BioLite Charge 80 PD Review: Honest Take

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BioLite Charge 80 PD Power Bank review
This is a premium power bank.

When you’re out in the wild or simply away from a power outlet, staying connected is a must. The BioLite Charge 80 PD offers the versatility and efficiency to keep your gadgets powered up.

With a robust 20,000 mAh capacity, it’s capable of keeping your devices, from smartphones to headlamps, fully charged throughout your adventures.

Author’s TL;DR: 1lb 4 oz Fast Power Bank

  • 20000 mAh (74 Wh) capacity is enough to charge a 13 in. laptop, or multiple smaller devices
  • USB-C Power Delivery (PD) allows for for faster charging times with compatible devices
  • Power bank charges to full in 4 hrs. by up to 18W USB-C PD
  • Power output: 1x USB-C PD; 2x USB-A; 18W total output
  • Inputs: USB-C PD, up to 18W
  • FAA carry-on compliance and an ultra-packable form factor make this power bank a perfect travel companion

Quick Verdict

BioLite Charge 80 PD Power Bank

Bottom Line: Premium Product from Climate Neutral Certified Brand

It’s a reliable travel companion that offers convenience and speed, ensuring that your devices stay powered during your trips.

Fastest Charging Time
BioLite Power Bank
  • 18 watt USB-C input/output and two 3.0 USB-A 
  • The 20,000 mAh battery fully charges in 5 hours
  • Weighing 16.4 ounces and measuring 6.7 x 3.2 x 1.0 inches
  • Comes with Charge 80 PD, USB-A to USB-C 

Equipped with multiple outputs, the Charge 80 PD ensures you can charge up to three devices at once, which is handy when you’re sharing this power source with friends. Despite its heavy-duty battery life, this power bank is surprisingly portable, fitting easily into your pack without adding significant weight.

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BioLite Charge 80 PD

The time-saving aspect of this charger is evident in its rapid charging ability – a welcome feature when time is of the essence. While it lacks water resistance, the overall construction feels solid enough to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Overview of the BioLite Charge 80 PD Power Bank

BioLite Charge 80 PD Power Bank

If you’re seeking a reliable companion for your off-the-grid adventures or simply need an efficient way to keep your gadgets alive during a busy day, you’ll appreciate the solid performance of the Charge 80 PD. This power bank’s ability to charge up to three devices simultaneously is a real asset, especially when you consider its rapid charging capabilities. The 20,000 mAh battery ensures you can charge a typical smartphone multiple times over, making it a powerhouse for extended use.

At just over a pound, its weight is remarkably manageable for the amount of power it carries. It’s designed to slip easily into your bag, and its robustness means it’s ready for the rigors of travel. While it excels in performance, its lack of water resistance can be a downside if you’re exposed to the elements, so it’s best to keep it dry.

Many users have praised its durability, having relied on it for numerous recharges without issues. Quick to top up devices and itself, it’s valued for its time-saving aspect—even if it takes a good five hours to recharge fully from zero.

Fast Charging Capability: 4 Hours

BioLite Charge 80 PD Power Bank
Between using a gps hiking app, taking a million photos and generally not buying new phones all the time I ALWAYS need a power bank.

When you’re on the go, waiting for your devices to charge is the last thing you want. That’s where the BioLite Charge 80 PD stands out. With its 18W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) port, your charging sessions are impressively brief. The convenience is apparent as this power bank pumps life into your smartphone or tablet at a much quicker rate compared to standard chargers.

However, it’s not just the speed that’s noteworthy; the power bank’s ability to handle multiple devices simultaneously ensures none of your gadgets are left in the lurch. Despite this swift service, the Charge 80 PD doesn’t compromise on the health of your devices’ batteries, maintaining a balance between quick charging and safety.

Of course, every silver lining has a cloud; the faster drain on its 20,000 mAh capacity means you’ll be recharging the power bank itself more frequently if you fully leverage the fast charging. Yet, for the convenience it offers, this is a minor trade-off. Overall, this feature is a true game-changer for the digitally-dependent traveler.

High-capacity Battery Performance

Exploring the outdoors or gearing up for a long flight, you might often find yourself in need of a reliable power source to keep your devices juiced up. BioLite’s Charge 80 PD power bank steps in as a trusty companion with its substantial 20,000 mAh battery capacity ensuring you stay connected without the constant search for a power outlet.

The convenience of fast charging with a high-capacity battery can’t be overstated. Your devices will not only charge quickly thanks to the 18W USB-C, but you can charge multiple gadgets simultaneously without a significant drop in charging speed. A phone or a tablet continuously demanding energy doesn’t seem like a problem anymore.

