunset.

I repeat, no railings!

gimbelhof hike guide

It’s said that the Princess here has to be kissed as a snake and then a toad. I wonder if this is the origin of the princess and the frog legend.

gimbelhof hike guide

You’ll have to walk slightly downhill along the hexatrek to get back to France and the final stop, Château de Fleckenstein. This one has a great cafe and chill out area in front, but the actual castle ruin is gated and there are multiple fake knights.

Can you feel the difference between France and Germany?

You’ll have to pay an entrance fee to climb onto it. The route ambles back to Gimbelhof along a soft wooded trail.

Gimbelhof & Alsace France Trail Travel Guide

Colmar town : A must see in the Alsace

How to Get to Gimbelhof

Welcome to the Alsace of eastern France. It’s known for stunning red pinnacle spire mountains, impossibly cute villages, castles and delicious foods like flammkuchen (a type of white pizza), quiches and sauerkraut.

The easiest way to reach this hiking and cultural area is by car. It is good to pair with an overnight trip that includes time spent in nearby Colmar or Strasbourg. The famous Alsatian wine route is in this Vosges mountain region and tours of the medieval über cute villages like Hunawihr, Riquewihr, Eguisheim, and Kaysersberg.

  • KMC to Gimbelhof : About 1 hour drive
  • Stuttgart/Wiesbaden to Gimbelhof : 2 hours drive
  • Strasbourg to Gimbelhof: 1 hour drive

Where to Stay : Hotel Guide Gimbelhof

gimbelhof hike guide

The Gimbelhof Hotel has capacity for 20 people. Contact them directly for rates but room start at 50 euros. However, if the hotel is full these hotels nearby offer a similar Nature experience.

Best Hotel for Families Exploring Nature

A stay at L’auberge Du Cheval Blanc offers an indoor pool and spa, a 2 star Michelin starred restaurant, aesthetician treatments and gorgeous rooms. Some of the Auberge Du Cheval Blanc’s guest rooms have an individual spa, with a balneo bath, sauna and Feng-Shui design. Kids and dogs are welcome.

Best Hotel for Eco-Friendly Luxury

Book at the La Source du Sens Spa hotel for a true getaway and sensory experience. It is adults only and full of luxurious touches. Beautiful, spacious and quiet.

Best Budget Hotel

The Hotel Restaurant le Cleebourg offers a comfortable stay including a children’s playground and a sauna. It has a paid breakfast service.

Super Budget : Car Mattress

Summer can be challenging to get accommodations if you don’t plan early!  If you’re out of luck finding a room, try getting a mattress for the back of your SUV as it’s totally legal to sleep one night in your car in France.  There’s nothing like waking up to Vosge forest in the morning. 

Hütten : Huts

Various mountain huts line these forests that are seasonally open with community bunk beds and restaurants. Check their website for more information on booking. 

Where to Eat : Restaurant Gimbelhof

Do not go without a reservation to the main restaurant in Gimbelhof as you’ll likely be turned away. However there is a cafeteria serving all kinds of traditional snacks, hot foods and drinks if you cannot get a table.

The Fleckenstein castle also has a cafe near the entrance that serves up really great and inexpensive wine and quiches.

➡️ For a really cool experience book a table at the 2 star Michelin starred restaurant Au Cheval Blanc Niedersteinbach. It is a 12 minute drive from the hiking trailhead. That’s a perfect day!!

Best Things to Do:

  • Iron Mines of Nothweiler
  • Swimming Pool in Dahn
  • Hoeffler of Lobsann Distillery
  • Cleebourg Wine Cellar
  • Biosphere Fischbach
  • Castle of Challenges Family Adventure at Castle Fleckenstein

6 Best Tours in the Alsace

⤴ 🇫🇷 Get the Pass Alsace and enjoy free entry to almost 60 tourist sites, including wildlife parks, fortified castles, museums, and more fun activities and discounts in Alsace.

🇫🇷 Alsatian medieval village tour. Visit three medieval villages: Kayserberg, Hunawihr, and Riquewihr in a van with small group.

🏰 Half day Safari Castle and wine route tour. Go to the Visit Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg and Château de Kaysersberg and do some wine tastings in a private Alsace cellar.

🎯 Full Day Alsace Wine tasting tour. You’ll stop at Hunawihr, Riquewihr, Eguisheim, and Kaysersberg, with a potential stop at the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle

📸 👟 Walking photography tour with a local from Colmar. Go beyond landscape photography and enter into the street photography scene aided by a local photographer.

🍫 Chocolate museum visit and chocolate making workshop in Colmar. Spend 45 minutes with a chocolatier and learn how to decorate your very own chocolate bar.

FAQ Gimbelhof

When is the 4 castles trail open?

It’s open year round. Fleckenstein castle has opening hours of 10 – 5:30 daily.

Is there a Christmas Market nearby?

Yes, and it’s absolutely medieval magical.  Here’s an Alsace Christmas market tour based out of Strasbourg.

How much time do you need for the 4 Castles hike?

2.5 – 3 hours for the loop and time to take photos of the 4 castles.

How long is 4 Castles hike?

There are many hiking trails around Gimbelhof and its parking area. The easiest trail has an elevation gain of about 750 feet and is about 4 miles long. It takes about 2 – 2.5 hours to do the loop.

Author profile: Morgan Fielder is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and passionate hiker who believes in exploring the world on foot with good food. Follow her journey as she shares science-based hiking tips and advocates for sustainable tourism.

I hope you enjoyed this Gimbelhof and Germany France 4 castles hike report.