17 Best things to do in Rudesheim Germany (2024)

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For travelers looking for iconic Upper Middle Rhine Valley charm, Rudesheim am Rhein, Germany is the perfect destination. Take a vineyard gondola ride, explore medieval castles, and indulge in delicious food.

Personally, I enjoy riding the gentle gondolas over the vineyards and hiking sections of the 320 km long Rheinsteig long distance hiking trail that goes through Rudesheim.

The lovely Neiderwaldtempel pavillion sitting atop the town of Rudesheim. The fact that the “hike” is wheelchair friendly makes me happy.

A mosaic of serene history, culinary and natural charms, Rudesheim is a perfect day trip from Frankfurt. The town is known for its sharp Rieslings grown within sight from medieval cobbled alleys and castle hotels, stroller and wheelchair accessible nature paths, food, and bright vineyards overlooking the Romantic Rhine river.

TL;DR: Rudesheim Germany sits at the entrance to the dramatic and varied 40 mile long UNESCO Upper Middle Rhine Gorge. It can be crowded, but it’s really cute and best during the shoulder seasons of May and October and offers wheelchair accessible hiking.

–>Read until the end where you’ll find a free download to the regions’ 40 castles located within this UNESCO site. I’ve included their history, architecture, location and contact information. 

Some castles even offer authentic castle hotel stays to indulge your inner medieval nerd. 

Top 17 Things to Do in Rüdesheim

1. Taste the Terroir : Rüdesheim Wine Tasting

rüdesheim germany

Rudesheim is the heart of the region known as the Rheingau.  It is known for its amazing wines on steep vineyards facing the Romantic Rhine River. 

⛴️ Book this full day guided trip from Frankfurt includes tours of the castles, hikes, river cruise and Rudesheim wine tasting

2. Fly Over Vineyards on the Rudesheim Cable Car

rudesheim cable car

This charming cable car ride takes you on an unforgettable journey to explore the origins of Rhine romanticism in the steps of the artist, William Turner, just as I did. Or, just a cool way to chill after vibing the super cool Rhine wine town. The Rudesheim gondola is wheelchair and stroller friendly. 

The Rudesheim cable car is also known as the “Seilbahn Rudesheim”.  It looks like a ski chair lift or gondola and helps people skip the hike up the steep hill to get to the top of Rüdesheim to enjoy the sweeping river views and walk within the wheelchair accessible forested history/nature park on top. 

Click here to learn all the details of the Rudesheim cable car including prices, dates open and where to park.

I love that dogs are free.

There is a lovely active “Ring Tour” of Rüdesheim and the hamlet of Assmannshausen that utilizes flat hiking, the Rüdesheim gondola (going up), the Assmannshausen chairlift going down and a boat cruise to return to Rüdesheim. It’s a fun and active way to explore the area taking about 2-3 hours.

3. Capture Memories with Castle Flying Dress Photography

Want an insider’s guide to the most instagrammable spots in Rudesheim with a private English speaking photographer?

Medieval castles in the background with inclusive flying dresses.

Goddess Lens photography will help you capture truly unique vacation photography with a Castle and vineyard backed flying dress photography experience.  Contact for more information on how to book your German Flying Dress Photography Experience. 

4. Dive into History

Visit the Eagle Tower, Market Square, and the Catholic Parish Church of Saint James. See the Klunkhards Estate, Oberstrasse, and the famous Drosselgasse lane. Discover Brömserburg Castle and its wine museum, and end your tour at Brömserhof with a collection of fascinating musical instruments.

Explore the charming Old Town of Rüdesheim on a private walking tour with a professional guide.

5. Meander the Rüdesheim Christmas Market 

Christmas markets are magical in Germany and the one in Rüdesheim is atmospheric and a regional favorite. You’ll be fighting some crowds because everyone wants to experience it.

Here are the most recent updates for the Rüdesheim Christmas Market.

If you want to step outside the old town and enjoy the market without crowds you can actually do a boat tour of the Christmas market!

Book this Christmas boat tour in Rudesheim and sip some Glühwein with a perfect view.

6. Go River Cruising: Rudesheim Rhine River Cruise

Take a day trip from Frankfurt to the Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Enjoy a bus ride along the river banks, a visit to the Niederwald Monument, and a scenic Rhine steamer ship ride. Stop at the famous Loreley Rock and enjoy a wine tasting before returning to Frankfurt.

Sip on wines and cruise through the Rhine Valley on this half or full day cruise from Frankfurt.

7. Walk the Drosselgasse Rudesheim – The Old Town Half Timbered Heaven

things to do in rudesheim

Visit the historical center of Rudesheim by strolling down the 150 meter long Drosselgasse boat alley. Meander by adorable half timbered buildings dating back to the 15th century on a passage home owners used to get items from boats on the river to their gorgeous homes. 

