Backpacking the Alps with Kids: Packing List to Maximize Fun

Hey! We’re outdoor & food lovers. So Glad You’re Here.

Sage and her mom Morgan started this blog to encourage families to feel safe and empowered to travel by foot in Europe.  By sharing inspiring stories, helpful guides & physical training tips. 

It’s NOT for those who love gritty, taxing, and dangerous things.

  It’s about Wonder.  It’s about Connection.  It’s about Taste.

This is a blog for those of us who want to Step Off the Treadmill and Connect to Nature with our families but with good food, great wine, thick hot cocoa and comfortable beds nestled in the astonishing Alps or Mediterranean seaside.

 You don’t have to be some über-fit, well-outfitted and freeze dried food eating hiking champion to access some of the most majestic views, screen trumping experiences and confidence building outdoor challenges in the world.

Throughout Europe, even on high elevation trails, a network of mountain or seaside lodges lie directly on the trails for people of all ages to experience the magic of the mountains and sea travelling by foot from one hut to the next hut, carrying only a small backpack.

Kids (and parents) need Nature now. 

Human brains make a habit out of what is easy & rewarding.

Moving together in Nature with breathtaking views + delicious 3 course communal dinners each night =

A rewarding family experience that connects & builds confidence

Once we discovered “Hut-to-Hut” travel we wanted to share it with the world! 

Walking alongside others to the next night’s dwelling is just enough “action” for us “busy” people to actually turn off our brains and connect to what really counts.

We hope to provide you not only with practical travel tips and guides — but plans to prepare physically and mentally to tackle 9,800 ft peaks, limestone cliff walks and meandering meadows filled with alpine cows adorned with tinkling bells around their necks.  

 After all, you’ve got to work up an appetite for a 3 course dinner of sauteed mushrooms, venison ragu pasta and apple strudel. 

A trip through the Dolomites transformed my life because I finally found an infrastructure to experience the best of Nature (movement, mindfulness, exercise, stillness) without having to rough it.  It’s so breathtaking and so yummy each night that it’s a super easy sell to my tween daughters and friends to something good for the mind, body and soul.



I’m a family adventurer, physical therapist and travel writer.

Fun fact: I’m the European Cornhole Commissioner.


I’m 12 so not going to put too much out there on the internet 😉