How can we help?

Want to experience the magic of moving in Nature throughout Europe without totally having to rough it?  Your idea of a great vacation is a physical challenge but with great food, great wine and a comfy bed each night so you can feel safe & connect to what really counts?

We can help with:

Free Phone Consult

Not sure where to start planning for the travel? Don’t understand the European trails or hut system? Schedule a 15 minute call to learn more from Americans that have successfully navigated Europe’s most beautiful places with kids. 

Free Unguided Plans

Get our step-by-step freebie guide on how to backpack 4-5 days in the Dolomites with kids.

Fitness Plans & Injury Rehab

Precision fitness plans to build strength & stamina or rehab plans to shore up an old knee or back injury to be ready to hike hut-to-hut comfortably with confidence built by a physical therapist practicing with special forces soldiers and their families for 10+ years.

Logistics: Fully Planned & Booked Trips

EMAIL US to take away the stress of booking each hut individually, finding maps, which app to download, and tracking everything.  We will do a full package so you can just show up and savor the best of Nature with your family or friends.

Leadership Retreats: Guided by Physical Therapist, Mindfulness Teacher and Former US Naval Officer

Improve focus, mindfulness, and productivity with your team in an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.  Email us for details.

Active Family Reunion

Options for intergenerational travel by foot hut-to-hut on mountain or coastal trails in Europe.  Email us for details.