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If you want to shed some weight and stay connected, this best lightweight power bank for hiking review is for you.

Lightweight power banks are key for those of us hikers that want to simultaneously use our phone to navigate, keep our hiking smartwatches charged and take 11,213 hiking photos of the landscapes we work so hard to get to (let’s not talk about powering laptops and safety devices too)!

Based on my personal experience hiking throughout the Rockies, Alps and Dolomites, I’m sharing my review to help you find the best lightweight power bank for hiking.

best lightweight powerbanks for hiking
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Feel at peace in the Wild. Experience the best value for money with the Nitecore NB10000 Gen II Power Bank. Move safely among wonders, with gear as thoughtful as your care of the Outdoors.

Quick Verdict: Best Lightweight Power Banks for Hiking?

The power banks that are lightweight are listed in the table below. They are amazing devices that can keep your tech charged – check out theNitecore NB10000 Gen II for top performance but there are all kinds of options listed below. You can find them at REI or on Amazon.

BENEFIT: Dual USB/USB-C dual QC output ports allow you to fast charge two devices at once with maximum compatibility with all your electronic gears. When quick charge is not needed, the NB10000 has a one-touch low current mode for delicate devices such as bluetooth headphones and smart watches.

My Top 3 Recommendations

Overall Best
Nitecore Ultra-Slim Power Bank
  • 10000mAh Power Bank
  • 40% lighter than typical power banks
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Safe and Water resistant 
  • Includes USB-A/C charging cable, and a Lumentac A/Micro USB cable
Best for Long Trips
Goal Zero Sherpa
  • 100W USB-C output for our fastest device charging 
  • Heavy duty aluminum unibody
Fastest Charging Time
BioLite Power Bank
  • 18 watt USB-C input/output and two 3.0 USB-A 
  • The 20,000 mAh battery fully charges in 5 hours
  • Weighing 16.4 ounces and measuring 6.7 x 3.2 x 1.0 inches
  • Comes with Charge 80 PD, USB-A to USB-C 

Trust me, phone chargers are an essential item that often gets overlooked but they can make a huge difference in your hiking experience. It’s vital to keep electronic devices powered without access to traditional electricity sources.

Are Ultralight Powerbanks Worth it?

Portable power banks are not for everyone. But they are good for 👎🏻

  • 🥾 Mountaineers, Trekkers, Hikers looking to reduce weight
  • 🌏 Backcountry Backpackers and Hunters
  • 💗 Outdoor Enthusiasts That Want to Stay Connected

The best portable power sources will have a variety of features to address weight, storage, charging time and speed of charging – and I know which ones to look for.

🧭 Read until the end for my insider travel tips from a physical therapist hiking & travel addict.

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The best lightweight power bank for hiking isn’t always the biggest.

These portable chargers have evolved remarkably over the years, becoming more efficient and durable to meet the demands of adventure seekers.

For hikers, specifically, the weight and size of gear can make or break the experience, hence, a lightweight power bank is a top priority.

The following power banks strike the perfect balance between capacity, weight, and durability, making them ideal companions for your hiking adventures and I know which ones to look for.

This essential piece of gear will allow you to capture memories, navigate trails, and stay connected even in the remotest of locations.

10 best Lightweight Powerbanks for Hiking

With a variety of options available, it can be overwhelming to choose. So let’s jump in where I’ll share my personal experience, pros and cons, and expert recommendations for the right product for you.

1. Best Overall: Nitecore NB10K Power Companion

⭐️⭐️⭐️RATING: 9.1/10 Stars | ✅ Buy it!

Nitecore NB10000

If you seek a fusion of portability and endurance for your hiking adventures, the Nitecore NB10K is your steadfast ally.


