The Dahn Germany Hike in the Wasgau Forest: Hikers Guide

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hiking in dahn germany with fels

Otherwise known as the Dahner Felsenland hike, this is a true highlight of the Wasgau forest just 30 minutes south of Kaiserslautern, Germany.  

Author’s tl;dr: Dahn Germany Hike Trail Travel Guide located near Kaiserslautern Germany in the middle of the PALATINATE FOREST-NORTHERN VOSGES BIOSPHERE RESERVE.  Including GPX stages for your phone and food and cultural highlights.  Dog friendly. 5.95 miles but easily shortened.

It’s part of the biosphere and there are a LOT of cool things about this round (well, more like an amoeba) hike.

one of the many rock places to hike in dahn woman in rock
There are many opportunities to climb in and around these amazing Fels (rock formations) for hikers.

The stunning red sandstone cliffs and rock formations are abundant in the Wasgau but this hike allows you to climb onto them, through them and meander past wolf and lynx reintroduction exhibits.  

Also the forest PWV-Hütte Dahn Im Schneiderfeld hütte (otherwise known as the Dahner Hut) is open 5 days a week offering indoor and outdoor seating, a children’s playground and delicious food and beverages.

There are also a plethora of campgrounds, luxury hotels, and normal hotels so you’ll get to have random encounters with people from around Germany.

amanita mushrooms dahner felsenland

It’s fun to chat with people while they are on vacation, because they usually are in a good and friendly mood. 

It’s not a challenging hike, but I love coming here because it is so close to the city, yet you feel completely immersed into fairytale forests, rocks and ruined castles atop traffic cone like peaks. 

Once you walk 5 minutes away from the parking lot it’s like you have the forest to yourself, despite having an incredible amount of amenities.

Dahn Germany Hike Overview

woman hiking near kaiserslautern
  • Trailhead: Dahner Felsenland in Dahn Germany
  • Distance: 5.95 mi circuit
  • Time Needed: 2:20 hours
  • Elevation Gain/Loss: 750 feet
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Terrain: Soft, Trail, Dirt Roads
  • When to Hike: All Seasons

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Morgan’s Gelterswoog Germany Youtube – Get a vibe for the same Forest

If you prefer a lake on your hiking route think about doing the Gelterswoog lake hike.

Dahn Felsenland Hike Map

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These same trails lead all the way to Strausbourg in France and up to Kaiserslautern.

fels in dahn

There are a few people running, horseback riding and mountain biking here and I’m sure why. It’s idyllic. 

The only problem I have is if my dog is off lead and horses come by, I’m sure to leash up. 

Dahn Germany Hike: My Experience

 Parking Lot – Fels Ladder Lookout (:45)

rock climbers near dahn germany

This hike starts off with a bang! Well, after you go past the one street of rental houses and parking lot. There’s definitely cute cows here with the black eyeliner 😉

You’ll pass by an Austrian looking sauna resort, make sure you don’t stare cause they’ll be naked in the pool.

After a short walk on a bike path, you’ll enter the forest and head straight for the fels.

Fels means “rocks”. But around here it’s these beautiful red sandstone cliffs and rock formations. We found a half dozen amanita mushrooms.

I’ve seen toprope climbers here and it’s fun to climb up the ladders and through the rocks. There are many side trails which we took and it ended up looking out the other side of a massive red cliff. Take the ladder up and get some pictures.

Fels Ladder Lookout – Dahn Hutte (2:00)

woman climbing ladder in dahn germany

The trail is a mix of logging road and single track with many roots. It’s not great for strollers so I’d bring a kid pack in case you run into roots. The Dahn hutte is open everyday except Monday and Tuesday from 10:00-18:00 and they serve all kinds of food. The cheese spaetzle looked delish. They have a lot of very nice bathrooms, indoor and outdoor seating, and a playground.

If you have small kids that love wolves or wild cats, there is a detailed exhibit funded by the EU. I’m not sure if they were reintroducing them to the area or just providing a learning experience for kids. It’s extensive.

Dahn Hutte – Parking Lot (2:30)

dahn hutte

You’ll wind through the forest getting back to the trailhead. There are multiple campgrounds and hotels and resorts. It’s really surprising.

There are a confluence of dozens of short and long distance hiking trails at the Dahn Hutte.

trail markers dahn germany

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How to Get to the Dahn Germany Hike (Dahner Felsenpfad in German)

dog hiking with woman in pink shoes

By Car

This hike is very easy to get to from Kaiserslautern.  It takes about 45 minutes from the center of Kaiserslautern to Dahn.  The parking lot is well marked and free and I’ve listed it on the google map above. 

By Bus or Train

There is a bus stop directly in front of the hike and a train in the center of Dahn which would add 10-15 minutes to your hike. Use the bahn . de website to arrange transit.

Things to Know About Dahner Felsenland Recreation

This place sits near a Nature reserve and offers not only swimming, but picnic areas, BBQ facilities, wildlife, birdwatching and scenic views.

Premium Hiking Region:  

You know I’m biased, but this is one of 7 “premium hiking regions” in Germany. There are so many trails it’s really unbelieveable.  

Sauna Holidays:

This is a very popular activity at in the Dahn region. The Felsland Badeparadies offers indoor and outdoor pools, extensive saunas and more water attractions for over 33 years. There are even women’s nature exhibits with photography.

doodle hiking through fels in dahn germany


This lake often hosts flea markets and Middle Age markets.  Check out their website to stay up to date for events.

Dahner Felsenland Camping:

The sites are right along the lakeside and very relaxing at the Gelterswoog campingplatz.  If you want to reserve a spot you’ve got to email or call them.  

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fels wasgau forest germany

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