How to Upgrade Your RV Mattress – 2023 [Replacement Mattress Sizes Explained By Physical Therapist]

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Does your back hurt when you go camping? So exactly how can you upgrade your RV mattress for a more comfortable and fun trip?

From sore backs to sleeping soundly, that’s a great idea in my opinion!  As a physical therapist, I know the science is clear that a good night’s sleep is essential to just about everything and it should be no different in your RV than at home. That’s what this article is all about –  to save you time and money when picking a replacement RV mattress. 

rv mattresses explained

Many people find that the mattress in their recreational vehicle (RV) is, for a variety of reasons, failing to adequately provide them the comfort they need; And nothing can ruin a day quite like bad sleep the night before. 

TL;DR: Luckily, you’re not stuck on that terrible mattress, as you can get a replacement! There are tons of RV mattresses available in all different sizes made from all different materials. With such a developed market, there is certainly a quality RV mattress that will fit your personal sleeping preferences and fit within the space you have.

Quick Take: replacing rv mattress

If you take your sleep seriously (and you should), the Sleepdog Azul is the best RV replacement mattress on the market. With 3 layers of cool comfort and 11 inches of high tech foam medium-firm support, sleeping on this will make you a happy camper!

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If you need a mattress for camping with your RV that will provide you an excellent night of sleep, then my personal recommendation is to choose The Sleep Dog Azul, an Award winning RV mattress with 11 inches of cool, medium firm support.

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A Replacement RV mattress, you say?

Protip: It takes at least 10-14 days to manufacture a mattress so don’t wait till the last minute before your summer camping trip.

Maybe your reason for RV mattress shopping is that the mattress is old and failing; springs over time become depressed and provide less comfort than they once did.

Or maybe the mattress has just accumulated too much smell and stain that it just needs to go. Maybe you’re here because your RV mattress is just plain uncomfortable.

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Can’t I just get a “Normal” Mattress? 

rv mattress

Unfortunately, a regular mattress isn’t a viable replacement; Regular mattress sizes are too big to effectively fit into the tight space of an RV. Luckily, now is the perfect time to get a replacement RV mattress and we’ve boiled down the research to present you with the options.

What are they made of?

There is a wide variety of materials to choose from when it comes to RV mattress shopping, so it is definitely in your best interest to learn a little more about what’s out there.

rv mattress comparison

Memory Foam:

A memory foam RV mattress usually consists of two parts. First, the top of the mattress is made up of a memory foam layer. This material is extremely plush and malleable to the body. 

Underneath the memory foam is a support layer that usually consists of firmer foam. This layer provides back support and stability that a memory foam pad itself is missing.

This style of RV mattress is generally the softest and has best-in-class motion isolation, which lends itself to being a great option for light sleepers and couples. Memory foam is extremely adaptable to the shape of the body and its slow response to changes in pressure drastically reduces disturbances while you sleep.

A quality memory foam RV mattress, though, tends to be on the more expensive side of the market. Cheaper options within this category of mattress may sacrifice quality in the support layer or make the memory foam too thin. These are things to look out for should you not be able to try the mattress out first-hand. Plus, some people find that the plush, soft memory foam is too soft and too plush for their personal sleeping preferences. 


rv mattress springs

Just as it sounds, an RV mattress in the spring/coil category has springs or coils within the mattress that provide structure and cushion while in use. Generally, there aren’t many customizations available for this style of mattress unless you want to spend a lot more money. 

The quality of the springs can make or break the comfortability of these mattresses and should be tested.

These mattresses are classic and easy to get a hold of at a relatively good price. Comfortability will vary, as mentioned, based on the quality of the springs within. However, these mattresses are known to be quite cumbersome for an RV in larger sizes, something that should be paid attention to when considering a spring/coil mattress purchase.

Air Mattress:

Air mattresses are another option commonly seen in RVs. While you might typically see people using air mattresses in SUVs, at home, or while camping, they are still viable options for your RV. 

These mattresses can fold and easily be stored, then pumped full of air when the time comes. There is a high degree of customizability in the firmness of an air mattress depending on how much air you pump in. Plus, these mattresses are a relatively cheap category of mattress.

The downsides to an air mattress can be quite devastating, though. Should your pump, break, or the mattress be punctured, you risk not having a mattress at all. A deflated air mattress provides basically nothing as far as comfort goes. Especially with being away from home, having a mattress problem this severe is a big deal.

Hybrid (Spring and Foam):

Designed to strive for the ideal combination of spring and foam to provide comfort while having solid support, hybrid mattresses are another option to consider. The foam lies on top and provides a soft feel to the surface, but the springs provide a solid layer underneath for true back support.

These mattresses can be quite comfortable, especially if you investigate the different softness in the foam on top. Hybrid mattresses try to appeal to the majority of people with that combination of comfort and support. 

RV Mattress Sizes

There are an almost overwhelming amount of sizes when it comes to RV mattresses. While you might think a general queen mattress might fit in your Winnebago because the manual states an “RV Queen”, you would be greatly mistaken. The proper size for a Winnebago replacement mattress might be an RV queen, but who knew that RV queens are a completely different animal than a regular queen mattress?

