Is Naples Worth Visiting? [2024 – It depends?]

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Some people like to hate on Naples…and while there are parts that can be … challenging, overall it’s a unique experience worth your time if you like things off-the-beaten path and tasty!

I stayed right at the Flavian Amphitheater (second biggest in Europe) and ate the yummy cone pizzas, meandered through ancient history and absolutely loved staying in the Pozzuoli neighborhood.  

Morgan’s Naples Youtube : This Place is Incredible!

Most people don’t get outside the downtown neighborhood  (dog poop everywhere, pickpockets) – but it’s actually not that great.  Most Italians and expats hang out in Pozzuoli, Lago Patria and Bacoli along the coast.  

Naples has a well preserved culture and a rich heritage. It is 3000 years old yet modern.

It has the sea and sun and some beautiful natural formations. Italians love food, their dishes are popular all over the world. It is the birthplace of pizza.

Our exclusively prepared guide will make your trip to Naples, a vacation to remember. PS: Get a Free Mini Dinner at Aperitivo

If youʻre booking your trip to Naples last minute, we have you covered. Below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more!

 🇮🇹 Top Activities and Tours in Naples:

Capri and Blue Grotto Day Tour
Best for Families

Capri and Blue Grotto Day Tour

  • Full-day tour of Capri island from Naples or Sorrento
  • Admire views along the coast as you cruise to the island by jetfoil
  • Visit the lively island towns of Anacapri and Capri
Pozzuoli Guided Walking Tour
Best for History Lovers

Pozzuoli Guided Walking Tour

  • Explore the wonders of the Phlegraean fields
  • Stroll through the historic center of Pozzuoli
  • Visit the fascinating Temple of Serapis
Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius + Wine Tasting
Best for Adults

Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius + Wine Tasting

  • Skip the lines at Pompeii
  • Explore the ruins of Pompeii and learn about life there 2,000 years ago
  • Visit a local vineyard and enjoy a wine tasting

 🛌🛌 Top Hotels and Lodging in Naples:

LHP Napoli Palace and Spa
Overall Best Wellness

LHP Napoli Palace and Spa

  • Swimming Pool
  • Massage Room
  • 5 minutes walk to train and old town
Hotel Royal Continental
Best for Families

Hotel Royal Continental

  • Easy beach access
  • Pool
  • Expansive breakfast buffet
Buona Napoli
Best on a Budget

Buona Napoli

  • 10 min from central station
  • Free WIFI
  • City views

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Is Naples worth visiting – An Honest Answer

From my last trip in 2023, there’s even little pockets of Nature right in the city!

Yes, it’s a lovely grungy take on southern Italy with great food, italian drinks, views, islands to visit for hiking, snorkeling and volcano-fed hot springs and vibes. 

It’s too hot and everyone is grumpy.  It’s much better in April – June and September through November.

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Naples Italy Mini Travel Guide

I’m not gonna lie, I am a sucker for a place that doesn’t require reservations well in advance to find really tasty, local food and Naples has that in droves. It’s very yummy.


Flavian Amphitheatre in Naples Pozzouli neighborhood.

Naples is served by the Trenitalia System and the main station is right in the center of the city. Trains are connected to Rome frequently and the Naples metro system operates trains, ferries and buses you can also use to get around the city. 

Naples is connected to the other cities by a major train network. We have the Trenitalia and Italo train companies whose trains run daily to and fro from Naples. A train ride to Naples takes four hours from Milan, three hours from Florence, and one hour from Rome.

When you book your transport online, I personally recommend and always use OMIO. They search for trains, buses, flights and ferries, so you get the easiest way to your destination! 

Many international flights also land at the Rome Fiumicino Airport. If your flight is landing there. You can get the Leonardo Express airport train to reach Rome Termini station, where you can catch a direct train to Naples.

Train tickets can be bought online or booked at the station itself. You can avail discounts on train tickets if you book in advance, but those are non-refundable. Book online train tickets in Naples from the below listed websites.

You can drive to Naples, but I wouldn’t. It’s a snarled mess. You can hire taxis to take you between each neighborhood in the city. You can reach Naples by driving on the Autostrada del Sole, the A1 highway.

This highway directly connects other European cities to Naples.

But driving within the city should be avoided.

