Zum Hoher Fels Hike with 2 Hütten, Celtic Remains & 1776 History Markers

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If you’re looking to do something near Kaiserslautern that offers a glimpse into the past, the Zum Hohen Fels hike offers a lovely look into the rural lifestyle, ancient Celtic history and has 2 really cute huts along the path to eat and grab a drink.

Zum Hoher Fels Hike
There’s the Hoher fels!

Located not far from St. Wendel, this hike is off-the-beaten path. I ran into exactly 4 other hikers on this 5 mile loop that can easily be shortened.

What I really loved was the section that merged with the “Cherry Path” that included ancient granite stone markers, history placards and a walk along an old Celtic ridge path.

Zum Hoher Fels Hike
The trail is muddy in early February. I cannot imagine what March and April are like.

This is along the border of Rhineland Pfalz and Zweibrucken and demonstrates a lot of history like the nearby Adlerbogen hike or the hikes around Nanstein castle with their pagan and medieval history.

Author’s tl;dr: The Zum Hoher Fels hike located near Kaiserslautern is rustic Germany, a bit muddy, and has 2 active hutten along the trail. Filled with history placards and dark forests. Including GPX stages for your phone and food and cultural highlights.  Dog friendly. 5.3 miles but easily shortened, 4 different loops.

Morgan’s Hiking video by PWV Krottelbach

Zum Hoher Fels Hike Overview

2 Hutten Hike

  • Location: Pfalzer Bergland, Germany
  • When to Hike: Year Round
  • Distance: I did the 5.3 mile loop
  • Up/down: 600 feet
  • Time: 2:15 hours
  • Options: Red loop 7.5 km, Blue 5 km, Yellow 4.5 km, Green 2.5 km
  • Difficulty: Easy, but not stroller friendly
  • Points of Interest: Cherry path, 1776 granite markers, pond, the Hoher Fels, 2 huts to eat
  • Transport: You need to drive, parking is here.
Zum Hoher Fels Hike

Krottelbach Loop Hike Map

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Parking Lot – PWV Krottelbach – Fels (:05)

Zum Hoher Fels Hike
These fels (or rocks) are a bit underwhelming.

This hike starts off with a bang. You park at the hutte and the fels are directly next to the parking lot.

This hut actually has the possibility for overnight stays, read until the end for more details. There are 4 different trails here marked with red, yellow, green and blue dots on the trees.

Zum Hoher Fels Hike
The markings are a bit confusing.

PWV Krottelbach – Entenweiher Frohnhofen Hutte (1 hour)

This hut is ADORABLE. SO cozy and wine is 2.60 per glass.

After descending to the bottom of the hill you’ll walk along a farm road. There’s a really cool effect where the bushes and trees create an archway.

Soon, you’ll meet a cascading waterfall. After an hour, you’ll reach the second hut. It’s next to a muddy pond with an outdoor BBQ.

The hut is really cute and has Morocco vibes and seems to be a local’s hangout. I want to come back here with a fiction novel.

Entenweiher Frohnhofen Hutte – PWV Krottelbach (2:15)

Want to take a dip???

The real highlight of this hike is upcoming. You’ll join the “cherry path” for a section and it’s filled with cool history placards. There’s so much history here and also it’s a border walk for a long stretch.

The cherry land path beckons.

I really liked the granite stone markers that were carved, it really makes you take stock of how insignificant we are.


My favorite part of the trail on the border line….SO MUCH history.

Krottelbach is a small, picturesque municipality nestled in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany. Its history, like many rural German villages, is steeped in agricultural tradition and a close-knit community life.

While detailed historical records of Krottelbach are not extensively documented, it is a place that has likely seen the passage of various European cultural and political shifts over the centuries.

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Things to Know About the Pfälzer bergland

This area is known to be where forests and farmland merges. Things are fairly cheap and well-kept but there’s not a huge amount of tourism here. There’s really not much at all really, but some stand out places include:

  • The hay hotel in Konken where you can board your horse overnight
  • The falcon show in Potzberg
  • Anything St. Wendel
  • Draisinen tour from Altenglan to Lauterecken

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Rhineland Pfalz Hiking Huts

There are 2 serviced huts on this trail, making it very attractive for culture lovers. We parked at the first hut and went by the second hut about halfway through the circular hike.

PWV Krottelbach

This is where we started. Here’s their contact information and opening times. It looks like you can book a room to stay over night if you’re on a hut to hut hike.

Hohe Fels Hiking Home
Opening times :
Monday-Saturday from 2 p.m., Sundays and public holidays from 10 a.m.
24.12. and 25.12. closed
Contact person: Kurt Wagner
66909 Krottelbach
Telephone: 06386/ 1828 and 5470 (hut)
130 seats/ 23 beds

Entenweiher Frohnhofen

Talk about vibes! this is an unusal hut

This cozy hutte has a total Morocco vibe. I walked into a cozy fire in the wood stove, couches and tables filled with locals on a rainy Saturday afternoon. It’s near a muddy pond and a great place to chill.

Hütte am Entenweiher
Dienstags-Samstags von 14-21 Uhr Sonntags und Feiertags von 10-21 Uhr
Ansprechpartner: Sabine Schillo
66903 Frohnhofen
Telefon: 06386/ 246 und 7011 (Hütte)

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We hope this guide filled with interesting information about the Hoher Fels hike has given you the proper information to plan your next adventure.

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