To learn more about the detailed history of the Drosselgasse and more monuments around, take this private history walking tour of Rudesheim.  

8. Sail past Mäuseturm on the Rüdesheim Ring Tour


On this self guided tour utilize the cable car, ferry and your own two feet to get a view of Rudesheim and it’s highlights from land and sea including the famous Mäuseturm castle tollbooth castle in the middle of the Rhine River.

9. Visit the Rudesheim Torture Musuem

The Medieval Torture Museum illustrates the history of punishment and torture in the Middle Ages as well as the time of witch-hunting in Germany.

It sits just north of the Drosselgasse and is open year round.

10. Soak in the Views from Niederwalddenkmal Monument 


The Niederwald in Rudesheim is a public forested park sitting atop the town accessed by gondola.  There’s a parking lot that costs 4 euros directly at the monument and near the Niederwaldtempel Rüdesheim am Rhein – a gorgeous pillared temple known for having artists like Beethoven visit, view the Rhine River and gain inspiration.

The famous Niederwalddenkmal statue looks over the opposing town of Bingen, towering at 125 feet high. It’s magnificent and grand, much like the statue of liberty, except she’s watching over a patchwork of perfectly lined vineyards and the Rhine River.

Her name is Germania and she was built to celebrate Germany’s unification into the German empire in 1871. 

11. Feel your Inner Goethe: Adlerturm Rüdesheim

Among the sights to see in Rudesheim Germany beyond the Niederwald monument is the 20 meter high Late Gothic Eagle Tower.

It was built in the 15th century as a part of the Rüdesheim city fortification. In the 19th century, when the Adlerturm housed an inn called “Zum Adler” (In the Eagle), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Germany’s greatest poet and literary man, frequently stayed here during his Rüdesheim visits in order to enjoy the magnificent view of the Rhine.

12. Learn Winemaking at Brömserburg Castle

One of the oldest of the dozens of castles in the Rhine Gorge World Heritage site, Brömserburg Castle was originally the residence-stronghold of the bishops of Mainz built in the 10th century. 

The walls are 5 meters thick in parts!  15 foot walls make for a great wine cellar. 

The Rheingauer Weinmuseum Brömserbvurg houses an outstanding wine museum which informs how winemaking has evolved throughout the ages and exhibits an extensive collection of wine presses. 

It’s currently being renovated but the website above will list opening time so you can learn more about the Rheingau wine region.  

Another strange wine maker is the Eibingen Abbey in the run by benedectine nuns. Founded by St. Hildegard of Bingen in 1165 and today offers Rieselings and sparking wines. You can even arrange a stay in their guest house.  Contact by email to learn more: [email protected]

13. Listen in at Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet 

Germany’s mechanical instrument museum provides a vast collection of fascinating musical instruments dating back 3 centuries.

Listen to the carillon played every half hour in the courtyard by bells made of original Meissen porcelain.

14. Taste Rüdesheim Restaurants & Sip Rüdesheim Coffee

In town for a wine festival and want to know where to eat in Rüdesheim?  There are so many choices and you almost can’t go wrong!   

Try the famous Art Cafe right on the Drosselgasse for some delicious Baumstriezel and Rüdesheimer Kaffee.  It’s a bit boozy, but delicious.

The Restaurant Rosenberger serves up a higher end white tablecloth experience with delicious Flammkuchen, Schnitzel, roasted meats and more. 

For affordable food and a fun Biergarten go to Jakobsklause and stock up on local snacks and schnitzels. 

For a funky interior, salads and great coffee check out Graf von Rüdesheim

15. Hike the Rheinsteig : Rüdesheim to Assmannshausen

rudesheim germany
There she goes…

Hike an easy 6 miles section hike along the Rheinsteig long distance path takes you from one magnificent historical or castle hotel to the next on this brand-new multi-day hiking path spanning 5 days in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. 

If you use the ferry to cross the river you can jump on the stunning Rhine Castles Trail and have amazing views of the castles.

16. Discover the Rhine River Castles near Rudesheim

Go castle spotting by river cruise, train, car or bicycle.  This guide will inform you of its history, age and location by GPS so you can understand what the history is you

Get your free download spreadsheet of the Castles of the Rhine

Autumn is my favorite time to walk along the Rhine – From Right bank you can view many castles on the other side.

Go castle spotting by river cruise, train, car or bicycle.  This guide will inform you of its history, age and location by GPS so you can understand what the history is you

Get your free download spreadsheet of the Castles of the Rhine

17. Pet the Deer : Wheelchair Accessible Hike to Deer Park

rüdesheim germany
The kids love to see the deer. And feed them~

Stroller and Wheelchair Accessible Hiking

People of all mobility levels can get ALL the views and experience the heights of Rudesheim. 