The streets are narrow and can get crowded. But if still a car is the favored option, I recommend  you park your car on the outskirts. Two such parking spaces are available on the motorway exit where you can safely park your car and take public transport into the city.

One such cheap and widely used parking space is the Parcheggio Brin. It is located at the Via Marina motorway exit. You can get local buses or tram number 4 from this location to the city.

There are two other major parking lots on the beltway exit, viz. Policlinico and Colli Aminei from where you can get a metro on line 1. 

When you book your car online, I personally recommend and always use Discover Cars. They search for both local and international companies, so you get the best deal! 

Naples-Capodichino International Airport is located about 15 minutes drive north of downtown. It is connected by bus and also there are many private vans stationed just outside the terminal.

For a cash fee they will wait until the van is full and then depart with everyone to the central train station.

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3-5 days is ideal to get a taste of Naples

You can take public transport to Naples and I would not recommend driving within the city.

Most people coming to Naples may only be here as a daytrip from Rome and that’s totally fine. You can see quite a few things in the space of an afternoon.

However if you really want to soak in the genuine Italian ambiance I would suggest 3-5 days to really see all that it has to offer.


Year Round Fun – but March-April is the Best

Naples is FULL of “Therme” or hot springs. This makes it great to go in the shoulder season to enjoy the hot springs and saunas the area if famous for. In summer, it’ll be too hot to enjoy.

March is my absolute favorite time to visit Naples and southern Italy. The heat is not so intense and the crowds are much thinner.

August is brutal and should be avoided. It’s not pleasant to visit during this time of year. Winter can be rainy and a bit cold. The best time to travel to Naples, Italy is between March and April.

The weather during these months is mild compared to the heat-infused summers. Summer attracts tourists to enjoy the beaches. So if you want to avoid crowds and hot weather, visiting in March-April is your best bet.


The absolute best place to stay in Naples is the stunning LHP Napoli Palace & Spa.

I loved that it is elegant, yet understated directly and less than 5 minutes walk to the train and old town.  The swimming pool, massage room and wellness services are top notch and breakfast is awesome.

Getting to Know Naples

Naples is the third largest city in Italy after Rome and Milan. It has a well developed infrastructure.

Whether you are traveling solo, as a couple or as a  family with kids, Naples has something for all. It is a relatively safe city and easy to navigate.

Naples is worth the visit. (Look out for the tours we have picked specially for you)


Let’s dive into the list and discover the best things to do in Naples.

Best Tours in Naples

Today, Naples is a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful scenery, historic architecture, and excellent wine.

1. Experience the life of ancient Romans in Pompeii and Vesuvius

The region of Pompeii and the towering Mount Vesuvius are a beauty to behold. At the same time, as you walk around, the enormity of the tragedy strikes you.

How the hot lava devastated a well developed prosperous city. Among all, the strangest are the human remains who could not escape the eruption and remained buried for 1500 years before the archaeologists stumbled on them.

A volcanologist will accompany you on your tour and give you all the insights about.

🌟 This skip the line tour offers a Mount Vesuvius tour in 4 languages with a volcanologist guide!

2. Cruise to the island of Capri and Blue Grotto

Island of Capri is a must visit, when in Naples. Nature lovers will love its cliffs and natural beauty. You will be taken in a jetfoil from the mainland to the island.

Take in the marvel of the Blue Grotto Sea Cave where the sea color changes to azure. You will spend a full day in Capri and be taken around in a mini bus.

You will also be taken in a funicular to Marina Grande, a fisherman’s village. Explore the markets of Anacapri and buy some souvenirs before heading back to the mainland. Instagrammers will love this one!

🌟🛥️ This boat tour offers a port pickup and drop off and a FULL day tour of Capri.

3. Explore the Underground of Naples

Naples is over 3,000 years old, and there’s life beneath the modern streets. The Napoli Underground is a one of its kind experience. You can see the ancient Neapolitan aqueduct and air raid shelters from World War II. In this tour, an official Napoli Sotterranea guide will take you around and help you explore the complex alleys and interpret the ancient life in Naples, Italy.

🏰 Explore 3,000 years of underground history and architecture on this Tour.

4. Explore the busy and colorful Naples on a bike.

Outdoor Naples

A 3 hour guided bike tour will take you around the city. Good choice for those looking at avoiding crowds. Pedal around the main attractions, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. The roads enroute are described as: “where it’s christmas all year around”. If you have kids, Infant seats are available.