  • Exceptionally lightweight, making it unnoticeable in your pack
  • Quick-charging outlets revitalize devices rapidly
  • Remarkably thin, slides into pockets effortlessly


  • 10000mAh may not suffice for power-heavy devices over extended trips
  • Water resistance is basic; heavy rain could be problematic
  • May require a solar panel or other source for recharging on long hikes

On my recent hiking trip, the Nitecore NB10K was a game-changer; it barely added weight to my gear. Its slender profile was a breath of fresh air, unlike the bulky ones I’ve tolerated before.

The quick-charge feature became a lifesaver when my phone’s battery flirted with empty, and the dual cables it came with meant I could charge my headlamp simultaneously.

While I cherished its featherlike presence, I became mindful of its 10000mAh capacity. For weekend trails, it’s ample, but those planning a week-long trek might find themselves craving more juice.

The NB10K’s water resistance handled mild drizzle without any fuss, yet I avoided taking chances during downpours.

A treasure for those who value lightness and convenience, the Nitecore NB10K delivers on its promises.

2. Best For Long Trips: Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD

⭐️⭐️⭐️RATING: 8.6/10 Stars | ✅ Buy it!

Goal Zero Power Bank

With 95 Wh of power, your hikes and outdoor adventures will stay powered up with the Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD, a robust and travel-friendly power bank.


  • Immense power capacity for extended trips
  • Quick and versatile charging options, including wireless
  • Solid construction with a durable aluminum body


  • Fans may activate frequently during use
  • Higher price point compared to other power banks
  • Some users report USB ports issues after continuous use

Harnessing the vast wilderness often leaves you away from power outlets for extended periods. The Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD becomes a vital companion in such cases, ensuring your devices remain functional, offering a substantial 25600mAh to keep everything from smartphones to cameras charged.

On finding myself deep in the forest, miles away from civilization, the reliable and heavy-duty build gave me a sense of security that my devices would not die on me.

While on the trek, I appreciated the versatility of the Sherpa 100PD. Its 100W USB-C output meant I could charge my devices swiftly as I paused for a break, taking in the scenic views around me.

The additional wireless charging feature proved handy, liberating me from untangling cords and allowing for a quick boost to my phone just by laying it on top.

Indeed, the product isn’t without its minor quirks. The cooling fans do their job but can be more noticeable than I would prefer, especially in the quiet of nature. Considering the price, some might pause – it’s an investment.

Yet, given the build and capacity, it’s one you won’t regret if you value reliability. Over time, I’ve heard of others experiencing issues with the USB ports, but through my usage, all functions performed as expected.

This power bank shines for those who spend substantial time off-grid or on long excursions.

Your devices will thank you for the uninterrupted power supply, and your peace of mind will remain intact, knowing you’re equipped to stay connected, no matter how remote your location.

3. Fastest Charging Time: BioLite Power Bank

⭐️⭐️⭐️RATING: 8.6/10 Stars | ✅ Buy it!

BioLite Charge 80 PD

You’ll appreciate how the BioLite Charge 80 PD keeps your devices powered on multi-day treks without adding much weight to your pack.


  • Fast charges devices, with a USB-C and dual USB-A ports
  • Holds enough charge to power a smartphone five times
  • Compact and meets FAA standards for air travel


  • No water resistance despite its rugged look
  • At 16.4 ounces, it’s noticeable in a lightweight setup
  • Could take some time to recharge fully

Just back from a weekend hike, the BioLite Charge 80 PD was a reliable companion. With the ability to juice up my smartphone and headlamp simultaneously while still keeping my tablet’s battery in the green, I found it exceptionally versatile.

The 20,000 mAh capacity really comes into its own when you’re far from a power source. Despite the BioLite’s robust build, it’s a bit perplexing that it lacks any form of water resistance – a feature I missed when caught in a sudden downpour.

Tucking it in my pack, the weight was discernible but not burdensome. However, I did need to plan ahead to recharge it, as topping it off can take a while. Quick to power up my gear, it’s a gadget that wouldn’t let you or your devices down when you need them the most.