No need to worry, we will run through most of the sizes and give a little run down. Understanding the size of the space you’re trying to fill with your mattress will be key to choosing the right size mattress and helping you sleep better.

RV Bunk:

A very adaptable size, RV bunk mattresses come in the following sizes: 

  • 28” x 75”
  • 30” x 75”
  • 30” x 80” 
  • 32” X 74” 
  • 34” x 75” 
  • 35” x 79” 

These mattresses are great for family-friendly sleeping arrangements in an RV. These mattresses can fit in unique spaces giving space for kids to sleep.

RV Twin:

For a slightly larger option, the RV twin provides a little extra to the dimensions. RV twins are typically 38″ x 75″, making them a good option for a larger child or teenager. The RV twin and the RV twin XL (next) are great options for tight sleeping quarters. 

RV Twin XL:

The RV twin mattress also has an XL version that adds a few more inches to the length. These mattresses are typically 38″ x 80″ making them good options for single sleepers. These mattresses can fit tight areas but also provide some solid length for an adult.

RV Full:

An additional step up in size from the RV twin XL is the RV full line of mattresses. There are two options: RV short full and RV full:

  • RV Short Fulls
    • 48” x 74
    • 48” x 75” 

These sizes make them a nice wider alternative to an RV twin, but one that can still effectively fit in small sleeping arrangements. 

  • RV Full
    • 53” x 75”
    • 54” x 75” 

This puts RV Full’s at just an inch shorter than an at-home full mattress. This provides a great combination of a size that can fit in an RV and a size that you can comfortably sleep on. This size mattress works well for a single sleeper or even a couple. 

RV Queen:

Another bump in size arrives at first the RV short queen and then the RV queen:

  • RV Short Queen
    • 60” x 74”
    • 60” x 75”

The RV Queen Short shaves a tad off from the RV queen while still providing adequate space for one or two sleepers. For a mix of a large mattress that can also fit a tight space and leave floor room, the RV short queen is a great option.

  • RV Queen
    • 60” x 80”, 

The RV Queen comes in at the same size of a standard queen, but is adapted for RV space. This means plenty of mattress room for a couple or should there be furry pets along for the journey. This size can provide true comfort to many adults on the road.

RV King:

The largest line of RV mattresses, RV kings come in three different sizes depending on how much you want to scale up your mattress space: RV short king, RV king, and RV Cal king:

  • RV Short King
    • 72” x 74
    • 72” x 75”

This size is slightly shorter and thinner than an RV king to allow for a better fit and/or more floor space. This whole line provides a tremendous amount of mattress space for an RV.

  • RV King
    • 72” x 80”, 

This is the size of a standard king, but adapted to RV standards. While these mattresses prove to be too large for many RVs, they can provide a tremendous sleeping space for couples and singles alike should you be able to fit it.

  • RV Cal King
    • 72” x 84”

This size provides a little extra length for an extra-tall sleeper. These mattresses are at the top of the mountain for RV mattress size and provide a great amount of mattress room for a single or a couple of sleepers. 

Making Your Choice: Replacement RV Mattress Buying Guide

bed in a camper

Starting with the size is the best way to approach the selection of an RV mattress for you. Obviously, your mattress needs to be able to fit comfortably within your RV. 


There are a few good way to go about finding the best RV mattress size for the space you have:

Online Resources

There is a multitude of websites, publications, and forums where experts and owners are offering their expertise on the subject. There is enough information and resources on the internet (such as this article) that should at least start you in the right direction.

Publications by the Manufacturer 

There are usually manufacturer-provided resources that should outline the exact dimensions of the sleeping space. If that information is not readily available, I would resort back to the first and last option listed here.

Measuring the Space Yourself 

This is always a viable option and we recommend that you take this step anyway, as an extra and added precaution. You never know!


Once you have a size in mind, figuring out what material is most comfortable for you should be considered next. Depending on personal preferences, the situation you need the mattress for, and what your budget is, one of the materials outlined above will be the best.

Whether it’s memory foam, springs/coils, a hybrid of those, or an air mattress, there should be an RV mattress material you can get a great night’s sleep on.

Where to Buy

Next would be the purchase. You can approach the purchasing process is a couple different ways: 

In-Person through a Store/Dealer

Being in person has the added benefit of you being able to briefly try out the mattress to get a feel for the material and quality.

Online Mattress Store 

Online you can utilize user reviews to make a more informed decision about your purchase based on other people’s experiences with the same mattress. You can also purchase a mattress in a box, which can easily be unboxed and set up in your RV.

Final Verdict: Enjoying Your Purchase

🛌 Looking for the BEST RV Mattress Upgrade?

If you need a mattress for camping with your RV that will provide you an excellent night of sleep, then my personal recommendation is to choose The Sleep Dog Azul, an Award winning RV mattress with 11 inches of cool, medium firm support.

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After doing all the research on materials and sizes and navigating the purchasing process to get yourself a replacement RV mattress, enjoy what you’ve done. Little can beat a great night’s sleep, especially when you’re on the road with your RV adventuring. 

Enjoy the mattress and also take good care of it by replacing sheets, utilizing mattress covers, and other cleaning practices to make your new RV mattress last. You can save some money while still preserving that good night’s sleep!

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