Best Paragliding in Chamonix [Tandem 2024]

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I casually suggested it to my buddies the day before we started the Tour du Mont Blanc hike and they thought I was crazy.

It was pretty amazing to go paragliding in Chamonix for my first time…it was so gentle and yet incredible. The pilots were cool about doing crazy loops if you wanted…but not me!

We made an online reservation for 1 pm the following day at approximately 5 pm that evening. (There was no way I could get out of it now.)

FYI: You can do it in winter too! 😜

Beyond it being one of the best ways to view Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc — paragliding offers you a chance to immerse fully into your senses like few activities. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

An even better idea would be to book a paragliding experience for your kids. After conducting a thorough analysis of paragliding statistics, I can confidently say that it is a very safe activity. But like all adventures, this activity is at your own risk.

I’m a total wuss and my pilot carefully navigated our flight like a otherworldly meditation. My friend Tracy is a dare devil and steered and did some aerial tricks. It can be different depending on your taste, pilot and conditions.

Paragliding in Chamonix Youtube – Morgan’s Meditation

Watch this super chill flight and learn about the best paragliding spots from our pilot. And, BTW, I did spot a Chamois on the hike right after this flight!

Quick Take: Paragliding Mont Blanc

⭐️⭐️⭐️Recommended Tandem Paragliding Chamonix France


Based on my personal experience of soaring from the Brevent lift, I recommend the Air Sports Team as the best option for first timers and more gentle flights.

The process to book was seamless online, the people were helpful and my pilot was careful not to do tricks because I'm a wuss.  My friend that loves tricks got to do them and even steer a bit.  It was simple, safe and easy and our pilots have a minimum of 7 years training.

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Top 3 Tandem Paragliding Chamonix Tours

Why it’s awesome👎🏻 Click Below to Book Now
Overall BestAirsports Tandem Flight Now
Highest ElevationAiguille du Midi Launch
Most AdrenalineFly Mont Blanc Tandem

Read until the end, where I share a done for you itinerary of how to experience the Tour du Mont Blanc on the hiking trip of a lifetime.

Top 5 Paragliding in Chamonix Experiences

My Review Process : Paragliding in Chamonix

I’ve taken one flight myself and researched and compiled the top 5 tandem experiences offered by licensed and certified pilots to help you enjoy your adventures without worry. I’ve spent several hours researching reviews, aiming to find those that will not only make paragliding more enjoyable but save you time as well.

Additionally, the time of day determines the weight limit. My husband is over 95 kg and couldn’t go at 1 pm due to the “thermic activity”. Verify with flight company the weights of all members of your party, especially kids.

Kids usually fly Chamonix better in the morning time slots.

Check out my carefully selected recommendations below that you can book online. I’ve included GPS of the meet location, duration and reviews. You’ll need to buy your gondola or ski lift pass.

1. For All levels of Flight – Overall Best Chamonix Mont Blanc

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⌛️ TOUR LENGTH: 1 Hour | ✅ BOOK NOW | 📍Meeting Point
woman tandem paragliding
I look scared. Okay. It WAS really high!

I loved the Air Sports flight and it was safe and organized. Glide safely on a tandem paragliding flight with an experienced instructor, where you can choose to stick to a gentle glide or try out tricks like loops, spirals, and wing-overs. You’ll meet

Before taking off, receive comprehensive flight instructions and safety briefings to ensure a safe and unforgettable experience.

Start to finish super professional. Guillaume could tell I was getting nervous and gently talked me down from my anxiety and asked me questions. He rode the air bumps in a way that did not make me nauseous at all and I ended up feeling like this was meditation on crack.

– Morgan

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2. 15 minute Flight: Most Kid Friendly

⭐️ RATING: 4.2 out of 5 Stars | ⌛️ TOUR LENGTH: 1 Hour | ✅ BOOK NOW |📍Meeting Point
woman paragliding by mont blanc

You’ll leave it feeling Experience a thrilling paragliding adventure that’s perfect for the whole family with a private 15-minute tandem paragliding flight in Chamonix.

Your kids will love soaring high above the Tyrolean Mountains, with a certified pilot by their side to ensure their safety and comfort throughout the entire flight.

Before takeoff, you’ll meet with the experienced pilots, who have undergone extensive training and have years of practical experience. They’ll explain the entire process, from takeoff to landing, and make sure that you and your kids are comfortable with all aspects of the flight.

During the approximately 30-minute flight, your certified pilot will be there to answer any questions and address any concerns, ensuring that your family feels safe and at ease throughout the experience.

You have to experience it to understand it, it is an unforgettable moment in the tranquility of the staff around us.


When you touch down, all equipment will be removed, and you’ll leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

You can even buy a gopro video of your adventure.

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3. Best Adrenaline Rush Tandem Paragliding

⭐️ RATING: 3.9 out of 5 Stars | ⌛️ TOUR LENGTH: 1 Hour | ✅ BOOK NOW |📍Meeting Point
paragliding in chamonix

Soar through the air on a tandem paragliding flight in Chamonix with an experienced instructor of over 20 years. Admire the breathtaking mountain scenery of Mont Blanc as you fly with peace of mind, knowing all necessary equipment is provided.

Take control of your flight experience by trying out steering, turning, and gliding, and choose between a 30-minute flight to suit your preferences.

With speeds of up to 40 km/h, marvel at the panoramic bird’s-eye views over the Arve river and the mountains and make unforgettable memories on this exhilarating adventure with speed riding suitable for all skill levels.

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4. Best Acrobatic Tandem Flying in Chamonix

⭐️ RATING: 4.1 out of 5 Stars | ⌛️ TOUR LENGTH: 1 Hour | ✅ BOOK NOW |📍Meeting Point
mont blanc paragliding

This paragliding experience frequently departs from Plan Praz gondola, but offers the flexibility to choose different launch sites.

