Geierlay Suspension Bridge Hike 2023 Map and Parking Guide


Geierlay Suspension Bridge Hike – One of the Best Mini-Adventure Day Trips from Frankfurt, Cochem or Trier Germany

The 2nd longest suspension bridge in Germany, Geierlay suspension bridge is a perfect adventure activity to pair with a visit to Burg Eltz or a day trip from Frankfurt or Trier, Germany.

geierlay germany
From my last trip in 2022 – Snow on Fall leaves… It was a “tiny” bit slippery crossing this bridge but the handrails are secure. I’m not gonna lie, I was a tiny bit afraid -no I mean energized!

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Have you been thinking of braving a walk over the 360 meter long and 100 meter high Geierlay suspension bridge in Germany’s Rhineland Palatinate?

It’s like an art installation merging cutting edge engineering and Nature in the middle of nowhere and definitely worth a visit.

It’s accessible to most people, but if you have severe vertigo it may not be for you.

TL;DR: Soak in the impressive Geierlay bridge scenery and mild thrills with this travel and hiking trail guide.  It’s open year round, dog friendly and free to cross.  The only difficult part is parking in the summer. 

When I went after the first snowfall of 2022 there were families with kids, older people and even a few strollers.

Geierlay Suspension Bridge How to Get There

Parking AreaDistance, Type of Path
Sosberg.98 mile or 1.6km, 25 min on flat gravel road
MorsdorfIt is 1.3 miles or 2.1 km dirt road and hiking paths
AdditionalIf high season, you may have to park further away

⭐️ Jump directly to the parking guide for Geierlay suspension bridge parking.

Geierlay Suspension Bridge Video with My Husky Shadow

I have found the Geierlay bridge to be truly impressive from all angles.  It’s possible to walk across it in both directions, either from the village of Mörsdorf or Sosberg. 

As a bonus, there is a wooded gentle hiking trail between the two sides that make for a great easy hike.

Continue reading to download a free GPS map for you to make it easy to find your way.

Overview Geierlay Bridge Travel & Hiking Guide

geierlay germany

Location: Between Mörsdorf & Sosberg, Hunsreuck, Germany, About 1.5 hours from Frankfurt
Distance: 4.04 miles, 6.5 km Out and Back 
Duration: Approx. 3 hours, summer add time for lines.
Hike In:  From Mörsdorf: 30 min, From Sosberg: 25 min (more stroller friendly)

Difficulty: Easy 

Nearby Points of Interest:  Burg Eltz (40 min), Cochem (25 min) Beilstein (20 min), Boppard (35 min), Trier (1:25)

Where to Stay: Best Eco-Friendly Luxury – Schloss Lieser, Best Budget Hotel – Hotel Weinhaus Stettler,  Best for Families – BurgHotel Auf Schonburg

Geierlay Suspension Bridge Facts:

Watch a video of my quick webstories to see what it’s like crossing the Geierlay bridge with a husky.  

Facts2023 Update
Overview2nd longest suspension bridge in Germany
One of the most beautiful suspension bridges in the world
Dozens of Hiking Trails in Area
Bridge Length360 meters long, 85 cm wide
Bridge Height100 meters high over Geierlay Schleife gorge
EstablishedBuilt in 2015
Which Way?You can walk in both directions.
Winter Charity Festival2nd Advent weekend with 7,000 lights, drinks, food

What Sucks about Geierlay in High Season

One of the things I love most about living here near the Hunsrueck low mountain range is the solitude and freedom to go wherever I want without crowds.

But Geierlay is something different. Without planning in summer, you might drive all the way there and end up with nowhere to park and therefore have to turn around without seeing it.

That’s why I waited until a snowy winter December day to visit with my spirited Husky named Shadow.

The problem is that it’s not exactly a hidden gem.

In summer there can be 2 hour long lines according to my friend Jana who was disappointed to stay the least.

geierlay germany
I definitely did NOT like crossing that bridge with my boy Shadow. He wanted to pull me off the bridge to chase birds 100 meters down. Next time I’ll bring my doodle Ruby Girl because she doesn’t have the confidence to chase birds off the giant suspension bridge!

