Crave the Planet has risen as a cherished online destination for outdoor enthusiasts who demand quality content about gear and travel adventures.

Team and Key Players

Dr. Morgan Fielder, DPT

Morgan Fielder stands at the helm of Crave the Planet, having planted the seeds from which this thriving platform has sprouted. Her affinity for the natural world traces back to her childhood in Idaho’s picturesque landscapes.

With an education in Physical Therapy from the University of Rhode Island and a degree in Economics from the United States Naval Academy, Morgan opted to chart her own path rather than tread conventional health careers, conceiving Crave the Planet to fill a void in the digital space for fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

As the owner and proprietor, Morgan not only steers the organization forward but also partakes in producing substantial content on travel, photography, and outdoor equipment.

She balances her professional commitments with a rich family life, sharing her Landstuhl, Germany home with her husband, Aaron, and their two children, continually nurturing her deep-seated passion for the outdoors.

Each summer she guides small groups on hut to hut hiking trips in the Dolomites of Italy.

Crave the Planet

With a commitment to top-notch writing and vivid photography, they create an ad-minimized digital space that’s both inviting and inspiring.

This platform is a trove of comprehensive gear reviews alongside thoughtful hiking and travel narratives about off-the-beaten path destinations that span from the well-trodden to the obscure, all aimed at enhancing the reader’s pursuit of outdoor experiences in Europe.

True to their ethos of authenticity, Crave the Planet maintains strict editorial independence. Their advice and insights are not swayed by manufacturers, as their earnings are generated primarily through affiliate links without compromising the integrity of their content.


They have a strong IMPACT statement and you can find them on the UN SME Climate Commitment pledge site.

They welcome engagement from their readers and Youtube audience, incorporating their feedback and inviting connections through instagram, facebook and various other social media platforms.

Our Content: Review Process

Crave the Planet offers an extensive array of articles that cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, travelers in Europe and adventurers. Their gear-related coverage is neatly categorized into comprehensive group summaries, thorough individual evaluations, and informative articles.

  • Comprehensive Product Roundup Summaries: These articles present a thoughtful analysis of a broad range of products within a specific category. They meticulously evaluate both classic and new offerings, crafting a well-curated selection that showcases the top choices for consumers. They include diverse price points, ensuring that quality selections are available for different budgets.
  • Thorough Individual Evaluations and Hands On Product Reviews: For those seeking a deep dive into a particular piece of equipment, Crave the Planet’s in-depth reviews dissect a single product’s features and performance. Their evaluations are comprehensive, providing clear and honest insights that aid in making informed decisions.
  • Informative Articles: Crave the Planet goes beyond just reviews by addressing complex topics with detailed discussions. These pieces serve as standalone resources, adding to the site’s knowledge base on a wide variety of outdoor-related subjects.

Adventure Travel Stories for Normal People

In addition to gear insights, Crave the Planet interweaves captivating travel stories and adventure articles that span from Europe’s majestic mountain trails to the steep climbs of Morocco’s Mount Toubkal. Highlights include:

The content found at Crave the Planet is designed not only to inform but to inspire, combining practical hiking tips with stories of adventure that fuel the reader’s passion for exploration.

Crafting Excellence

At Crave the Planet, the authenticity of our content is rooted in the personal expertise of our contributors.

Our team, comprised mainly of individuals who are passionate about the great outdoors, brings an abundance of hands-on experience to the table.

They aren’t merely skilled writers; they are experts who have lived the adventures and understand the intricacies of outdoor gear through extensive, real-world application.

They have embraced the wilderness, from traversing trails to enduring nights beneath the stars, and engage in this lifestyle beyond their roles as content creators.

This combination of picturesque photography and comprehensive narrative is what sets our website apart, offering readers a genuine, expert-driven perspective on the outdoor lifestyle.

Equipment and Financial Support

In the realm of outdoor products, Crave the Planet prides itself on a robust procurement process, obtaining items from standout retailers and brands known for quality.

Purchasing at market prices from year-round favorites such as REI Co-op and winter sports superb vendor Evo, to pioneering industry brands like Patagonia, the team also supports local shops for a multitude of necessities.

Moreover, the occasional access to pre-release samples from manufacturers permits the team to conduct thorough evaluations and capture product images, enabling readers to be informed about the latest gear at the most opportune time. This approach ensures that readers have access to fresh, in-season information enabling them to make timely and informed purchases.

Crave the Planet maintains rigorous editorial independence, assuring that opinions on gear remain unbiased and straightforward, regardless of the product’s origins. Honest and critical feedback is valued equally with positive remarks, as both are vital in aiding readers to make informed decisions.

Monetary Sources:

  • Affiliate Links: When purchases are made through Crave the Planet’s article links or price comparison tools in reviews.
  • Retailer Support: Shopping via retailer links on the support page—prices remain unchanged for the customer.
  • Advertising: All efforts taken to minimize ads but allow a sustainable business.

The dedication to maintaining high standards in their reviews is clear—achieving excellence and providing the utmost value is paramount. One’s support via purchases is crucial, as it fuels ongoing gear testing and comprehensive reviews. Yet, no earning occurs from returned products, and readers’ trust is treasured far above transient gains. The goal is to cultivate a loyal readership by consistently offering best-in-class evaluations on essentials such as hydration systems, GPS devices, first aid essentials, and popular items like the Oakley Sutro sunglasses, all to enhance the outdoor experience.

Core Beliefs

Crave the Planet deeply values the essence of adventure over the equipment that facilitates it. Their IMPACT statement highlights 3 parts to their strategy in carbon removal project in Romania, focusing on rural tourism, donation to non-profits that focus on DEI communities having access to the great outdoors.

They acknowledge that nature enthusiasts have long conquered rugged landscapes well before advanced gear was available. Individuals cherish their vintage gear, evidencing a culture of appreciation for what they already own over the incessant pursuit of the new.

Nonetheless, Crave the Planet recognizes that modern outdoor technologies and materials can enhance one’s experience, offering comfort and efficiency.

  • Sustainability: Advocates for reusing and repurposing existing gear.
  • Local Communities: Suggests supporting local outdoor retailers for a personalized shopping encounter.
  • Culture: Respects the heritage and stories behind seasoned outdoor equipment.
  • Environment: Encourages wise consumption aligned with environmental preservation.
  • Well-Being: Acknowledges the improvement in outdoor experiences through advanced gear use.
  • Food: A core component for most hikers in Europe.
  • Accessibility: Supports buying gear that aligns with personal needs and budgets.
  • Inclusivity: Trails highlighted are not for expert mountaineers but attainable for most people.
  • Carbon Removal: Working with Nori to help travelers buy carbon removal tokens.

Crave the Planet urges embracing local businesses for both their tangible goods and the intangible value they provide—personal fittings, expertise on local topography, and fostering community spirit.