While tandem flights aren’t available every day, the adventure is unforgettable and sure to be a topic of conversation for a long time to come.

I had done tandem hang-gliding in Tennessee, but this experience is not to be missed. Paragliding off the mountains above Chamonix is equally as serene & peaceful as it is mind-blowingly beautiful & exhilarating. IMax movie scenery paired with sun, wind, expert pilots….thanks Jean Charles, and a visual perspective that only eagles and paragliders can experience. From a group of 6 grandmothers in our group, there were no regrets among the 5 that took flight….two of our group actually followed eagles on thermal updrafts. My face ached from smiling. From the dawn of time men have dreamed of the ability to fly…..above Chamonix you can. With apologies to Nike, JUST DO IT


Soar through the sky and feel the freedom of flying like a bird, taking in the breathtaking views from high above. And with a relaxed atmosphere, you can fully enjoy every moment of this indescribable experience.

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5. Highest Flight & Longest Flight: 3,842 meters

⭐️ RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars | ⌛️ TOUR LENGTH: 3 Hours | ✅ BOOK NOW |📍Meeting Point

Experience the thrill of tandem paragliding next to the famous Mont Blanc from the Aiguille du Midi with Kaïlash Parapente. This adventure offers an incredible opportunity to discover the beauty of the Mont Blanc region from a unique perspective. The flight will take place at an altitude of 3,842 m on the Aiguille du Midi, allowing you to admire the stunning mountainous landscapes around Chamonix and the Mont Blanc.

If you have never paraglided before and would like to try it, a first flight with Kaïlash Parapente a mountain guide in the mountains of Chamonix is highly recommended.

The program starts with a 10-minute briefing on the progress of the tandem flight. You will then board the gondola with your pilot to reach the take-off site on the Aiguille du Midi using special equipment. The flight lasts for an incredible hour, during which your pilot will try to optimize the flight and can carry out some acrobatic manoeuvres and an initiation to piloting.

The activity requires a maximum weight of 95 kg and lasts for a total of 3 hours, including going to the take-off site, setting up the equipment, flight, and debriefing.

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Paragliding Tips for Chamonix – Mont Blanc Valley

If you’re new to paragliding this should help put your mind at ease.

I personally love tandem paragliding because I can sit back and relax to really enjoy the ride. There are certified pilots catering to all ages and almost all ability levels. My pilot Guillaume told me he trained 7 years prior to taking clients. It’s hard to trust someone literally jumping off the side of a super steep mountain, but they are exceptionally well trained.

However —-

*If you suffer from severe vertigo and motion sickness like me, it may be best to avoid a paragliding flight on a windy, choppy day in Chamonix. On calm days, you can definitely ask your pilot to avoid any aerial tricks that could impact your experience.

Be sure to verify the weight limit for each flight, since there may be some restrictions on flights based on body weight.

It is advisable to confirm the meeting point of your flight on the morning of your departure, as it may be subject to change due to weather conditions. Additionally, there is a backup location in case of any unforeseen circumstances, and it is important to note that if you arrive late, the flight may depart without you.

Hot tip: lift tickets, ski lifts and cable car tickets are not included.

Tandem Paragliding Equipment List

Paragliding equipment is the most important aspect of safety. Before you take off, you must ensure that your equipment is in good condition. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Wear comfortable shoes with laces.
  • Bring sunglasses.
  • Wear long pants.
  • If you want you can wear a baseball hat under helmet.
  • Always wear a helmet and back protector.


The pilot’s experience and skill level are crucial when it comes to paragliding safety. Here are some tips for pilots:

  • Do not fly in conditions that are beyond your skill level.
  • Always fly with a qualified instructor or experienced pilot.
  • Do not fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest safety regulations and guidelines.

Paragliding can be a safe and enjoyable sport if you take the necessary precautions. Always prioritize safety over thrills and take the time to learn and practice proper techniques. Remember, we are responsible for our own safety and the safety of others around us.

tandem paragliding man and woman

How to Get to Chamonix

Getting to Chamonix is relatively easy as it is a popular tourist destination. There are several ways to get there, including by bus, rail, or private car. If you are traveling by bus, there are several companies that offer regular services to Chamonix from different European cities. You can check the bus schedules and buy tickets online, making it a convenient option for budget travelers.

🚘 Looking for a car rental service?

If you need a car for your trip, then my personal recommendation is to choose Discover Cars, an Award winning car rental comparison website. You can find, compare and rent a car globally there.

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Another option is to take the train, which offers a scenic journey through the French countryside. Chamonix has its own railway station, making it easy to access from other cities in France and Switzerland. If you prefer to drive, you can rent a car and enjoy the flexibility of exploring the area at your own pace.

However, parking can be a challenge in Chamonix, so it’s best to book your accommodation with parking facilities or use public transportation once you arrive.

FAQ Chamonix paragliding

Can beginners try paragliding in Chamonix?

Yes, beginners can try paragliding in Chamonix. There are several paragliding schools such as Airsports that offers tandem flights with experienced pilots, as well as courses for beginners.

What is the best time of year to go paragliding around Chamonix?

The best time of year to go paragliding in Chamonix is during the summer months (June to September) when the weather is generally warm and sunny. However, paragliding can also be done in the winter months, but it’s important to check the weather conditions and fly with an experienced pilot.

How much does paragliding cost?

The cost in Chamonix can vary depending on the type of flight and the paragliding school. Tandem flights usually cost around 125-175 euros, while courses for beginners can cost several hundred euros.

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