Don’t risk a wasted drive and check out my detailed parking guide below on the best times to go, how to get good photos and cool places to stay nearby (like in a castle!).

Geierlay Bridge Travel Tips:

  • If you don’t like crowds you should not go on a summer weekend. 
  • If you have to go in summer, go before 9am or after 6pm.
  • You’ll have to walk about 2 miles to get to the bridge and back as the closest parking is located about 1 mile away.
  • If using a wheelchair and strollers, you should approach from the Sosberg parking side. 
  • Parking is a challenge in high season.
  • To get good Geierlay photos you’ll want to go early or off-season
  • Either way, do NOT park on the street as you’ll likely get fined.  Parking fees are how they monetize the tour as walking across the bridge is completely free. 

Geierlay Bridge Winter

geierlay germany

Geierlay Bridge Loop Hike Map

How to use this map: Use your computer mouse or fingers to zoom in and out. Click on the icons to get more information. Click the arrow on the top left corner for the written index. Click the star next to the title of the map to add this map to your google maps account.w the saved map on your smartphone or PC, open google maps, click the menu button, and go to “your places”/ “maps.”

My Experience : Geierlay Brücke Loop Hike Report

Geierlay Bridge Loop Hike from Sosberg 

geierlay bridge

I wanted to approach the bridge for the best photo spots and Sosberg is definitely the way to go in this Hunsrück National Park.

It also is pretty much paved or a solid dirt path the entire way from parking so would be best for strollers or wheelchairs. 

📸 📷 The best views are from the Geierlay hike that goes under the Sosberg side of the bridge on the way to the Mörsdorf approach.

To experience the visitor center, you’ll want to approach from the Mörsdorf side and its path is smooth except the last 100 meters.

Most people will walk to the bridge, walk over it and return back the way they came but this loop lets you enjoy the entire Geierlay experience and the hike is beautiful.

Best Hike Using Geierlay Bridge in One Direction

My favorite place to get a sideview of the bridge was from a hilltop to the east of the bridge just only a few hundred meters from the entrance of the bridge.

  • Distance: 4.51 miles, 7.25 km Loop
  • Elevation: 575 ft up/down 
  • Duration: Approx. 2 hours, with lots of photo stops
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • GPS: Hiking App with Free zone

Start/end point: Paid Parking Sosberg P1

Kid-friendly: yes, 2+.  Small children will likely need more time to walk.
Stroller-friendly: No.  But you can easily go to the bridge with a stroller and leave it on the side and walk across holding hands or carrying a child and return back the way you came.

Dog-friendly: Yes

Fees: Yes, parking is paid. 4 hours is 4 euros.  No hiking pass needed.

More Great Hikes Around Hängebrücke Geierlay

Check out this Komoot Collection of more great hikes around the Soonwald national park in Germany.

For you multi-day hikers, the Romantic Rhine Castle to Castle Hotel Hike is just a 30 min drive away and offers a unique experience of backpacking between renovated castle hotels. 

Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay (Geierlay bridge) – Is it worth it?

autumn at geierlay
I’d definitely say Autumn is worth it.

Why Go to Geierlay?

Why walk across Germany’s longest suspension bridge?  It’s definitely an easy hike to get to a unique experience modeled after Nepalese bridges.  It’s got a modern mountain feeling in a rustic, verdant forest.

It’s not the longest bridge in Germany, but it’s simply a beautiful mix of Nature and engineering.  Beauty was in the mind of the designers and engineers.  It’s definitely cool for photographers wanting to catch fog rising over dramatic lines and pops of human color.

Christmas Market Geierlights

Winter might possibly be the best time to visit the Geierlay Suspension bridge.  During an annual charity festival, it’s lit up with over 7,000 led lights and hosts a party with food, drinks and winter walks. 

