Felsenweg Dream Loop Hike: Find the Dragon Troll in Loscheim am See

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devils rock in german forest
This unusual path is a rock lovers paradise. Also with two knee healing pools, it’s pretty cool but a hard hike. Probably doing it in freezing rain made it more difficult 🤣

Located not far from Trier, Germany, this premium hike along the Saarland – Rhineland Pfalz border offers a glimpse into the past with ancient trail markers, a weird Brutalist church, mid-forest shrines and a middle of the forest on-you-honor bar.

The Dragon’s Troll and Barenfels rock formations will let your imagination run wild.

woman in blue rain poncho hiking the barenfelsen in germany
Hiking up the front side of the Barenfels. The other side hides the Dragon Troll!

The trail seems to aim for every hill, up and down, in order to climb through or over rocks. The path is very rocky in parts unlike the usual red sandstone in nearby Luxembourg or to the South of Rhineland Pfalz.

  • What I really loved was the Grunzweg. There’s an ancient trench next to the path and many historical placards describing the previous conflicts.
  • Also, the trail has 2 kneippbad facilities along the loop to help you heal up after all these rocky climbs.
  • What I thought was rough was the lack of places to eat at the starting village (no opening hours) and some serious bouts of mud in low lying areas.

It’s 1 of 111 “Dream Loop” series of paths and intersects frequently with the 254 mi/410 km long, 27 stage Saar-Hunsrucksteig. There are opportunities here for camping/backpacking.

Author’s tl;dr: The Felsenweg Dream Loop is unusually rocky for the region, hence it’s name and worth a hike due to the impressive rock formations, historical perspectives and 2 knee bath facilities. Bring a lunch as it’s pretty quiet and restaurants are limited, but bring coins to get a beer at the hidden forest bar.

Dog friendly. 9.4 miles and not easily shortened. **I would only bring under 10’s if they LOVE hiking, it’s not the most exciting and quite long.

Morgan’s Felsenweg Hiking Video near Trier

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Felsenweg Dream Loop Hike Overview

Double Knieppbad Hike

  • Location: Losheim am See-Waldhölzbach, Schwarzwalder, Germany in Hunsruck Mountain Range
  • When to Hike: Year Round
  • Distance: 9.4 mile loop
  • Up/down: 1,125 feet
  • Time: 5:00 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Points of Interest: Barenfels, 2 Kneippbads, Rehbrunnen, Scheidener Stuben
  • Transport: Parking is here at Wanderparkplatz – Felsenweg (Waldhölzbach)
The signage on this trail is quite good.

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Felsenweg Dream Loop Hike Map

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woman hiking near devils rock in germany
Right after the Devil’s Rock. This path aims for every rock collection possible and meanders between pastures, dark forests and white rocky trails. It’s not the typical blue slate like on the Moselsteig.

Parking Lot – Teufelsfelsen – Kneippanlage Hölzbach (:35)

german church on the felsenweg hiking trail
Yeah that’s Brutal.

The trail starts off from the parking lot near the fire station and has it’s own “gate”. You’ll pass a really weird church as you leave the village.

The path is very well marked by the Traumschliefe sign.

You’ll get to the first fels, the devil’s rock pretty quickly. Then you’ll head to the first kneipp bad. There’s a cute wooden elevated aqueduct. Head up the mountain from there.

Kneippanlage Hölzbach – Grunzweg – Rehbrunnen (2:00)

rehbrunnen on felsenweg dream loop hiking trail
The Rehbrunnen is a great place to stop and grab a beer. At the time of writing they asked for 1.50 for a beer and there is an affixed beer opener, just in case you forgot yours.

The trail here meanders through the impressive dark forest and meets the border between Saarland and Rhineland Pflaz on the Grunzweg.

This path is fun and runs along an ancient trench. The signs become less well-marked, but just follow the Saar-Hunsrucksteig sign here.

Rehbrunnen – Bärenfels – Beere Kneippbad – Burgruine (2:45)

signs on tree for the felsenweg trail in germany
The barenfels are impossible for me to capture on my iphone. You’ll just have to go and see for yourself.

Once you start to turn south, you’ll immediately reach the Rehbrunnen where you can deposit some coins and grab a beer. It’s really cute. Then you’ll come up to the Barenfels.

Take some time here to appreciate this stone cliff with what looks to be a Dragon Troll etched into the face of the rock. Some more uphills will get you onto the Burgruine.

Continue hiking and you’ll meet the Beere Kneippbad near a small pond.

knieppbad on felsenweg hiking trail
The 2nd knee bath we encountered on this trail. We were NOT into it in February but in summer months this would be a nice place to recover a bit from the rocky trails.

We skipped the Celtic ruine by taking a shortcut as you’ll see on the GPS. It was freezing rain and very cold the day we went, but next time I’d check that out.

Burgruine – Scheiden – Barfusspad – Parking (5:00)

weird village in german with man statue
Don’t you just love weird villages? They do what they do.

You’ll finally come out of the forest and up to a highpoint near Scheiden. There’s a restaurant here but we did not check it out due to fading light.

The trail goes through some pretty muddy places here between pastures.

The end of the trail is currently under construction, but looks like they are diverting the trail away from the stream a bit and hopefully it will be less muddy in future.

I could not find any opening hours at the only open resturant in town the Forellenhof.

Things to Know About the German “Dream Loops”

The “Traumschleifen,” or “Dream Loops,” are a collection of premium circular hiking trails that complement the Saar-Hunsrück Steig, one of Germany’s most scenic long-distance hiking routes.

These Dream Loops offer diverse and high-quality day hiking options, each trail providing a unique experience through the enchanting landscapes of the Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate regions.

With lengths varying between 6 and 20 kilometers, the Traumschleifen are designed to cater to a wide range of hikers, from casual walkers to seasoned enthusiasts.

Each Dream Loop trail is meticulously laid out to showcase the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region, taking hikers through a variety of terrains such as lush forests, serene meadows, and rocky outcrops, with panoramic views and historical landmarks along the way.

The trails are well-marked and maintained to the highest standards set by the German Hiking Institute, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable outdoor adventure.

The Traumschleifen not only offer a chance to explore the picturesque countryside but also to engage with the tranquility and biodiversity of the Saar-Hunsrück area.

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Things to Know About the Saar-Hunsrück Steig

spooky tree near barenfelsen on felsenweg trail in germany
There’s some spooky parts on this trail.

The Saar-Hunsrück Steig is a long-distance hiking trail in Germany that was officially opened in 2007. It traverses the picturesque regions of Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate, stretching across the Hunsrück low mountain range and reaching the Saar River.

The trail, which spans over 400 kilometers, is renowned for its varied landscapes, including dense forests, rolling hills, and river valleys. It was created to provide outdoor enthusiasts with an immersive natural experience while also promoting tourism and economic development in the rural areas it passes through.

Over the years, the Saar-Hunsrück Steig has become a favorite among hikers for its well-maintained paths, cultural landmarks, and the opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity of the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park.

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There are 2 restaurant on this trail, when we went it was too cold to stop.

Scheidener Stuben

Zum Igelsborn 4
66679 Losheim am See-Scheiden

Location: 200 m from the Climb

Telephone: +49 6872 8306

Restaurant-Pension “Forellenhof”

Apparently they have fresh trout. Not when we went! It was closed and I couldn’t find opening hours directly but the website says they are open??

Waldhölzbacher Straße 20
66679 Losheim am See-Waldhölzbach

Location: 300 m from the Climb

Telephone: +49 6872 4303

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