4. Best Bang For Your Buck: INIU MegaPower Charger

⭐️⭐️⭐️RATING: 8.2/10 Stars | ✅ Buy it!

INIU Portable Charger

Your hikes just got easier with this power bank, ensuring your devices stay charged without weighing you down.


  • Rapidly charges devices, getting your phone to 61% in about 30 minutes
  • Can charge up to three devices simultaneously, perfect for group treks
  • Lightweight design does not add much bulk to your gear


  • Full recharge of the power bank itself might take longer
  • The included cable could be of better quality or longer
  • Advanced charging features might not be compatible with all devices

When you’re several miles into the wilderness, the last thing you need is your phone dying. With the INIU MegaPower Charger, that concern becomes a thing of the past. On my most recent hike, I loved how quickly it topped off my phone, giving me enough juice to keep the GPS and music going without a hitch.

The lightweight nature of this charger meant that it barely added any weight to my pack, which is a blessing on those longer trails.

Sharing the trail means sharing resources, and this power bank fits the bill. It effortlessly powered up my friend’s tablet while simultaneously charging my phone and camera, keeping all of our tech-ready for those photo ops.

The simplicity of plugging in multiple devices turned this handy tool into a communal hub at our campsite.

While the device excels in speedy charging, should you need to recharge the power bank itself, make sure to do it overnight as it takes a fair amount of time to refill. It’s a small trade-off for otherwise stellar performance on the trails.

Remember that not all devices take advantage of its fast-charge capabilities, so double-check your gadgets before you rely on a quick boost.

For a reliable power source that won’t weigh you down and serves up charge in a pinch, the INIU MegaPower Charger hits the mark.

It’s one of the best picks on a budget, ensuring you get excellent value without compromising on performance. Keep your devices powered and your mind at ease on your next hike with this essential gadget in your backpack.

5. Best 10.000: INIU Slim Power Bank

⭐️⭐️⭐️RATING: 6.4/10 Stars | ✅ Buy it!

INIU Portable Charger

Trust in INIU’s Slim Power Bank for your hiking needs; its compact build and reliable charging exemplify on-the-go power without the bulk.


  • Exceptionally slim design for easy portability
  • USB-C port allowing for efficient in & out charging
  • Comprehensive 15-layer safety protection system


  • Included cable could be longer for convenience
  • May not fully charge devices with significantly larger batteries multiple times
  • Charging speed might vary depending on the device

While trekking across mountain trails, the last thing you need is added weight. The INIU Slim Power Bank stands out with its featherlight presence, making it feel like just another small item in your pack. Its thickness, akin to that of a pencil, allows you to slip it into your pocket without a second thought.

When the low battery warning casts a shadow over your spirited hike, this power bank shines through. It champions your need for speed with a 3A output, rejuvenating your smartphone with vigor.

Throughout my treks, it managed to keep my iPhone charged, ensuring I stayed connected for those picturesque summit selfies and safety check-ins.

Your safety concerns are soothed by a robust 15-layer protective shield, keeping device threats at bay. Rest assured, the long treks won’t be stopped by overheating or overcharging.

What’s more, you can recharge the power bank and your beloved device with the same USB-C cable, simplifying your tech necessities, making this INIU model a boon for wilderness enthusiasts and gadget lovers alike.

6. Size To Storage Ratio: Charmast Power Bank

⭐️⭐️⭐️RATING: 7.7/10 Stars | ✅ Buy it!

Charmast Power Delivery Power Bank

When you need a reliable partner to power through your hiking adventures, the Charmast Power Bank is your go-to gadget with the resilience to keep your devices charged and ready.


  • Sufficient capacity to charge a phone multiple times
  • Offers fast charging capabilities for quick power-ups
  • Slim and compact design, ideal for travel


  • Takes a while to fully recharge itself
  • At 14.5 ounces, might feel heavy in a backpack
  • USB-C to Lightning cable for fast charging not included

Tucking the Charmast into your backpack, you wouldn’t even notice the weight among your essentials. Standing at the peak after a vigorous climb, you pull out your smartphone for a victory photo—battery nearly dead.

