7 Best TMB Self Guided Tour Planners – 2024

Curated list of the best TMB Self Guided Tour Planners for booking the Tour du Mont Blanc “self guided” or “guided”. Are you an experienced hiker looking to embark on a self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc trekking experience, but feeling overwhelmed by the logistics? My list of recommended self-guided tour … Read More

3 Day Catinaccio Rosengarten Dolomites Trek Loop [Optional Via Ferrata]

If you want to hike the original “Alpenglow” trek and marvel at the Vajolet Towers without having to do a Via Ferrata, this Catinaccio Rosengarten Dolomites Trek Loop is for you.  We hiked this stunning Nature and culinary haven filled with towers, spires and pinnacles in late August and absolutely … Read More

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How to Self-Book a Hut-to-Hut Hike : Dolomites Trip Planner With Videos

Are you looking for a Dolomites Trip Planner for something that is truly Off-the-Beaten Path?  I’m going to step you through my experience planning and booking a 3 Day Hut to Hut Hike without Via Ferratas in the stunning and lesser known Rosengarten region.  Figure out how to plan multi-day … Read More