The Incestuous Origination Story of Alpenglow – Enrosadira dolomites

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You may be wondering, what in the heck is Enrosadira Dolomites?

Did you know that the term Alpenglow originated in the Dolomites in Italy? And with a gorgeous group of high elevation mountains named “Rosengarten” or Rose Garden, it makes sense that sunsets here are out of this world for beauty.

Enrosadira Dolomites is the phenomenon otherwise known as “Alpenglow” and it’s one of my favorite parts of hiking and things to do visiting the Dolomites.

enrosadira dolomites, example of alpenglow

However, the Ladin (not Latin, Ladin – the local South Tyrolean ethnicity with it’s own language) legends are a little less progressive than you might believe.

Read on to hear all about the thousand year old legends that started our obsession with Alpenglow.

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Enrosadira Dolomites

King Laurin is much beloved and we even had the chance to hang out with his wooden statue while stranded at Rifugio Alberto during a weird August hail and snow storm. It gave me plenty of time to read up on this stunning group of mountains.


Only one hour from Bolzano Italy, the Rosengarten or Catinaccio mountain group is the OG of Alpenglow. If you’re a photographer or hiker, this is a fantastic place to come for stunning views, hikes and lakes with alpenglow in abundance. Read more about the history of the Ladin people.

We loved the Catinaccio Rosengarten Trek which did not include any technical or difficult hiking, but out-of-this-world scenery and food.

What is the Legend of Alpenglow?

Once upon a time, in South Tyrol, there was a land ruled by King Laurin and his trusty dwarf clan who spent their days mining for crystals, silver, and gold inside the mountains.

One fine day, the King decided it was time for his beautiful daughter Similde to tie the knot.

He invited all the aristocrats in the area for a May trip, except for himself, but he wasn’t going to miss out on the fun.

He put on his magic hood and made himself invisible to attend the party.

alpenglow lake

As soon as he laid eyes on Similde, he was smitten. He swept her off her feet, put her on his horse and rode away with her.

But soon, Similde’s promised man and his knights came after him, demanding the return of his wife. King Laurin, being the tough guy he was, wrapped his miracle belt around him, giving him the strength of 12 men, and prepared for a fight.

But, even with his superpowers, he was no match for the knights. So, he tried to hide in the rose garden, thinking his magic hood would make him invisible.

But, the knights were too smart for him and could tell where he was hiding by the rustling of the roses. They captured him and broke his magic belt.

Laurin was furious and cursed the rose garden (now known as Catinaccio) that had betrayed him. He declared that no human eye would ever see it again, day or night.

But, he forgot about dusk, and that’s why the enchanted garden still blooms for a short time, letting its blossoming roses shine. Talk about a rose with a thorn!

Alpenglow Meaning

Enrosadira, also known as Dolomite glow, is a natural occurrence that happens when the rocks of the Catinaccio Group (Rosengarten in German) and other peaks in the Dolomites reflect reddish hues as they are illuminated by the rising or setting sun.

Want to see the Best OG Alpenglow?

Check out my itinerary for the coolest way to see Dolomites Alpenglow on the Catinaccio Rosengarten Trek.

cinque torri
Alpenglow on Cinqui Torri – it’s all over the Dolomites

We hope this guide filled with interesting information about Enrosadira Dolomites has given you the proper information to plan your next adventure.

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