After reaching the top of the gorge via the Rüdesheim cable car, you’ll walk or roll along a flat path with many historical stops marked with placards in German and English.  The path makes its way to the Jagdschloss Hotel (hunters palace hotel). Then you’ll return back along the same flat and wide path to return back to Rudesheim via the cable car. 

If you want to continue to the next village of Assmannshausen that is know for it’s red wine, there is a chair lift down to the village but it is not wheelchair accessible. 

It descends into the much less busy village of Assmannshausen or you can simply walk 20-30 min downhill, going past an enclosure with very cute deer.  There is a vending machine to purchase feed pellets that you can try to hand feed the deer through the fence. 

Why You Should Visit Rudesheim

The glittering half-timbered gem of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley is Rudesheim Germany. It is a wine making town known for inclusivity, accessibility and sustainable travel with its train, ferry, hiking, biking and chair lift (seilbahn, gondola) systems.

Yes, you can float over perfectly lined vineyards and even sip wine at the same time!

Located in the heart of the wine-making Rheingau region, it’s not only a summer and Autumn destination. Locals flock here for its atmospheric Christmas market and year round outdoor and cultural activities. 

Rüdesheim Cable Car Opening Hours: 7 Days a Week

It is typically open April until the end of October and again during the 2 weeks of Christmas market season. For more details check their website

An easy & relaxing Way to experience the German OUTDOORS 🚠
It doesn’t have to be HARD to explore the magnificent Outdoors. The Boppard and Assmannshausen chairlifts offer stunning views of the Rhine River, while the Cochem chairlift takes you over vineyards and the Moselle River.

1️⃣ On the Upper Middle Romantic Rhine UNESCO site:
the Boppard Chairlift and Assmannshausen chairlift offer stunning views of the Rhine River.

2️⃣ Flying over the Moselle River:
the Cochem chairlift takes you over vineyards and slate blue craggy mini-mountains.

3️⃣ Boat and Gondola Tour:
the Rudesheim Ring Tour offers a holistic 3 hour tour with boat, gondola and gentle history hike.

Just like an e-bike, a bit of technology can make exploring nature more accessible to everyone. 

Is Rudesheim Worth a Visit?

I would definitely say yes! However, it can get crowded so if you can avoid busy summer weekends you’ll enjoy your time more in this little half-timbered heaven. I actually prefer the wine villages that are a bit further away from the entrance to the Upper Middle Rhine Gorge like Boppard and Oberwesel.

Rudesheim & Rhine Valley Castle Map

Try this Google Map for your phone like a tour guide in your pocket. Open the side bar for links to hotels, restaurants and tours.

How to use this map: Use your computer mouse or fingers to zoom in and out. Click on the icons to get more information. Click the arrow on the top left corner for the written index. Click the star next to the title of the map to add this map to your google maps account. To view the saved map on your smartphone or PC, open google maps, click the menu button, and go to “your places”/ “maps.”

Where to Stay in Rüdesheim

Best Stay in the Heart of the Old Town

Have a true Rhine History and Castle Hotel Experience!  Schloss is the German word for palace. 

In the center of the old town is a four-star hotel, Breuer’s Rüdesheimer Schloss – the place to try the top cuisine and wine from this region and features a live band in the summer.

The monthly changing menu is focused around seasonal produce from the area, with favorite dishes including Hessian tapas, riesling-cheese soup and schloss (castle) duck. The building was first constructed by the archbishop of Mainz in 1729, and it’s now a Unesco World Heritage site. It’s the perfect setting to end a day of easy hiking, wine tasting and sightseeing in the historic old town.

Book the Best Hotels in Rudesheim

Most Serene Palace Hotel 

For a quieter experience you can Book the Hunter’s Palace or Jagdschloss Hotel Niederwald to have complete serenity in the middle of the Niederwald forest sitting atop the town of Rüdesheim.

Most Medieval Castle Hotel 

Fancy a hotel stay in a truly medieval fortress castle hotel?  Just across the river and serviced by the abundant ferries is the Burg Reichenstein castle hotel.  It’s located in Trechtingshausen and serves one of the most delicious breakfasts I’ve experienced with window seats overlooking the Rhine River. 

Want a Riverside Room?

The Hotel Krone offers free breakfast and is located directly near the riverside for some peaceful moments and is a short 300 meter walk to the cable car. 

Castles & Castle Hotels Near Rudesheim Germany

One of the most interesting things about the Upper Middle Rhine Valley gorge is the abundance of castles, fully restored and luxury castle hotels and castle ruins.

