St. Wendel Travel Guide & Hiking Map

Authentic Germany at the Crossroads of German, French, Pagan, and Roman Cultures with a love of the Outdoors and Dwarves.

St. wendel zwergen

Sankt Wendel Travel Guide

What makes St. Wendel Germany so special?

You had me at “day drinking” on the city cultural calendar. Additionally very compelling -- their obsession with Zwergen, or in English - dwarves.

Sankt Wendel in German, or Saint Wendel in English - is a vibrant town that hosts hands down, the best Christmas market in the southwest region of Germany.

It’s an outdoor lover's paradise located close to the French border about 30 minutes from Kaiserslautern, Germany.

St. Wendel Germany

It’s the kind of place to visit for the perfect weekend in Germany with authentic food, laughing people, hiking, golf, sweet hidden chapels and centuries of traditions at the crossroads of German, French, Pagan, and Roman Cultures.

I love to plan a cool hike to see the homes, the history, the foliage and Nature and end up at a really cool, local place to eat. This region has a strong influence from France and demand from the people who live here for really good, fresh food.

And they love to party!

How This St. Wendel Guide is Organized:

1. Christmas Market Magic - Medieval Delights in St. Wendel Germany
2. Best Things to Do in St. Wendel Year Round
3. Delicious Spots to Eat in Sankt Wendel
4. Best Places to Stay in St. Wendel
5. How to Get to Sankt Wendel Germany

6. Best Outdoor Hikes and Strolls in St. Wendel with Maps

6a. Best War History and Mystical St. Wendel Hike
6b. Sculpture and Stroller Friendly St. Wendel Hike
6c. Advanced St. Wendel Hike
st wendel monastery

Christmas Market Magic - Medieval Delights in St. Wendel

Weihnachtsmarkt - Christmas Market

Christmas Medieval Magic
Christmas Medieval Magic

Christmas markets in Germany (in German: Weihnachtsmarkts) are magical. They set a festive mood, offer handmade ornaments and crafts from local vendors, and are highlighted by delicious drinks called Glühwein.

Each booth has its own recipe for this delicious hot mulled wine and there’s nothing more cozy than strolling around an outdoor market with friends and family. It’s a leisurely search for the perfect Christmas tree ornament while keeping warm with steaming Glühwein or Kinderpunsch.

Lovingly decorated huts line old towns throughout Germany expressing holiday joy with locals and tourists alike wandering over cobblestones, seeing twinkling lights, tasting and smelling the delicious treats like flame grilled salmon and funnel cakes.

St. Wendel blows away the Christmas market competition with fires, torches, and dragons.

Each year the city hosts a medieval themed Christmas market complete with ladies dancing with spinning fire, Papier-mache dragons breathing fire, camels munching, and blacksmiths actually working on a lit forge.

The Dwarf nartivity scenes are not to be missed!

St. Wendel

To enjoy this incredible experience of the traditional Christmas market plus the Medieval Market, plan a stay in St. Wendel during December 3-12, 2022. It’s got small town vibes and world class Christmas creativity.

Best Things to Do in St. Wendel Year Round

Sankt Wendel impresses all four seasons. Christmas magic is supported by gorgeous Fall colors, plenty of outdoor activities in summer and winter, and a sweet Spring Easter market.

Skulpture Park St. Wendel

Amazing Hikes

Leafy rolling hills surround this town marked with a gorgeous gothic Cathedral in it’s pedestrian Old Town.

The Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage trail runs through here on a mid-stop between Mainz and Saarbrucken. This path continues to the Atlantic ocean just past Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

St. Wendel lies at a stop on the Europe-wide “sculpture” path, the path of the Good Shepherd and many more. This website goes into great details and has many day hikes included.

We’ve put together 3 great hiking guides with interactive maps at the end of this post to help you enjoy St. Wendel by foot. Whether you’re pushing a stroller or want something strenuous, our guides will get you to add a little adventure to your culture.

St. Wendel Skate Park The skate park in St. Wendel is one of the largest skate parks in Europe and a paradise for all people on wheels. Elements like fun, curb or combi boxes, snaker runs, quarter pipes and ramps offer beginners and professionals a huge selection. The 300 m long speed skating oval with a lawn stand is good for international competitions. And free for users.

The skate park is located on a 5.1 km long, completely paved path. Dirtbikes, inline skating and more are possible.

Sankt Wendlinus Basilika

Gorgeous gothic cathedral that is the site of Saint Wendelinus’s tomb, a place of pilgrimage since 617 AD. Holy mass is at 6:30pm, Saturday: Rosary at 11:30am. Sundays high mass at 10:45am and evenings at 6:00pm.

Dog Friendly Golf Course

27 hole championship course that is dog friendly and hosts a wellness hotel right in the middle of the course. It’s 150 hectares in a hilly area and you have varied terrain to practice and have fun.

Ostermarkt in St. Wendel

The springtime version of the Christmas market, the Easter market is a scaled down version of unique ornaments, gifts, food and drinks worth beating through the spring mud. This year it will run March 31 - April 3, 2022.

Run a Marathon

Fitness runs deep in this community and you can run the Globus marathon scheduled for May 8, 2022.



On Whit Monday or “Pentecost Monday” you can come for a unique experience where a procession of tractors and horses takes place from the Basilica of St. Wendelin to this sweet hillside chapel. They are blessed as part of a Holy Mass in open air. June 6, 2022.

Best Spots to Eat in Sankt Wendel

Eating in St. Wendel has something for everyone and with good weather a ton of outdoor drinks and dining. Try some of our favorites!

  1. Wendelinushof Cafe. Gorgeous organic cafe sitting above town where the produce is grown right outside and the milk cows are at the entrance. Located next to a yoga studio and has it’s own store selling fresh produce. Serving local dishes and drinks.

  2. Bruder Jakob’s Cafe located in the heart of the old town. Fresh and modern and serving burgers, salads, pumpkin soup and Rieslings to die for.

  3. Le Journal serving classic French inspired dishes and delicious wines on the main square of town. Wednesday nights in summers are jam packed, get there early for the live music.

Best Places to Stay in St. Wendel

View the Christmas market right out of your window by staying at the