Is Legit? 71 Trips in – AND YES! IT IS!

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You may be planning your next European vacation from abroad and your curiosity has you wondering: is legit?

As an avid traveler of Europe for the past seven years, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring some of the most beautiful destinations from Montenegro to Iceland. Germany is the perfect launchpad to see all the things. I’m so lucky.

And, TBH, I always start with the “Booking” website. Are there issues sometimes, yes. Of course. This is tourism and things do sometimes go wrong.

✅ 26 year company owned by legitimate business, #1 Tourism website in world

✅ Largest selection of rooms

✅ Excellent user interface and reminders

❌ Flights getting cancelled can be quite difficult to rebook

❌ Not always the lowest rate – sometimes direct bookings are cheaper

❌ Cancellations and refunds are strict – As posted.

is legit hotel
The view from our Boppard Germany hotel we booked for spring break. So cool.

This company has been around 26 years and is owned by Booking Holdings.

So, is legit and Reliable?

Yes. And it’s very simple to stay organized without secondary apps.

From hiking through the rugged wilderness of Portugal’s Alentejo coast to strolling the streets of Bari Italy in Puglia’s tasty Mediterranean seaside, I’ve relied on multiple platforms, but I always start with booking to help me plan and book my city and my Adventure trips.

One of the best and most popular platforms I’ve used is, which offers a wide variety of accommodation options, flights, car rentals, and airport transfers. Not everything works on – especially hut to hut hiking in the Dolomites.

In this article, I’ll share my experience using for both adventure trips and city breaks, and provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the platform.

Is legit? yes. Most def!

is legit

Is a Scam?

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip, this guide will help you decide if is the right platform for your travel needs.

The answer is no, is not a scam and is a legitimate platform for booking hotels, apartments, and other types of accommodations.

In fact, it’s one of the most trusted and reliable online travel agencies available. The company was founded in the Netherlands in 1996 and has since grown to become one of the largest travel e-commerce companies in the world.

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What is

The Booking platform is a popular travel booking platform that enables travelers to search and book accommodations, flights, car rentals, and other travel-related services. Founded in 1996, the company has become a go-to resource for travelers who want to plan their trips in advance and save money on their bookings.

One of the things that makes it unique is its vast selection of properties. The platform offers over 28 million accommodation listings worldwide, ranging from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious hotels and resorts.

Whether you’re looking for a private apartment in the heart of the city or a cozy cottage in the countryside, has something to suit every budget and preference.

is legit works with a vast network of accommodations providers, from small bed and breakfasts to large hotel chains, to offer a wide range of options to travelers. It’s easy to use and offers competitive pricing, making it a go-to choice for many travelers.

Additionally, the site’s reviews and ratings system helps ensure that accommodations are of high quality and meet the needs of guests. has a team that verifies the authenticity of reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews from being posted.

However, as with any online platform, it’s important to take precautions when using Always make sure to book through the official site, as fraudulent third-party sites may attempt to mimic the interface to steal your personal and financial information.

Who is For? is suitable for a wide range of travelers, including individuals, families, and business travelers. It is also a great resource for anyone who wants to save time and money on their travel planning.

The platform is especially popular among budget-conscious travelers who are looking for affordable accommodations without sacrificing quality. With its user-friendly interface, travelers can easily compare prices, amenities, and location to find the perfect accommodation for their needs. is also great for those who like to book their travel plans in advance. With its flexible booking policies and free cancellation options, travelers can book their accommodations and make changes to their plans as needed without incurring extra fees.

Pros of

is legit
I love that you can search by “sustainability” factors. offers several advantages that make it a popular choice among travelers. First and foremost, the platform offers a vast selection of accommodations worldwide, making it easy for travelers to find the perfect place to stay.

They also allow sustainability factors to be noted so you can make the best travel decision.

Another advantage of is its user-friendly interface, which allows travelers to filter their search results by price, location, amenities, and other criteria. This makes it easy to find accommodations that meet their specific needs and preferences. also offers flexible booking policies, including free cancellation options, which can be especially useful for travelers who need to make changes to their plans at the last minute.

Cons of

While offers many advantages, there are also a few potential drawbacks to keep in mind. One of the main concerns that some travelers have is the lack of direct communication with the property owner or manager. This can make it difficult to get specific information about the property or make special requests.

Another potential downside of is the commission that the platform charges for each booking. While the commission is typically included in the price of the booking, it can still add up over time, especially for frequent travelers.

Many family owned huts in the high elevations of the Dolomites or Alps will not participate in Also, some interesting German Mosel River glamping and/or Finnish style yurt stays don’t participate.

Finally, some travelers may be concerned about the reliability of the information provided on

While the platform does take measures to verify the accuracy of its listings, there is always a risk that the information may not be up-to-date or accurate.

How to Cancel Hotel Reservation on
Yes, you can cancel reservations if you booked it that way.

How to Use

If you’re planning a trip to Europe, you’ve likely come across in your search for the perfect accommodations. You can book on desktop or use the app. I’d recommend to use the app as it will track all of your nightly rentals and send you travel reminders along with some discount codes.