No worries, because this power bank springs into action, revitalizing your phone swiftly with its Quick Charge feature.

Even as the day wanes and the chilled evening encroaches, the Charmast stands a sentinel in your tent, offering its generous power reserve to your camera, phone, or even a USB-C laptop.

The power bank’s smooth, rubber oil design plays to its favor—no slipping from your grip as you connect the charger in dim twilight.

As your adventure stretches on, the need for a power source you can count on becomes apparent. The Charmast, despite its heft, proves invaluable.

t’s a bummer when the time comes to recharge it, but the foresight to do so during downtime means you’re powered up and trail-ready by morning. It’s clear, this device isn’t just an accessory—it’s as essential as your trusty hiking boots.

7. Best Solar: Goal Zero Venture 35 Kit

⭐️⭐️⭐️RATING: 7.2/10 Stars | ✅ Buy it!

Goal Zero Venture 35 Power Bank

If you’re looking for a reliable source of power while on the trail, the Venture 35 should be your go-to companion for its durable build and solar panel compatibility.


  • Integrated solar charging capability for off-the-grid power
  • Built-in flashlight provides added utility in emergency scenarios
  • Compact and durable, perfect for outdoor excursions


  • Higher cost compared to some competitors
  • Solar charging depends on weather conditions
  • May hold less charge than expected over time

When you’re miles away from the nearest outlet, a dead battery is more than an inconvenience—it’s a predicament. The Venture 35 power bank from Goal Zero meets this challenge with ease.

Having used it recently on a challenging hike, the compact size and robust build quality stood out. It slipped into my backpack without adding noticeable weight, which is crucial for those steep ascents.

One of the most appealing features is the solar panel that unfolds with a built-in kickstand. Perched on a rock at the summit, it soaked up the sun’s rays, replenishing its stored energy efficiently.

It was reassuring to see my phone’s battery percentage climb, thanks to the dual USB outputs.

Perhaps my favorite aspect, particularly as dusk fell, was the integrated flashlight. It’s refreshing to have auxiliary light so conveniently at hand.

The 50 lumens beam was ample to navigate through dimly lit paths, adding a layer of safety to the venture without adding bulk to my loadout.

On the flip side, even the best solar panels require sunlight, and overcast conditions can limit the charging capability. While I had ample sun on my recent excursion, I could sense the potential issue in less than ideal weather.

Also, though I haven’t experienced significant power loss between uses, some online reviews suggest that the power retention could be better.

All in all, your journey to the wild needn’t be tethered to a power outlet. With the Venture 35, you gain autonomy over your devices, and it stands out as a top choice for the best solar-powered option at your disposal.

The sense of security it grants, knowing that power is literally within your reach and renewable from nature, is indispensable.

8. Best Runner Up Solar: Durecopow Solar Power Bank

⭐️⭐️⭐️RATING: 5.5/10 Stars | ✅ Buy it!

Durecopow Solar Charger

When considering which gear to pack for your hiking trips, this solar power bank should be on your list for its reliable charging capability and added outdoor features.


  • Harnessing solar power offers a renewable energy source off the grid
  • Integrated flashlight with SOS mode adds safety during nighttime adventures
  • Rugged design with water and dust resistance ideal for outdoor environments


  • Solar charging might take longer, depending on the weather conditions
  • A solar recharge is more of an emergency feature, not a primary power source
  • The weight may be noticeable for those aiming to minimize their pack load

In the great outdoors, staying connected and safe is vital. You’ll find the Durecopow Solar Power Bank’s rugged build handles the rough and tumble of hiking adventures well.

Dual USB ports provide simultaneous charging, saving you time when both your phone and tablet need a boost.

