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Nanstein Castle Hikes, Burg Nanstein in Landstuhl, Germany

Easy Nanstein Castle Hikes in Landstuhl, Germany – Explored in 2022

Explore the Romantic Pfälzerwald At the very edge of the single largest forest in Germany, get a close up of Landstuhl’s bloody medieval…

Weekend in bilbao – 2022

Mountains and Sea in Basque Country Plans to make a great trip to Spain for culture and Nature. How this Bilbao Hiking Guide is Organized How to get there from Germany Use Booking.com for a flight to get there into Bilbao from Frankfurt. You’ll arrive in Bilbao and have the … Read More
Calmont klettersteig

Hike Through Europe’s Steepest Vineyard at Germany’s Calmont Klettersteig — Bremmer Calmont GUide 2022

2000 years of history on this 4.75 mile hike plus Mosel River Germany Travel Guide. The steepest vineyard in Europe offers great views and