Music for Relaxing Your Body & Mind: Free Playlist


Use this painstakingly timed playlist to practice some 90s style recovery yoga to forge your outdoor movement freedom.

By The Sea: Gathering Time

1 Reflection: Tool

waiting for everyone to sit down and be ready. Skip to 2 when ready to start class.

Mountain 1: Warmup

2 Planet Caravan: Black Sabbath

EXPLAIN mindfulness, do seated meditation, breath, intention, theme

Song length: 04:29 Total time: 04:29

3 Present Tense: Radiohead

quadruped warmup: spine, wrists

Song length 05:06 Total time:09:35

4 Ganesha: Neel Djorja

standing/squat/DD warmup: shoulders, hips, ankles, knees

Song length 04:58 Total time: 14:33

5 Space Between DMB

theme: breakdown goal pose, mini flows

Song length 04:02 Total time: 18:35

Mountain 2: FLOW

6 Bad Guy: Billie Eilish

sun salutation style flows, build up to one specific pose at end

Song length: 03:14 total time: 21:49

7 Move On: Mike Poesner

continue flow

Song Length 02:58 Total Time: 24:47:00

8 Dog Days are Over: Florence + Machine

continue flow

Song length: 04:11 Total Time: 28:58:00

9 Neighborhood 1: Arcade Fire

continue Flow – warriors

Song length: 04:48 Total Time: 33:46:00

10 Changing of Seasons: 2 door Cinema Club

wind down, ant hip stretches, forward stand bends

Song Length: 03:42 Total Time: 37:28:00

Peak of Mountain 2 : Balance

11 Skinny Love: Bon Iver

balance postures

Song Length: 03:58 Total Time: 45:28:00

By the Sea

Downregulation: Contemplative

12 She’s Only Happy in Sun: Ben Harper

Stretching: piriformis, bridge, twists, KTC, nerve glide

Song length: 03:55 Total time: 49:23:00

13 Present Tense: Pearl Jam

count breath numbers, mental imagery, progressive ms relaxation, box breath

Song Length: 05:45 Total Time: 55:08:00

14 EXTRA Song Just in Case, skip to Savasana for perfect 60 min class:

Float: Sol Rising 3:22

15 3 gymnopedies: Erik Satie 3:39


16 New endings : Bon Vie Can double this song for longer Savasana

Song Length 03:08 Total Time: 58:16:00

17 Closing Ceremony: Quiet 1 min

Walking Out the Door Vibe

18. Walking on a Dream: Empire of the Sun 3:18

Taste your Way —>

Crave the Planet

By Morgan Fielder from

Author profile: Morgan Fielder is an evangelist for play and DOD civilian physical therapist living near Ramstein AFB raising two gorgeous girls, wife of a rebel, serial expat, and is actively involved in the German community through several organizations. Visit her community project at to learn more.

Crave the Planet






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