The “Geierlights festival” is typically held on the third advent weekend but check their website for up to date information on this illuminating and unique outdoor winter festival.

Geierlay Suspension Rope Bridge
geierlay germany
me and shadow in 2022

Disclaimer: The bridge itself is very safe, but if you have vertigo like me it can induce some symptoms.  

It is 360 meters long and swings just a little bit.  In winter with snow it is a bit slippery so just go slow and keep a hand on the railing. 

It’s actually quite beautiful with snow cover.  I wish I had microspikes on my boots when my husky was pulling on the lead and almost making me fall on my butt. 

Warning: Summer weekends can feel crowded.  Go before 10 am or after 6 pm to avoid the crowds. There are no Geierlay tickets to purchase.

Getting to Geierlay by Car + Parking Lots at Geierlay Bridge

How to Park Your Car

Do not try to park on the street.  There is no charge to walk across the bridge, so they use parking fees to keep the trails maintained.  Otherwise known as the geierlay brücke parkplatz, you’ve got to pay attention.

The timing also limits people from staying too long and overcrowding the area. In winter there is no problem with crowds. 

Decide if you Want to Park in Morsdorf or Sosberg

There are several approaches to the bridge.  You can come from the Sosberg side or the Mörsdorf side of the bridge. 

➡️ If you want to go to the visitors center or go to a cafe, notice that it is located on the Mörsdorf side. 

➡️ Sosberg is a very quiet small village with little amenities.

There is a hiking trail that descends into the gorge so you can hike in between them also. 

Exactly How to Get to Geierlay Bridge Parking

map of geierlay parking
do not park on street unless you love tickets. Sosberg is on the south side of the bridge. Morsdorf is on the north side.

List of Parking Areas from Geierlay Sosberg Bridge Side (southern)

How to reach Geierlay suspension bridge:

Most Stroller Friendly: 

P1: Sosberg Wanderer parkplatz.  .98 mile or 1.6km, 25 min on flat gravel road or wide path.  2 electric car charging stations and bathrooms appear under construction.

Best for Campers

Sosberg Wohnmobil parkplatz:  You can park your RV or camper here for a maximum of 12 hours.  1.15 miles on flat road or path.

Cost of Geierlay Bridge Parking

4 Hours : 4 euros

6 Hours : 5 euros

8 Hours : 6 euros

12 Hours : 10 euros – RV maximum

Download Mobilet app or coins to pay.

List of Parking Areas from Mörsdorf Info Center Side

geierlay germany

Parking Areas from Morsdorf Side (Northern)

Download Mobilet app or bring coins to pay.

P1 : Central Parking lot INFOCENTER.  Park here if you want to be near the visitors center. It is 1.3 miles or 2.1 km to walk to the bridge from here on a mix of dirt road and hiking paths.  First 4 hours are 8 euros.  Each additional 15 minutes are 1 euro. 

Parkplatz P2 Windorf: Park here and walk 1.6 miles or 2.6 km to get to the bridge on a mix of road and hiking paths.  For RV and campers also with electric hookups.  RV costs 18 euros for 24 hours.

P3 Sportplatz: Park here and walk 1.6 miles or 2.6 km to get to the bridge on a mix of road and hiking paths. First 4 hours are 6 euros.  Each additional hour is 2 euros. 

P4 Free Parking : Park here for free and have a nice hike to the bridge.  2.2 miles or 3.5 km.  

sosberg bridge
Geierlay bridge winter

Getting there by Bus or Train Transit

It’s not ideal with many connections. The geierlay suspension bridge Germany is not worth it without a car. 

Frankfurt to Geierlay : 1.5 hours

The closest airport in Germany is the Frankfurt international airport.  Geierlay suspension bridge from Frankfurt is about 1:30 – 2:15 hour drive to get to the trailhead. 

Frankfurt Hahn and Luxembourg airport are also nearby.

It’s the only hanging bridge near Frankfurt.