🚲 Cycle around with a guide seeing all of the top Naples sights on this Tour.

5. Stroll through Pozzuoli and Phlegraean Fields

The historic regions of Pozzuoli and Phlegraean Fields were discovered in 529 B.C. It is ancient, with a lot of ruins. You will come across a necropolis, well preserved amphitheater, temple of Serapis and many more things. Because of some major tremors, there has been minor change in the city’s levels. This guided tour will take you back through time to experience the city’s richness and what it represented in its glorious years.

🏛️ Check out the ancient amphitheater and Pozzouli with a professional guide on this Tour.

What to Eat in Naples, Italy

pizza from naples


Pizza obviously! If you come to Naples, you must try the local Neapolitan pizza. The classic margarita pizza is topped with buffalo cheese and gives the best cheese pull.

While the marinara is topped with fresh tomatoes, garlic, oregano and olive oil. Both are made in a brick oven, giving them a smokey taste. Take a bite and savor it while the taste lasts.


Are you a fan of desserts? Then you should not leave Naples without trying Sfogliatelle. They come in two types.

There’s Riccia which is flaky and curly, and then there’s Frolla which is pretty much like a small ricotta pie.

Pasta Alla Genovese

No, it’s not from Genoa! Pasta Alla Genovese is a local dish of Naples. Genovese sauce is made from caramelized onions and ground meat.

The thick, juicy sauce makes this pasta one of the best things you will taste ever. Don’t forget to get some while you explore Naples.

Accommodation Options

Hotels and Inns

Looking for a cozy place to rest your head after a day of exploring Naples? You’re in luck! There are plenty of places to stay in Naples Italy. From hotels, to guesthouses and inns – the area that offer comfortable accommodations and a touch of local charm.

Where to Stay in Naples

Best Accommodation for Families Exploring Nature

We recommend the Hotel Royal Continental if you are coming to Naples with your family. It has excellent family rooms so you can spend quality time together. The hotel is located on a beach, so you have unlimited access to swimming and water activities in the ocean. The hotel has a swimming pool you and your kids can enjoy. They have a wide breakfast buffet spread. You can simply relax and connect with your family while enjoying the beautiful sights of the majestic ocean.

Best Eco-Friendly Luxury

LHP Napoli Palace & SPA features an in-house spa, massage rooms and a wellness center to rejuvenate your senses after a long excursion/working day. You can sip a martini at the rooftop poolside while basking in the city’s glorious views.  The hotel also features a bar, restaurant and meeting rooms. Longing for a perfect break? Head to the Napoli Palace and Spa.

Best Budget

Buona Napoli is the best budget stay accommodation in Naples, Italy. It is just a 10 minutes walk from the Naples Central Train Station. The rooms are spacious and aesthetically done. The balcony offers some good city views. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and washing machine facilities. You can even bring your pets to stay with you.

Each hotel has its own unique features and amenities, so be sure to do your research and find the one that best fits your needs and preferences.

Naples Italy Final Verdict

Here’s the best tours in Naples.

Popular activities in Naples


Which part of Naples is the nicest?

Naples, Italy, has some exquisite locations you would not want to miss. Those include Santa Lucia, Centro Storico, Chiaia, Rione Sanità, Quartieri Spagnoli and Vomero.

How many days in Naples are enough?

There are numerous places worth visiting in Naples. So if you want to cover most of those but at a relaxed pace, you should consider staying at least for 3 days and 2 nights.

Is Naples worth visiting?

Naples, Italy is Europe’s largest historic center. The city has ancient churches, narrow artistic streets, imposing palaces, and unique underground landscapes. All of this and more makes Naples unique and a great tourist destination.

Is Naples tourist friendly?

Naples has a bad reputation due to the existence of the Mafia in the city. But that doesn’t affect tourism. Most parts of the city are safe for tourists, but we recommend staying out of the notoriously bad neighborhoods.

Final Thoughts on Naples Italy:

There are many ways to experience the romantic beauty of Southern Italy. Visitors can choose from a variety of transportation options, including boats, bikes, trains, and walking tours, to explore the region and take in its breathtaking scenery, food and history.

Planning your trip?

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