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One of the BEST things to do in Pirmasens Germany is go hiking on one of the many Devil themed hiking trails. This area is truly a “locals” place and not on the tourist radar.

Once the heart of the German shoe industry, Pirmasens has repurposed its historic factories into museums and cultural spaces, while its surrounding forests and hills offer ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

In Pirmasens, you can explore the rich tapestry of historic sites, soak up the local arts at galleries, or take leisurely strolls through the picturesque parks.

The city’s proximity to the Palatinate Forest, with its extensive network of trails, makes it an ideal starting point for hikes and nature explorations.

Is Pirmasens Worth Visiting?

Author’s TL;DR: When considering a visit to Pirmasens, Germany, you’ll find a real German city with a unique blend of cultural and outdoor activities that cater to various interests. It is not the most scenic place to visit, however. It is not worth visiting for most travelers, unless you are really into hiking red sandstone mountains with hidden waterfalls.

What are the Best Things to do in Pirmasens Germany?

Morgan’s Hiking Video of the Devil’s Path in Pirmasens

1. Soak in WWII History at Siegfried Line Museum

At the Siegfried Line Museum, you’ll find detailed exhibits dedicated to the World War II fortifications known as the Siegfried Line or Westwall.

Your visit here offers a solemn remembrance of the conflict and a deep dive into military history. The museum showcases original artifacts and provides personal insights into the lives affected by the war, allowing you a closer look at a significant chapter in Pirmasens’ past.

2. Explore the Historic Schlossplatz

Schlossplatz, literally translating to “Castle Square,” is the historical heart of Pirmasens.

Here, you can walk along pathways that hosted the trot of horse-drawn carriages and stand where local barons once surveyed the town.

The Schlossplatz is surrounded by exceptional architecture like the St. Pirminius church, which is a testament to the city’s past and demonstrates the intricate designs of its era.

  • St. Pirminius Church: Admire the architectural prowess of bygone eras.

3. Devilish Hiking in the Palatinate Forest

The Palatinate Forest is the largest contiguous forest in Germany and offers a wide range of trails for all skill levels.

As you prepare for your hike, pack essentials, wear sturdy shoes, and get ready to be captivated by the forest’s diverse ecosystem.

Devil’s Path

Devil’s Path (Teufelspfad) is not just a walk in the woods—it’s an invigorating hike that boasts striking rock formations.

This path takes you on an adventure through rock corridors and past sandstone giants, offering breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience.


The Hexenklamm, or Witches’ Gorge, is a mystical hike that leads you through a picturesque ravine.

It features wooden bridges and narrow paths that crisscross over babbling brooks, making it a magical journey through the heart of the forest.

Devil’s Table Hike

Lastly, the Devil’s Table Hike culminates at an iconic rock formation known as the Devil’s Table.

This unique geological wonder serves as a magnificent photo opportunity and a perfect spot to ponder the raw beauty you’ve encountered along your hike.

When visiting Pirmasens, you have the unique opportunity to engage with science and education in a hands-on environment that ignites curiosity.

4. Visit the Dynamikum Science Center

At the heart of Pirmasens sits the Dynamikum Science Center, an innovative hub designed for your exploration and learning.

Uncover the history in Pirmasens, known as Germany’s oldest shoe city, by visiting the Dynamikum Science Center, an interactive museum that makes learning about science fun for all ages.

This interactive museum transforms a former shoe factory into a realm of over 200 exhibits, inviting you to actively participate in scientific discovery.

Getting There:

  • By Car: Approximately 30 minutes south of Landstuhl or Ramstein, taking the A62.
  • By Train: From Kaiserslautern Hauptbahnhof, expect a 45-minute journey with the regional train, after which Dynamikum is a short 10-minute walk.

You’ll uncover exhibits that cover a broad range of scientific topics, all presented in an accessible way that connects you directly with the principles of science.

Whether you’re a family, school group, or an enthusiastic learner, Dynamikum provides educational experiences that make learning dynamic and fun.

5. See the Churchs

While there aren’t that many things to do in Pirmasens, Germany – Don’t miss the St. Luitpold’s church, a landmark that contributes to the city’s skyline with its remarkable structure.

Bonus 6: Savor a Michelin Restaurant

Pirmasens offers a delightful array of culinary experiences, from traditional German dishes to international cuisine. You’ll find a selection of restaurants that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

My favorite though is Die Brasserie serving up fine dining and it requires reservations.

Travel Tips

Planning your trip?

Frequently Asked Questions

A bustling town square with a prominent sign reading "Frequently Asked Questions: Things to do in Pirmasens, Germany." Surrounding the sign are various landmarks, parks, and cultural attractions, with people milling about and engaging in various activities

In this section, you’ll find concise answers to common questions about tourist activities in Pirmasens. It is a great daytrip from Kaiserslautern for families. This will help you efficiently plan your visit and ensure you don’t miss out on the best experiences the city has to offer.

What are the top attractions to visit in Pirmasens?

Pirmasens boasts attractions like the Dynamikum, an interactive science center, and the Exerzierplatz, a historical military parade ground. These locations offer unique experiences that are quintessentially Pirmasens.

Which family-friendly activities are recommended in Pirmasens?

Families in Pirmasens can enjoy the Dynamikum for a fun and educational outing. Additionally, local parks and playgrounds provide ample space for children to play and explore.

Are there any notable museums or cultural landmarks in Pirmasens?

The Siegfried Line Museum provides a deep dive into the region’s military history. Cultural landmarks such as the Old Town offer insights into the architectural history of Pirmasens.

Can you suggest outdoor activities in Pirmasens?

The devil’s path, devil’s table and hexenklamm hikes are awesome. Moreover, hiking and biking trails are abundant in the area, offering great ways to enjoy the natural beauty of the region.

What local food specialties should visitors try in Pirmasens?

When visiting Pirmasens, try the local sausages and the Pfälzer Leberwurst, a regional liver sausage known for its distinct flavor. Bakeries also offer an array of traditional German pastries worth sampling.

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