Understandably, with great power comes some weight, but the peace of mind the Charge 80 PD offers during long journeys, where power is scarce, makes it worth carrying. It’s a practical choice for those who prioritize device uptime over minimal weight savings.

Remember, the battery’s performance might diminish slightly in extremely cold conditions, but for most scenarios, this power bank finds the sweet spot in balancing high capacity with portability and efficiency.

Compact Design and Portability

With its slim profile at 6.7 x 3.2 x 1.0 inches and tipping the scales at just over a pound, the BioLite Charge 80 PD power bank is a convenient travel companion. Its compactness belies its powerful 20,000 mAh capacity, and importantly, it adheres to FAA carry-on standards, so you can keep your devices charged during your flights.

You’ll appreciate the streamlined shape that slips seamlessly into your bag without the bulk. Despite its small footprint, it’s a workhorse that can simultaneously juice up three devices, definitely a plus when you’re on the move. The robust build quality ensures that it withstands the rigors of travel without a hitch.

Noticeably, it charges much faster than average power banks, and seeing the remaining battery life is a breeze with the intuitive LED indicators. When it’s time to recharge the power bank itself, a mere 5-hour wait will restore it to full power, ensuring you’re ready to go again without long downtime.

Charging Multiple Devices Simultaneously

In today’s world, being able to charge multiple devices at once is a godsend, especially when you’re on the move. You’ll appreciate the convenience the BioLite Charge 80 PD offers. Imagine yourself in the great outdoors where every minute counts. Your phone, headlamp, and smartwatch all need a boost. With this power bank, you won’t have to pick favorites or wait for one device to charge before plugging in the next.

The unit features one USB-C port with an 18-watt output, alongside two USB-A ports. This trio of outlets works in concert to replenish your electronics quickly and efficiently. Having your smartphone, tablet, and other USB-powered devices charging simultaneously saves time and lets you focus on more important things.

Users have noted the power bank’s capability to charge devices like smartphones multiple times, and even a sizeable tablet can get a solid two full charges. Despite a robust capacity, be mindful that charging a 13” laptop will take a fair chunk out of the battery. However, the power bank itself recharges pretty swiftly, minimizing downtime.

From backpackers to business travelers, the ability to power up various gadgets at once has proven to be a game-changer. Yet it’s wise to note that despite a solid build, this BioLite power bank doesn’t boast water resistance, an aspect active users may miss.


You’ll appreciate the Charge 80 PD’s ability to keep multiple devices powered up during your adventures. Its high-speed charging via one 18W USB-C and dual USB-A ports is a game-changer when time is of the essence, getting your devices back in action in no time. Despite its potent 20,000 mAh capacity, you’ll be surprised at how swiftly it reaches a full charge itself in just five hours.

At 16.4 ounces and with its packable dimensions, it’s incredibly travel-friendly, making it a top pick for your outdoor excursions.

It’s striking how many times you can charge your smartphone, with some users never even reaching the limit during multi-day trips. And if you’re carrying a tablet, headlamp, or a 13” laptop, this power bank has got you covered.

Moreover, its construction is robust, and it maintains its charge well even when stored, which means less time worrying about its longevity and more time enjoying continuous power supply for your gadgets.

Many users have found it to be a reliable power source, a testament to its solid build and performance, which seems to transcend the typical use-and-throw nature of similar products.


While the BioLite Charge 80 PD serves as a robust companion for your outdoor pursuits, charging your devices effectively, you might notice a few shortcomings.

Its lack of water resistance may cause concern, particularly for a product from a brand specializing in outdoor equipment. In environments where water exposure is possible, this could pose a risk to its longevity and functionality.

Moreover, despite its durable appearance and ability to keep various devices powered up reliably, there have been instances where its performance dipped over time.

Some users have reported that after a month of usage, the power bank ceased charging altogether, which can be quite disappointing—especially when you’re relying on it during your off-grid adventures or while traveling.

Also, you should be prepared for a significant charging time before heading out, as fully powering up the Charge 80 PD can be time-consuming. It’s a slight trade-off for having an ample energy reserve, but it’s something to consider for those who are often on the move and need a quick energy top-up.

Finally, its weight may add a little extra bulk to your pack, which could be noticeable on longer trips.

Customer Reviews

After spending some quality time with the BioLite Charge 80 PD, the consensus among users is distinctly positive. With a strong average rating, it’s clear that this power bank has met or exceeded the expectations of many. Users emphasize its stellar performance during multi-day outdoor adventures, where its robust capacity to charge various devices, like phones and headlamps, multiple times made a clear impression. The quick charging feature received noteworthy appreciation, ensuring that devices are powered up in a short time.