Imagine waking up in a 4 poster bed with the bathroom hidden behind a fake door that’s a wall of real books!?!  Yes, this is the beauty of booking BurgHotel auf Schönburg and its secret gardens, towers and even a playful crossbow range. 

rüdesheim germany
My Ruby girl hiking to the Hunters Palace Hotel

Book the Hunter’s Palace or Jagdschloss Hotel Niederwald to have complete serenity in the middle of the Niederwald forest sitting atop the Rhine River.  You’ll have easy access by car, but by foot you can easily go to both Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen by a secluded trail or the cable car system. 

Best Time to Travel to Rüdesheim

My personal favorite is during the unbelievable 2 weeks in mid-October with the colors of the trees along the River gorge and its vertical vineyards in full vibrant red, orange and yellow colors! 

But it’s truly all-seasons as winter hosts one of the dreamiest Christmas markets in Germany, summer is prime hiking season for the long distance Rheinsteig and spring offers miles and miles of views of pear, apple and forsythia blossoms. 

Weather in Rüdesheim Germany

The Rhine gorge has a little bit of a microclimate where it stays wetter and warmer than the surrounding mountain ranges of the Eifel and Pfälzerwald forests.  It’s truly all-season with lows in the upper 30s in the deep winter and highs in the upper 40s.  In summer the highs are usually mid 70s and lows in lower 60s.  Rain happens in Germany, but nothing like the asian monsoons so a rain jacket usually works well and brings a jacket.

How to get to Rüdesheim am Rhein Germany

Where is Rudesheim, Germany? Located at the entrance to the UNESCO world heritage site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley in western Germany.  Perfect for a day trip from Frankfurt, Cologne or Luxembourg.  Worthy of a romantic weekend hiking, bicycling, wine tasting and antique shopping.

How do I get from Frankfurt to Rudesheim Germany?

This region is about 45 minutes from Frankfurt international airport by car. The best way to access the hike is by train. This region is served by the MittelRheinBahn Train.  Download the DB Bahn app and you’ll find the best timetables. The train runs typically 1-2 times per hour. You can purchase tickets on app or at the local kiosk at every train station. There are toilets onboard. If you get caught not paying for a ticket there is a 60 euro fine.

How far is Rüdesheim from Stuttgart?

Approximately 3 hours by car or 2.5 hours by train. 

How far is Rüdesheim from the KMC?

Rudesheim is a 1.5 hour drive from the KMC, or Kaiserslautern Military Community.  It can be made a bit shorter with the ferry, but that depends upon when you arrive as it runs only every 20 minutes. 

How far is Rüdesheim from Wiesbaden?

It is 30 minutes from Rudesheim to Wiesbaden by car or train.

Rudesheim Ferry and Public Transportation

Public Transportation:  www.bahn.de for train service on both sides of the river. For boat trips that make much more sense than driving around (very long rides at times) there are many options.  During the high summer season multiple operators act like hop-on, hop-off boat cruises.

This ferry service operates hospitality cruises and the regular car ferries.  Hospitality is from early April to the end of October and they offer tables and drink services. 

If you’re hiking during the off-season, it’s still a great way to cross the Rhine on a predictable schedule to take in some of the best sights. The car ferry is labeled “auto-fahren” and you simply drive on or walk on to cross the Rhine.  Cost are around 2 euros per person or 5 euros per car. There are benches to sit and take in the gorgeous scenery as you cross the Rhine. 

The ferries generally run from 5:30 am until 7 or 8 pm depending upon time of year. Check their website for updated information.


Facts About Rüdesheim am Rhein

State: Hesse
Region: Rheingau
Closest Large City: Frankfurt Germany
Population: 9,683
Famous For: Wine, Festivals, Christmas Markets, Hiking and Rhine River Valley Gorge Gatekeeper.  The first wine town welcoming visitors into the UNESCO world heritage site lined with vertical vineyards and dotted with castles or castle ruins every 2.5 km along a steep and wooded river valley.
Check out these top selling Germany Guidebooks to prepare for your trip. Or if you are curious about German Castles this Castle Book really helps understand the history. 

About Rudesheim Germany

Rüdesheim Altstadt is a quaint medieval town at the southern end of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley gorge that is designated a UNESCO world heritage site. 

The Rhine’s more relaxing neighbor is the less well-known Mosel River just an hour away. 

For the steepest vineyard in Europe and more privacy check out the Calmont Klettersteig for amazing views and wine in a more chill relaxed experience.  Some sections of the walk have metal ladders, so bring good shoes.  And it’s not wheelchair or stroller accessible. 

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Well, there you have it: the answers to your burning Rudesheim Germany questions. May you feel strong in knowing the best things to do in Rudesheim and your trip be an unforgettable one!