bechhofen Germany Hütte Hike

Looking for a shorter, extremely well-marked, family friendly hike near Kaiserslautern with hut food options? The Bechhofen Germany Hutte hike is a shortened part of the Charles II August, Duke of Zwiebrucken premium hike. This hike offers a glimpse into authentic Germany away from tourists but has all the highlights … Read More


Adlerbogen Hike Near Kaiserslautern (with GPS)

Looking for a hike filled with history and beauty? The Adlerbogen hike near Kaiserslautern is filled with Celtic, German and WWII history. Only 20 minutes from Kaiserslautern, Germany is the Adlerbogen hike. What a hidden gem! Beyond the amazingly well-endowed Celtic horse fertility goddess, there are plenty of reasons to … Read More