When You Can Walk to Geierlay – It’s Open Year Round

Best time to Hike to Geierlay is After a Fresh Snowfall

There’s no crowds and easy parking for this hiking suspension bridge in winter.  That’s December – April in Geierlay on weekdays. I spent about 4 hours there in December on a weekday and I saw about 15 people total. 

The bridge only closes if there is a significant act of God-like weather event. 

This Germany hanging bridge is modelled after Nepalese suspension bridges and wind-safe up to 200 km/hour and a fresh snowfall makes it even more beautiful.

I would generally avoid August if at all possible. 

Most kids are off school for only 6 weeks in Germany and France.  While districts try to stagger vacation, the month of August is the most common time for family vacations and can be challenging with crowds.

If you are on summer vacation and want to visit, I would wake up early and be there before 10 am or go after 6 pm.

The autumn colors also provide a stunning view and it’s typically between mid October and late November for dramatic colors.  

Geierlay Weather 

geierlay summer long bridge in germany
Geierlay in summer.

This part of Germany is located in the Hunsrueck low mountains and experiencing typical German weather with the exception of frequent hoarfrosts.  This is a foggy but icy weather event that makes things really beautiful, but slippery. 

Think of frozen spider webs with crystals. Bring shoes with good traction and something to change into to avoid mud in your car. 

Geierlay Suspension Bridge Weather

In December  –  June it will likely be pretty muddy on the trails and in summer it will be warm and temperate.

Geierlay Webcam

Bored in the office?  Watch the webcam pointed at the Geierlay Hängebrücke and see how many people wuss out and how many people cross the Geierlay hanging bridge.  

Geierlay Germany Travel Trail Guide

geierlay bridge
Geierlay photos are one of the best reasons to go.

A perfect day trip combined with Burg Eltz Castle or Cochem

With a soaring suspension bridge and a woodland trail this area is quite beautiful and popular and while there’s no Cochem hanging bridge, its location close to Burg Eltz and Cochem makes it a great companion activity.

Some small children might be able to tolerate the incline, but most will likely need to be carried at least part of the way in a hiking child carrier. The geierlay rope bridge is in fact made with metal cables.

Also, if you’re the kind of hiker that wants absolute solitude then the geierlay brücke hike is not for you.  It is popular with hikers and walkers and everyone in between.

If you like a more quiet experience, the fairy tale town of Beilstein Germany should be on your bucketlist. It’s on the Moselle river and very cute and quiet. 


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Where to Stay : Hotels Near Geierlay Reviews

To Walk Across Geierlay Suspension Bridge

Most people looking for Geierlay hotels will be staying in the Mosel river valley as it’s filled with adorable B&bs, guesthouses and hotels with plenty of restaurants and wineries to explore.

Hotels Near Geierlay Germany: Geierlay Brücke Hotels

Check out the links here from Booking – I always use them for my city and multi-day hikes because they are trustworthy and helpful to keep organized.

Click here to book a stay.

Best Accommodation – Stay in A Castle!

The fairy-tale like BurgHotel Auf Schonburg will make this a memorable German experience for you and the kids or your loved ones.  A four course dinner, breakfast, garden tours and a tour of the tower with all kinds of fun surprises are included. 

Book the Absolute most friendly and authentic Castle Hotel Stay.

Best Castle Hotel Spa Luxury

Stay at Schloss Lieser and have the best stay at an exceptional spa castle hotel on the Mosel river right in the middle of wine country.   

Best Budget Hotel

Hotel Weinhaus Stettler is a great value for the money with an extensive and hearty breakfast and comfortable rooms that are easy to access from the highway.

Super Budget:  Car Mattress

Summer can be challenging to get accommodations if you don’t plan early!  If you’re out of luck finding a room, try getting a mattress for the back of your SUV as it’s totally legal to sleep one night in your car in a legal parking spot in Germany. The Exped Megamat Duo 10 is the most comfortable of all the I have tested.