The added flashlight function has come in handy more than once during my late-evening treks. With a simple click, you can switch between steady, SOS, and strobe modes—a possible lifesaver if you find yourself in a pinch after the sun sets.

While this device fills up efficiently via the USB cable, relying on solar energy alone may test your patience; it’s a gradual process that fully depends on the mercy of the sun’s rays. Its weight is a slight trade-off for its durability and multifunctionality.

9. Good Value: Powerness U36 Power Bank

⭐️⭐️⭐️RATING: 5.9/10 Stars | ✅ Buy it!

Powerness U36 Power Bank

You’ll appreciate the Powerness U36 Power Bank’s versatility and durability during your outdoor adventures.


  • Versatile use with an integrated LED light.
  • Quick charging feature reduces downtime.
  • Rugged design and waterproof for outdoor use.


  • Heavier than some other models.
  • Limited charging capacity for some devices.
  • The power button may be prone to malfunctioning based on customer reviews.

While planning for a hiking trip, weight is always a concern, but having a reliable power source is essential. The U36 charger is reassuringly sturdy, and its built-in high-capacity battery gives you confidence it won’t leave you hanging.

The LED feature serves as a robust flashlight but also adds some bulk. You’ll notice the weight, but it’s a trade-off for its multi-functionality.

The speed at which this charger re-energizes devices is commendable. Mid-hike, a fast power-up can be crucial, especially when capturing those breathtaking summit views.

If you’re carrying multiple gadgets, you may find the capacity limiting, providing only one and a half charges for some smartphones. It’s perfect for short excursions but consider your power needs for longer trips.

Durability is a hallmark here. Whether it’s surviving a downpour or an accidental drop on the trail, the IP67 rating means it can withstand the elements. While trekking through rugged terrain, the resilience of the U36 is a reassuring companion.

Taking note of some user feedback, though, there seem to be occasional issues with the power button, which is something to keep an eye on throughout your journey.

10. Best For Campers: Boogostore Super Solar Charger

⭐️⭐️⭐️RATING: 7.1/10 Stars | ✅ Buy it!

Boogostore Super Solar Charger

You’ll appreciate having the Boogostore Solar Charger Power Bank with you on your hikes for its reliability and versatile charging options.


  • Built-in solar panel provides an emergency charge under sunlight
  • Equipped with a useful LED flashlight for night-time or emergency use
  • Robust and durable design, suitable for outdoor conditions


  • Solar and hand crank charging are slower and intended for emergency use
  • Bulkier than some lightweight options on the market
  • May require a full charge via wall charger for optimal use

Carrying the Boogostore Solar Charger Power Bank on not just one, but several hiking trips, gave me a reassured sense of preparedness. Its robust ABS material withstands the rough conditions of the outdoors, while the LED flashlight proves immensely helpful when setting up camp in low light or navigating the trails after sunset.

Despite its considerable 63200mAh capacity, the charger maintains a reasonable size, sitting comfortably in the side pouch of a backpack. Easily attachable to your pack, it conveniently sips on sunlight during your hikes, offering a gradual energy top-up for the charger itself.

For extended trips where power outlets are scarce, the hand crank feature adds a layer of security, knowing you have the means to generate power manually. Although, bear in mind this feature is primarily for emergency situations and not for everyday charging needs.

For a reliable and versatile power source on your hiking adventures, give this charger a try. It’s a solid piece of gear that will help keep your devices powered up in the great outdoors.

Capacity and Weight

When choosing a lightweight power bank for hiking, balance capacity with portability. Capacity is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh), indicating how much charge the device can hold. Look for a power bank with enough capacity to meet your trip’s needs while being light enough to carry comfortably.

High mAhMore charges, heavier weight
Low mAhFewer charges, lighter weight


Durability is crucial for outdoor activities. Opt for a power bank with a robust build, water resistance, and possibly shockproof features to withstand the rigors of hiking.

