Paragliding in the German Alps


What a reward after Hiking in the Alps.

Sage and I went hiking hut to hut for 3 days in the Bavarian Alps with our sweet golden doodle Ruby. Ruby-girl for long.

alps lake
yes, the alps are gorgeous

She did smell a bit like cow poo after 3 days hiking in the Allgauer Alps in Bavaria. She hiked up steep mountains with Sage and me around the Hofats peak and multiple alpine lakes that filled my middle aged heart with joy. The cows and donkeys had bells around their necks that tinkled with joy.

We hiked with everything on our backs from one hostel/hut/hotel to the next. The last night, I got tired of finding dog friendly places and we bought some air mattresses and slept in the back of our 7 seater SUV! In a parking lot in town. Baller!

A hike in the Alps is something to behold, it will fill your heart, soul or atheist space with energy. It’s drama in the landscape and cuisine that is something worth living for.

My 12 year old volunteered to come, it seemed like she really wanted to go. I might be wrong. Maybe she is a people pleaser.

Sage paragliding even though it’s scary as hell

She was a mountain goat and in reward … paragliding sprung up. I mean, really?? Teens and pre teens love thrill.

hiking in the alps
Hiking up an alpine peak is not teen perfection

I’m proud my girls will hike with me, because it could be perceived as boring. But we ALL know it’s not…and strangely it’s not for the tween & teenagers.

But i’m not going to jinx it and i’m going to be all reward with paragliding for the badass 12 year old named Sage.

I’m also too afraid to do it myself. Even with Ebi, the ginger twin pilot.

nice butt pad. need to do some squats???

A few years ago when the girls were little and only wore crocs out of the house, we promised ice cream at the top. That totally works. Even better if it’s an Asian lady selling it fresh at the top of the mountain for really cheap.

Probably it’s worth investing in a cooler and hiding it on the way up if you are in North America. I haven’t seen that many good entrepreneurs doing ice cream at the top of a lonely mountain for kiddos to start their love of hiking.

Hiking the alps with kids :

Girls, mountains, dogs….

What can go wrong:?

What can go right?

Here at Crave the Planet we’re all about inclusive travel for the whole family.

Until Next Time, Climb Your Mountains!

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