However, it’s not without its minor hiccups—there’s a mention of the lack of water resistance, which came as a surprise given BioLite’s specialty in outdoor gear. Despite this, the rugged build and the ability to recharge quickly using a car charger have been described as invaluable by those loving the great outdoors.

The versatility and reliability have convinced multiple users to incorporate it into their daily lives, from providing a necessary charge on a long canoe trip to powering essential gadgets for a full 24-hour cycle during travel. The ability to charge up to three devices simultaneously has also been a highlight.

On rare occasions, there’s been dissatisfaction with the longevity, with a user reporting a faltering unit after a month, yet such reviews are far outnumbered by its praises. The balance between a slight heft for the sake of ample power seems to be a compromise most are happy to make, concluding that the BioLite Charge 80 PD is a recommended accessory for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


After thoroughly testing the Charge 80 PD from BioLite, it’s evident that this portable power bank is an asset for anyone in need of reliable off-grid power.

With its substantial 20,000 mAh capacity, you can charge devices quickly, and it easily handles multiple gadgets—phones, watches, and headlamps—without breaking a sweat. Its robust build quality speaks to the long-term usage reported by many users, reflecting the brand’s outdoor heritage.

However, it’s not without its slight downsides. While the power bank is quite rugged, don’t expect water resistance—keep it dry during your adventures. Some users have noted the bank’s weight and charge time, but these aspects are minor when considering the impressive output and charging capabilities.

Having USB-C and USB-A ports, you gain the flexibility to charge various devices concurrently. It seems the consensus is clear—Charge 80 PD is a great companion for extended trips where keeping your devices powered is crucial. Despite a few reports of malfunctions, the majority experience is overwhelmingly positive. If you’re looking for a reliable power bank for your outdoor excursions, this model merits consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices can the BioLite Charge 80 PD power bank charge simultaneously?

If you’re out with multiple gadgets, the BioLite Charge 80 PD is up to the task, allowing you to charge up to three devices at once. You’ll find a USB-C port alongside two USB-A ports for versatile connectivity options. Keep your smartphone, headlamp, and even another friend’s device all powered up without having to wait your turn.

What is the charging speed of the BioLite Charge 80 PD compared to other power banks?

Comparing the BioLite Charge 80 PD to its competitors, it likely won’t disappoint you in terms of charging speed. This power bank offers an 18W USB-C power delivery that facilitates quick charging capabilities, especially for devices that support fast charging. It’s designed to charge devices three times faster than average, so long waiting times won’t be an issue.

Is the BioLite Charge 80 PD power bank worth the price?

Value often combines cost with effectiveness, and in this case, the BioLite Charge 80 PD shows a significant merit. From its fast charging capabilities to the ability to charge a smartphone up to five times, it brings convenience and reliability to your adventures. A solid investment, especially if you tend to spend a lot of time outdoors or away from power outlets.

What is the durability and build quality of the BioLite Charge 80 PD power bank?

Rest assured, the Charge 80 PD feels sturdy in hand. Weighing at around 16.4 ounces, it balances portability with build quality. It’s designed to be super-packable and is FAA carry-on compliant, which adds to its rugged construction. Despite lacking water resistance, it’s built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and seems reliable for repeated, long-term use.

How does the BioLite Charge 80 PD power bank perform for outdoor activities?

When you’re out in the wilderness or engaged in outdoor activities, this power bank is quite the useful companion. Even after several hiking or camping trips, the BioLite Charge 80 PD seems to retain its charge and powers devices effectively. Though it’s a bit on the heavier side, which is something to keep in mind, it compensates with an ample power reserve and fast charging speed that keeps your devices alive much longer.

Can the BioLite Charge 80 PD power bank recharge laptops with USB-C PD?

Yes, your laptops with USB-C PD won’t be left out — the BioLite Charge 80 PD has enough juice to power them up. It can fully charge a 13-inch laptop once, or give your device a significant boost when you’re in a pinch. The convenience of a single power bank to charge both your small devices and your laptop can’t be overstated, especially with the increasing reliance on USB-C connectivity.

Final Verdict: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Let’s face it, you pay for what you get. You’ve got many options, but if you’re really interested in performance I highly recommend you consider this one.

Fastest Charging Time
BioLite Power Bank
  • 18 watt USB-C input/output and two 3.0 USB-A 
  • The 20,000 mAh battery fully charges in 5 hours
  • Weighing 16.4 ounces and measuring 6.7 x 3.2 x 1.0 inches
  • Comes with Charge 80 PD, USB-A to USB-C 

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