Water ResistanceProtection against rain and spills
ShockproofAbsorbs impact from drops

Output Specifications

Consider the output specifications, which determine how quickly your devices can be charged. A higher output in amperes (A) means faster charging times for your devices. Ensure the power bank has the right ports — USB, USB-C, or micro-USB — compatible with your devices.

Solar Charging

For extended hikes, solar charging can be a lifesaver. If you opt for one with a solar panel, be aware that solar charging is typically slower and dependent on sunlight conditions.

Additional Features

Assess other features that can be beneficial:

  • Multiple ports allow charging of several devices simultaneously.
  • An LED indicator provides information on the power bank’s remaining charge.
  • A built-in flashlight can be handy during camping trips.

Best Lightweight Power Bank for Hiking FAQ

Selecting the right power bank for your outdoor adventures is essential. These FAQs are designed to assist you in making an informed choice based on durability, capacity, size, and solar charging capability for your hikes and trips.

What are the top-rated power banks for extended hikes?

For long hiking trips, look for power banks like the Biolite Charge 80 which is highly rated for its lightweight design and reliable battery capacity.

How do I choose a durable power bank suitable for rugged outdoor activities?

Opt for a power bank with a robust, water-resistant exterior and shockproof features. Models such as the Durecopow Solar Power Bank are specifically built to withstand tough conditions.

Can you recommend a high-capacity yet compact power bank for long bikepacking trips?

The Nitecore NB10000 Power Companion is an excellent option; it provides ample charge without weighing you down, making it perfect for lengthy bikepacking excursions.

What are the best solar power banks for backpacking in remote areas?

For areas with limited access to power sources, solar power banks such as the BLAVOR Goal Zero Sherpa, with its efficient solar panels and high battery capacity, are ideal choices.

Which power banks offer the best balance between weight and performance for hikers?

The Chramast power bank strikes a perfect balance by offering sufficient charge capacity while maintaining a light form factor for hikers to carry with ease.

Are there any lightweight power banks with quick charge capabilities for outdoor use?

Yes, the Nitecore NB 10000 is favored for its quick charging technology, granting you fast power top-ups on the go while being light enough not to be a burden on your journey.

Final Verdict: Best Performance

Let’s face it, you pay for what you get. You’ve got many options, but if you’re really interested in performance I highly recommend you consider this one.

Overall Best
Nitecore NB10000 Gen II
  • 10000mAh Power Bank
  • USB and USB-C dual QC
  • 40% lighter than typical power banks
  • Use low current mode for delicate devices such as bluetooth headphones and smart watches.
  • IPX5 rated water resistant 
  • USB-A/C charging cable, and a Lumentac A/Micro USB cable to ensure it can charge all your electronic gadgets.

Why Trust?

woman hiking

At Crave the Planet, I’m all about honest and relatable reviews of outdoor products. As a physical therapist, hut to hut hiker, downhill skier and mom, I’m constantly trying new gear to make my outdoor experiences more comfy and fun but with science in mind.

I’ll be real with you, I don’t do every outdoor activity. But, who does? I’m just a regular person who loves exploring the planet. Perfectionism is my enemy and I hope to help you ditch that vibe too.

My review process involves testing each product in real-life outdoor situations, but if it’s a really horrible day I’ll probably find a hotel in the valley. I’ll let you know what worked for me and what didn’t, so you can make informed decisions about your gear choices.

I don’t do sponsored reviews or take payment for my reviews. All comments are based on my personal experience. Sometimes I’ll test something and then send it back for a refund. Usually there’s a hefty fee. Bummer. So, if you’re looking for a relatable and honest take on outdoor gear, you’re in the right place.

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If you’re an avid hiker, you know that the functuality of your devices is important. I hope this list of the best lightweight powerbanks for hiking helps you enjoy your experiences.

Author profile: Morgan Fielder is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and passionate hiker who believes in exploring the world on foot with good food. Follow her journey as she shares science-based hiking tips and advocates for sustainable tourism.