2024 Best Hiking Podcasts List for Real Hikers

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Top 7 Hiking Podcasts Review of 2024

It can be annoying to sift through all the “bros” talking trash comparing hiking boots to trail runner shoes or a life coach trying to sell you their “backpacker transformation program”.

That’s why I’ve decided to summarize my favorite podcasts by category from countless hours of listening to save you time.

Quick Verdict:

Best Hiking Podcast

🥾➡️ Trails Worth Hiking by Jeremy Pendrey

Enjoy this episode related to the Alta Via 1 in the Dolomites of Italy.

Why is this the best hiking podcast?

  • Useful
  • Thoughtful 
  • Well-produced
  • Laser focused on hiking.
  • There's no forays into kayaking or authors peddling their most recent book tangentially related to hiking. 

He does spend the first 10-30% of the episode going over the history of the trail, so skip forward to get to the heart of the trek or hike. I really enjoy the context he provides with the history background however.

This hiking podcast list is a combo of really good hiking, adventure travel, and magazine style stories of the “Why” behind hiking, travel and the Outdoors.

Quick List: Best hiking podcasts in 2024:

  • Trails Worth Hiking
  • In a tent with a Frenchman
  • 10 Adventures
  • Wanderwoman
  • Wild Ideas Worth Living
  • Outside Magazine
  • Blissful Hiker
  • Training for Trekking
  • The Adventure Podcast

Read until the end where you can download a backpacking gear list for the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Hopefully you’re booking some summer of 2024 trips to lose yourself in Nature.

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#1: Best Thru Hiking Podcast

In a Tent with a Frenchman 

Follow along with Thomas Bouïssaguet the French hiker and co-founder of the Hexatrek trail, as he records with surprisingly good audio quality his journey from the north of France in Wissembourg to end near the Atlantic coast.

Hiking Thru Podcast: He doesn’t sugar coat what it’s like to walk the 3034 km Hexatrek, the brand new thru hike in the French mountains. 

#2: Best Adventure Travel Podcast

10 Adventures 

200 hundred nuanced episodes about Adventure Travel around the World. 

This episode can give you insights on how to go beyond the Alta via 1 and TMB for a truly unique outdoor Italian active vacation. Truffle hunt after hiking the idlyllic Aosta Valley. Yes Please!!  

The in-depth shows include hiking, walking and cycling adventures.

#3: Best Hiking Stories


Beautifully produced monthly travel podcast magazine covering travel, culture, travel hacks and gear. Check out this episode exploring Waymaking.

You’ll be transported with Phoebe smith exploring wildlife, people, travel and conservation in magazine fashion so no long boring conversations. She eliminates the rambling nature of many hiking and travel podcasts. 

#4: Best of Spotify Hiking Podcast

Wild Ideas Worth Living

This heartfelt and well-produced interview show from the REI retailer is about the emotion behind all kinds of travel and adventures. 

Listen to This episode with Tom Turcich explores the why behind literally waking around the world with his dog.

Simple and real places are definitely the theme of this travel podcast. 

#4: Best Journalistic Hiking Podcast

Outside Magazine 

The legendary Outdoor Travel magazine bring stories of people, adventures and the outdoors to life in this exceptional podcast. If anyone has a friend here who can get me an unpaid internship, please send them my name!

Who didn’t want to work for outside magazine in the 90s? Enjoy this episode of Jack Johnson.

#5: Most Immersive Hiking Podcast

Blissful Hiker 

Former NPR correspondent Alison young shares her stories with a graceful elegance that will take your blood pressure down…down…down. 

She includes incredible background bird chirps and gravely steps that really immerse you in whatever long distance trail she’s hiking with her titanium reinforced hips. This Arizona Trail episode reveals her trepidation for boring trails.

#6: Most Useful Hiking Podcast

Training for Trekking Hiking Podcast

If you’re looking for a little less inspiration and a more practical “how to” type show, use the training for trekking podcast as insight into the best hiking specific personal training there is.

There are over 300 episodes from trekking coach Rowan Smith on how to effectively train for the hike you want to do. You can probably find the answer to any questions within his vast library, but he also offers a free coaching call to discover if you may benefit from a personalized solution.

His show is legit and I say this with my physical therapy background. He gave me an hour free call to work through some of my vertigo problems.

This ankle episode is one of many very helpful training based episodes that demonstrate his science based approach to training hikers.

#7: Best Travel Podcast

The Adventure Podcast

If you want a lovely hiking merged with travel podcast, exploring the souls of adventurers, this one is for you.

He helps you discover all kinds of adventures including: hiking, exploring, climbing, sailing, wildlife photography and more.

Walk along with the crew to mount Roraima in the jungles of the Amazon rain forest in this episode.

Notable Mentions Hiking Podcast

➡️ Amateur Traveler – The Asturias Episode #819

➡️ Unfolding Maps – Blood River DRC Episode #13

➡️ Trails Around the World – Via Transylvanica Episode #16

Runner Up to Notable Mention

Dirtbag Diaries and the Hiker Podcast with Andy Neal (the new hiker Andy).

Long Distance Hiking Community Focused List

You’ll find this list to be geared toward those of us thinking about the Pacific Crest Trail, the Rota Vicentina Trail, the Way of Saint James, Appalachian Trail, Alta Via 1, Tour du Mont Blanc, John Muir Trail, the Continental Divide Trail etc.

Helpful is also the gear reviews to help make these long distance dreams a reality.

I’ve not focused on social media, apple podcasts (they take up too much space on my phone so I’ve linked spotify) or classic travel podcasts that are “bucketlist” focused.

The Future of 2024 Hiking Podcasts?

I definitely want to hear more hiking trail podcasts describing more than just the famous TMB and AV1.

What do you want to hear about? Do you want to learn more about backpacking gear? Or the best national park?

Comment over on our Facebook group as I’m thinking of starting a Europe focused hiking podcast and want to cover what people really want and where they shop for the best gear.

More Resources

the tour du mont blanc itinerary

As promised here’s the link to a full guide to the Tour du Mont Blanc 5 Day itinerary and the free downloadable packing list. The key really is to take ONLY what’s needed. Which is not much when you have lovely mountain huts with beds and breakfast and 3 or 4 course dinners.

Take trekking poles with you on this one because the elevation is significant around 30,000 ft of gain.

Book a Hiking Vacation in Europe

Self-Guided Planner for Hut-to-Hut Hiking in Europe

Curious about doing a multi-day hike in the Alps or Dolomites of Europe but not sure where to start? The planning and booking process can be quite challenging as you can’t just go on booking or expedia and reserve your nightly stays.

Trust me, I did it for 14 of my friends one summer and I was so stressed with 3 different spreadsheets and gmail folders trying to keep it all straight. Fortunately there are trail experts, like our friends at Alpenventures Unguided with years of experience managing the reservations, GPS routes and preparing routes for you.

Enjoy a hut to hut hike or even a bike tour by using their booking done-for-you service so you can have a self-guided adventure of a lifetime.

✅ Click here to learn more about 4 day Dolomites Alta Via 1 Adventure. You will need to do a zoom call and discuss the details.

➡️ Click here to learn more about the Full 10 Days on the Alta Via 1. Same thing- you’ll have to spend some time talking about the route with the tour guide on zoom. You may end up wanting a rest day and taking more time.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best hiking podcasts review!

Author profile: Morgan Fielder is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and passionate hiker who believes in exploring the world on foot with good food. Follow her journey as she shares science-based hiking tips and advocates for sustainable tourism.