5 Best Things to do Near Geierlay Germany Beyond Nature

1. Visit a Fairytale Castle

burg eltz

Burg Eltz is one of Germany’s most famous fairytale castles and on this small group tour you can learn about the  history, architecture and more and have a delicious dinner on the Romantic Rhine River included. 

Book a Fairytale Castle Tour

2. Private Cocktail Making Class in Trier

The ancient Roman city of Trier is about 1.5 hours away and you can take a private cocktail making class with a professional bartender. 

Not only is Trier the oldest Roman city in Germany, it’s a really fun place full of university students. Go out and explore the gorgeous Roman ruins in this famous city on the northern border of the Roman empire.

Splurge on a Cocktail Class in an Ancient Roman City

3. Flying Dress Experience

flying dress

It’s always memories that count.  Get a Hunsrück Hängebrücke Geierlay photo that is truly unique.

Goddess Lens Photography is a backpacking, hiking, Nature Loving woman’s dream team for doing legacy-worthy photos of her in wondrous places like the Alps, Mediterranean, Morocco and more in Europe.

4. Go Castle Spotting in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley

geierlay germany

The Romantic Rhine River is 40 min drive away and not to be missed. There are over 40 castles or castle ruins located in this UNESCO world heritage site. 

My favorite town to stay in is Oberwesel because there are so many things to do including visiting 18 medieval towers and an authentic castle hotel with a tower.

While Riesling is certainly the star of the show in this region, I have a soft spot for Assmannshausen. Not only is the name a bit ridiculous (let’s be honest), but it’s also known for its specialization in red wine growing.

5. Trier Private Walking Tour

Discover “the second Rome” in this unforgettable journey, visiting Germany’s oldest town. 

Photography Tips for Geierlay

Oriented north-south, this bridge is perfect for blue hour, sunrise and sunset photography. Winter and fall colors can be quite amazing.

I prefer the Sosberg side for photography as you can easily hike under it and get some very cool shots. It simply less crowded as well.

The real key is get there before the crowds or go off-season as it’s quite crowded on summer weekends. Use the photo pills app to determine your light and weather.

FAQ About Geierlay Bridge – 2023

geierlay germany

When is the Geierlay Hängeseilbrücke Open?

It is open year round and does not close unless there is a significant weather event. 

Is there a Christmas Market?

Yes, and it’s absolutely magical with 7,000 led lights and all proceeds going to charity.

How much time do you need for the Geierlay Bridge hike?

3-4 hours is plenty of time to take photos.

How long is the Geierlay hike?

The Geierlay bridge is one of the most famous German bridges. There are multiple options to hike it, but you’ll need at least 2 hours to explore it if moving fast. 

In summer the time needed will be considerably more if you go on a weekend. I’ve heard time of 2 hours or more just waiting to get onto the bridge in the high season.

What to Bring to Geierlay Hangbrucke & Recommended Travel Resources
Haengeseilbruecke Geierlay

It really doesn’t take much to do this hike other than a healthy appetite for views.  The hiking paths can get muddy in winter so I would bring an extra change of shoes not to get your car dirty.  

The official website is and you can find times for information center opening, special festivals or events occurring.  

More German Adventure Activities

An easy & relaxing Way to experience the 🇩🇪 German OUTDOORS 🚠

It doesn’t have to be HARD to explore & connect to Nature 🌎.

1️⃣ On the Upper Middle Romantic Rhine UNESCO site:
the Boppard Chairlift and Assmannshausen chairlift offer stunning views of the Rhine River. The Rüdesheim cable car offers wheelchair accessibility.

2️⃣ Flying over the Moselle River:
the Cochem chairlift takes you over vineyards and slate blue craggy mini-mountains.

Just like an e-bike, a bit of technology can make exploring nature more accessible to everyone. ❤️ ♿️

Author profile: Morgan Fielder is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and passionate hiker who believes in exploring the world on foot with good food. Follow her journey as she shares science-based hiking tips and advocates for sustainable tourism.

Thanks for reading this hiking and travel guide for the Geierlay Suspension Bridge Hike in Germany.