I just got a 100 euro code sent to me today! App

Are you an adventure seeker who’s always on the go and looking for a simple way to book your travel accommodations? Then the app is perfect for you!

With the app’s easy-to-use interface, you can effortlessly search for Accommodation or Car Rental options by entering your Destination, Dates, Rooms, and number of Guests. And if you’re a business traveler, simply check the circle and submit your search.

You’ll love the convenience of the app’s Home page, which displays your recent searches and even allows you to list your property to make money while you travel or subscribe to members-only deals.

Money Tip: The currency in Montengro and the currency in Romania will surprise you. Read more 👍

The app’s listing page is loaded with features, including the ability to sort properties by popularity, distance, star rating, price, and more. Filters like budget, star rating, facilities, and even advanced features like online payments, review score, and free cancellation, give you full control over your search.

Not gonna lie, sometimes I sleep in my car though to save money.

Is legit? Here’s how…

Maps show each property, tagged with the cost for the duration of your stay, and an option to select your currency.

And if you’re using the app, you might even get a discount on your booking! Listings sometimes offer special mobile-only deals that you won’t find on the desktop website.

With the app, you can browse photos of the property, read reviews from other guests, and save your favorite properties for later. You can even select the room type that best suits your needs and view its payment and cancellation policy.

Once you’re ready to book, hit the “Select” button and follow the easy process to log in and finalize your reservation.

is legit

How to Cancel your Booking

Are you an adventure lover searching for a place to stay during your next outdoor excursion? You might want to consider, the popular online travel agency. But what happens if you need to cancel your booking? Here’s what you need to know.

Reservation for Hotel, Hostel, House, Apartment

Type of Reservation: “Your Choice”How to Cancel
Free Cancellation Until (Date) Every Hotel VariesCancel prior to the date
Free Cancellation Until (Date) – PassedSame as Non-Refundable
“Non-Refundable”Travel Insurance Claim
“Non-Refundable” – No InsuranceWrite a letter – see below
This is a great benefit of travel insurance.

ProTip: Create an account because they will send some freebies once in awhile like 100 euros off a stay!

To see the cancellation policy on your booking, enter the check-in and check-out dates. You may be able to cancel your booking for free up to 48 hours before your arrival, depending on the property’s cancellation policy. If you’re not sure about the details, be sure to check the property’s cancellation policy in your booking confirmation.

Some properties may not require pre-payment, which means you can pay when you arrive. If you need to cancel your booking, the property will determine the fees, which are listed in the cancellation policy. Remember that you’ll pay the property directly for the cancellation, not

Non-refundable bookings typically incur a charge if you cancel. However, you may be able to request a free cancellation, which sends a request to the property to waive your cancellation fee. If the request is successful, you might be able to re-book your desired dates.

After you cancel a booking, you should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. If you haven’t received it, be sure to check your Inbox and Spam folder. It’s also a good idea to confirm with the property that they received your cancellation.

Note that taxes, charges, and VAT are included in the price, so you don’t need to worry about any additional fees. With these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to cancel your reservation and plan your next outdoor adventure with ease.

Are reviews fake?

In order to submit a review, it’s required that you have stayed with that hotel or flight via their platform. They offer star reviews.

That being said, there are some people who stay and leave negative reviews regardless of their experiences. This is unfortunate, but positive reviews take more effort on behalf of the user, so it’s expected and common in the travel industry.

Conclusion: Is legit?

Almost every place for rent is on in Europe. It was the first recommendation I received when I moved here in 2015 to plan trips and it’s remained the most reliable for normal trips. In the US other websites seem to be more useful.

However, if you truly want to get off-the-beaten path, you may find that mountain hut owners, glamping along Mosel Valley vineyards and other more “local” places will require a back and forth email to arrange, or a bank transfer to make a deposit or simply want you to pay in cash when you arrive.

FAQ Booking.Com

Is it safe to book a hotel through booking com?

Absolutely. I’ve made many, many hotel and apartment reservations through Sometimes I even try to book with the hotel directly and they refer me back to Gone are the days when you contact the hotel directly to get a discount.

What are the disadvantages of

You will miss out on loyalty program from hotels that offer loyalty reward points.

Is it worth it to use

Yes. stands out above almost every timeshare available. DO NOT BUY A TIMESHARE. They are a scam.

Is it cheaper to book a hotel directly or through

This completely depends. Some hotels may offer a special rate if you contact them directly, however this is rare as the administrative costs are high to manage this. If they operate in this way, they probably don’t offer their accommodation on to begin with.

Can I get a full refund from

If your booking has been cancelled, refunds you immediately. The processing time may take 7 to 10 days and depends on your bank. If you have questions, contact your bank directly.

Is it hard to cancel with

It’s not possible to reject a reservation. Depending on your policies, a guest may be able to cancel their reservation using a link in their confirmation email or via their Booking account. In some cases, you can initiate a cancellation request if a guest asks you to, or if there’s an issues with a guest’s payment.

Does have hidden fees like Airbnb?

No. On the fee is fixed at 15% with no hidden costs.

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