Impact: Crave the Planet

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In our journey, we prioritize the well-being of our community and the environment, much like a navigator values precision. Our choices echo this commitment, guiding us not just in business, but in fostering a world where we all thrive.

To be a radically responsible business that keeps the betterment of people and planet as our driving force.

Our Principles

  • People
  • Planet
  • Profit
  • Place
  • Partnership

Tourism that benefits communities, champions places, empowers visitors, and celebrates profits simultaneously. Strong belief in collaboration, professional development, and transformational leadership as key to tourism’s future.

👉 Commitment to carbon efficiency and doing more good for the places affected by tourism.

👉 Empowering visitors to have transformational outdoor experiences powered by foot.

👉 Supporting profitable, local businesses that contribute to community continuity and structure.


In aligning with the United Nations principles, we, as a flourishing small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), vow to prioritize the welfare of both humanity and the environment in every action we take.

  • Our Promise: Championing earth and societal progress
  • Our Impact Goal: Positive footprints on society and ecology
  • SME Pledge: Stewarding sustainable development, locally and globally

Here’s how people and planet influence our business GPS system.

1. Forest Carbon Capture Initiative in Romania

  • Transylvania Regenerative Grassroots Project: We allocate 1% of our earnings towards initiatives in Romania aimed at regenerative farming and carbon reduction. This effort is through our Ttransylvania Fund, which emphasizes grassroots engagement for sustainable practices.
  • Rural Community Contributions: The wilderness has enriched our lives. It excites us to share our success by supporting environmental efforts and communities with both products and financial aid.
  • Planetary Stewardship: It’s our duty to lessen our ecological impact. Through our actions and outreach, we’re fostering immediate, positive change, teaching others to protect our planet.

2. Giving Back: Our Contributions

As part of our ongoing commitment to driving positive change, we are dedicating a portion of our yearly earnings to support various initiatives. Here’s how we’re distributing the generosity:

  • Empowering Communities: Annually, 1% of our profits support 2 to 4 CTP Grants, which we award to thoroughly evaluated non-profits. Our primary focus is on organizations within our locale that resonate with our core values, allowing us to give back to the communities that support us.
  • In-Kind Generosity for Outdoor Adventures: We reserve 1% of our profits to provide in-kind contributions, aiding in bringing hiking experiences to those from underserved communities. Our mission is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the great outdoors.

This approach allows us to bolster the economy, foster opportunities for small businesses, and support low-income families.

3. Safeguarding the Earth & Balancing Carbon Footprints with Nori

When we plan a hiking adventure, thoughts about footprints aren’t just about the path we tread on the trail, but also the carbon footprint we leave behind. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer travelers a way to balance out their trip emissions quickly with our new Carbon Credits feature.

For those of us who shop online, we understand that every product has a carbon trail from production to delivery. Our innovative tool considers various factors like shipping methods and materials to measure the emissions of your order. And the best part? It enables us to neutralize our carbon impact at checkout with ease.

By opting for verified carbon removals, we take meaningful action towards our collective climate goals, ensuring each step we take, both online and off-road, aligns with our commitment to a healthier planet.

As avid trekkers, we carry a responsibility not just to savor the breathtaking views but to preserve them for future generations. Here’s how we can make a difference:

  • Embrace the Ethos of Zero Trace

    Committing to leave the terrain as untouched as we found it, we promise to clean up after ourselves, respect the precious ecosystem, and ensure all litter is removed.

  • Lower Our Ecological Footprint

    We vow to actively engage in land protection endeavors, opt for renewable items over single-use counterparts, and prioritize recycling to curtail our ecological footprint.

  • Honor Wilderness and Wildlife

    We take an oath to maintain a respectful berth from wildlife, adhere to established paths to protect their homes, and avoid unintentionally provisioning them or altering their environment.

  • Support Hometown Heroes

    We’re dedicated to enhancing local economies by shopping with resident merchants and contributing to community-led conservation efforts.

  • Champion Inclusivity on Trails

    Our community is one of openness and encouragement, inviting all individuals, regardless of background or belief, to enjoy and respect the natural world.

  • Nurture Fellowship Outdoors

    We promise to come prepared with enough sustenance—including that all-important coffee—to keep spirits high and hunger at bay among our fellow trailblazers.

  • Cultivate Awareness and Respect

    We pledge to immerse ourselves in the narratives, culture, and heritage of the destinations we explore, always with reverence and curiosity.

  • Lead by Example

    It’s up to us to inspire and guide our peers towards embracing these core values of responsible hiking, promoting sustainable and respectful enjoyment of the outdoors.

Let us band together, fellow trail lovers, to uphold this code and cherish our shared natural heritage.

Looking to 2030

  • Aim to become Carbon Positive
  • Strive for B-Corporation Certification

Our path to 2030 reflects two major objectives: enhancing our environmental contributions and fortifying our commitment to corporate responsibility. By aspiring to be Carbon Positive, we look beyond neutrality, seeking to create an overall benefit to the environment.

Additionally, achieving B-Corporation status will hold us to the highest standards of social and environmental performance. We hope to inspire fellow outdoor brands to undertake a similar journey and take the SME Pledge to heart, fostering accountability within our cherished hiking community.

For thoughtful insights on the latest equipment, turn to expert gear reviews to help us make informed choices on the best items to enhance our nature experiences. Remember to consider the hike’s duration and difficulty when choosing gear. With the right preparation, we are set for an incredible adventure!


Hiking Essentials: Empowering you with knowledge on necessary gear and best practices.

  • Training Tips: Build skills for safe treks.
  • Free Guides: Broaden your hiking know-how.
  • Planning Tools: Prepare effectively for adventures.
  • Participation in advisory boards and mentorship programs.
  • Partnering with educational institutions for event management experience.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

  • Integration of Sustainable Development Goals into training courses.
  • Promotion of inclusivity and accessibility within the tourism industry.

Our Business Practices

  • Preference for local suppliers and contractors.
  • Investment in team training and professional development.
  • Operation in an energy-efficient office space, aiming for paperless operations.

Download our Impact Statement here.