Saarburg Chairlift [Saarburger Sesselbahn] Tips

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Rhineland-Palatinate, the quaint town of Saarburg, Germany, offers an array of delightful activities for visitors, including the renowned Saarburg Chairlift. This attraction seamlessly blends adventure with scenic beauty, giving you the unique opportunity to behold the town from a bird’s-eye view as you ascend … Read More

7 Best Vineyard Chairlifts in Germany

If you’re looking for a gentle, non-Alpine chairlift or gondola experience this article will show you how to sit comfortably with a glass of Riesling while skipping the uphill! Less “Adventure” – More Relaxation. I absolutely love a ride up the mountain when I can get it! Especially when it’s … Read More

Kranzberg Chairlift & Mountain Cart Rides

The Kranzberg Chairlift (or Kranzberg Sessellift in German) is a slow, lovely old-fashioned chairlift that gets you to “Hoher Kranzberg” and perfect for a family outing from Mittenwald. My favorite part of this lift is the quiet….It’s slow and peaceful and then when you get to the top you can … Read More

Boppard Chairlift (Boppard Sesselbahn) Tips

As my trusty doodle Ruby and I tackled the rugged paths of the MittelRhein Klettersteig, we found ourselves trekking beneath the Boppard Sesselbahn (Boppard chairlift) – a cool slice of engineering that offers sky-high rides with killer views. This unexpected encounter with the chairlift made me think that almost anyone … Read More