All Season Mosel Route For Outdoor Fun, Hiking, & Wine in Germany

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Hike From Schweich to Mehring on this All Season Mosel Route

mosel route germany
4 hour hike, only 1 other group of hikers = Winter benefits!

Wander through the Steepest Vineyards with Gorgeous Views of the Mosel River

The “Moselsteig” long distance hiking trail winds 250 miles through some of the steepest vineyards in the world and is divided into 24 sections with a cozy wine-themed village at the end of each stage.

I don’t have 24 days to hike in a row…one day, maybe. But for now I’m doing some January day hikes with my dogs and working on dog recall (and human weight loss).


A wandering forest and incredible views-packed Section 6 of the 24 section “Moselsteig”, the long distance hiking trail from the French-German border through the horseshoe-bending Mosel River Valley to the Roman city of Koblenz.

Each hike includes detailed GPS guidance so it’s simple and not frustrating to find your way, food recommendations, and history highlights.

The winter is not that challenging here. It’s no wind blown, dry as a bone South Korea or bone cold New Hampshire. There’s some places with mud that make it annoying. The Mosel Valley is known for it’s microclimate of warmness compared to the Hunsrück mountains just south making it great for all-season hiking.

Yes, the summer is probably awesome. I’m returning and will report back to you loyal readers. I’m guessing more people, more views, and more open restaurants.

No matter the season, to get the most out of your precious outdoor time, use the abundant public transportation to hike one stage at a time and use the bus to return to your parked car (even with your 4 legged friends).

mosel route germany
Not a service animal, Germany loves Human-Dog connection

Or better yet, take a whole weekend and do 2 concurrent stages. After a day’s hike, stay in a local winery/guesthouses on the trail, eat, get up in the morning and hike the next stage. Then use the bus to get back to your parked car. Or reverse it and bus to the trailhead and have your car at the end of your hike.

Even better, make a whole week of it while on vacation with your dog, because Germany loves dogs and hotels and buses allow them.

mosel route germany
350km long Moselsteig

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Trail Map Mosel Route Hike: Section 6 of Moselsteig – 8.5 Miles or 13.7 km

This hike is for you if you want the closest trailhead to the A62 near Trier and a quick bus return to your car.

Trail Name: Mosel Route Section 6 of Moselsteig -Schweich to Mehring

How to use this map: Use your computer mouse or fingers to zoom in and out. Click on the icons to get more information. Click the arrow on the top left corner for the written index. Click the star next to the title of the map to add this map to your google maps account. To view the saved map on your smartphone or PC, open google maps, click the menu button, and go to “your places”/ “maps.”

How to Get to the Mosel Route: Section 6 of Moselsteig & Area Guide

German Word: Probe = Just a taste. (wine tastings)

Today we’ll be staying north of the Mosel river all day and end in what feels like true Roman vineyards.

The trailhead is within the small town of Schweich which is directly off the A62 Autobahn. The rise out of town is visible from the autobahn through the steep vineyards.

The best way to access the Mosel River hikes is by train. The VRN bus system services this area from the city of Trier. From Mehring back to Schweich, the bus comes at :17 on the hour but check schedules as they may change.

You’ll likely not find directions on google maps, so it can be a bit confusing but buses typically run once per hour through these villages along the Mosel.

The easiest way is to use a car and park directly behind the Edeka in the public parking lot, the bus stop is adjacent for your return and it’s called the Schulezentrum Schweich.

The Frankfurt Hahn airport is 50 minutes away by car and the Frankfurt International Airport is 2 hours away, both with bus access to this area by way of the city of Trier or bus and train from Koblenz. From Trier you can use the local bus system to get to these villages along the Mosel.

The Mosel River winds 338 miles from the western border of the Vosges mountains of eastern France and meets the River Rhine in Koblenz. Called the Moselle in France, it creates a natural border between the Hunsrück and Eifel mountain ranges within Germany.

To listen while you walk or bike along the Mosel, this audiobook will give you some background of the history of Germany.

Who is This Guide NOT for and What are the Alternatives?

This guide is not for strollers or small children, it’s a long day with ups and downs. If not enchanted with wineries but want more dramatic mountains the Italian Dolomites might be your preference.

If you are looking for an alternative in Germany, the gorgeous Rhine River offers vineyard and gorgeous river views hiking as well. It also has the possibility to hike from one castle hotel to the next castle hotel directly on the trail.

Trail Guide
Mosel Route: Section 6 of Moselsteig Schweich to Mehring (& Back with Bus)

mosel route germany

Komoot App with GPS Tracking: You get one free zone with this awesome app.

Location: Schweich, Germany, 1 Hour from Ramstein Air Base

Trail Guide: Mosel River Valley Hike : Section 6,

Type of Hike: Point to Point, Return with Bus 220 departs at :17 back to Schweich from Friedhof Bus Stop, Behind cemetery.

Distance: 8.5 miles

Elevation: 1125 ft up,1125 ft down

Duration: Approx. 3.5-4 hours

Difficulty: Moderate, All the action is up at the end

Start/end point: Parking Lot

Kid-friendly: yes, 10+

Stroller-friendly: yes, sport stroller in non-muddy months

Dog-friendly: yes

Fees: No

Camino de Santiago: Yes, long stretches on the Mosel Camino Way (157km)

Something Good to Eat: Hotel zum Moseltal with friendly service right on the river. They’ve got delicious take-away coffee for when you are done to enjoy.

Coming from Out of Town? Best Places to Stay


Going budget and have an SUV? It’s completely legal to sleep in your car (but only one night in each place) in Germany in a parking lot with a comfy SUV air mattress.

Check out the links here from Booking – I always use them for my multi-day hikes because they are trustworthy and helpful to keep organized.

▶️ Stay in a Winegut (Winery) at Weingut-Aparthotel Olinger It’s family run with an infinity pool and wine and everything you need for a luxurious rest.

▶️ Want privacy? Stay in your very own Tiny House Mehring.

▶️ A Stay at the Winzergasthof zum Kellerstübchen includes a shuttle from the airport, so if you want to avoid cars altogether this would be a great choice.

Tips for Hiking Section 6 of Moselsteig Trail

These paths are pretty steep in the beginning so a good trail shoe or boot and trekking poles would be a good idea if you have any joint issues or are prone to falls.

Despite being in the forest, please ensure proper sun protection during the summer months and protect your eyes from the damage inflicted by the sun.

In winter, bring some extra shoes as it can get muddy in the few low parts. It’s great for winter due to it’s location and not into very many boggy areas.

Try to time your finish in Mehring to the top of the hour, that way you can catch the bus back to Schweich without waiting so long. The station is in the center of town near the cemetary.

mosel route germany
Wine Barrel Rest Stop

The finish of this tour is really the highlight. About 1 hour from the end is a series of fitness parks, animal parks, and hütten (huts) that you can explore. The best part is winding down a single track switchback through ancient Roman vineyards next to the city sign that’s implanted into the hillside.

It may be worth going back up after dinner for sunset in the summer.

Bring your own water as buying water in Germany tends to be rather expensive both at restaurants and at convenience stores.

It is never free to get tap water in Germany unless you have a serious hook up with a restaurateur.

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