Breitenwald Fels Loop Hike in Landstuhl and Hauptstuhl Germany on the Camino de Santiago

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Exploring the Best Day Hikes in Europe: The Breitenwald Fels Loop on the German Camino de Santiago

Heidenfels Rock Formation
Heidenfels – on Breitenwald Fels Hike (Fels = Rock)


Good hard uphill, quiet and gorgeous rock formations aplenty.

For details to Skip directly there.

The Breitenwald Fels hike loop is empowered by a quick train ride so you don’t have to go out and back to enjoy some solitude and gorgeous scenery most people just pass by.

This is part 3 of our ongoing German Camino de Santiago Blog series, an exploration of outdoor culture and accessible Nature experiences empowered by the enchanting Camino de Santiago pilgrimage path that spans most of Europe.

Camino de santiago in germany
Jakobsweg: Camino de Santiago Blog #3

If kid’s activities are your jam, this might be a bit tough unless you are carrying them. Not at all stroller friendly, this hike challenges both in distance and it’s 600 ft up and 600 ft down.

Check out this Kids’ Hike blog post with a gentle hike to enjoy with the little ones.

Rock climbers love visiting this hiking spot thanks to bouldering opportunities and solitude. Runners and hikers love the soft covered trails.

Dreamers and spiritual types love the ancient trees and long walk along the Camino de Santiago and people you meet along the Way.

Breitenwald forest Camino sign
Camino de Santiago in Germany Sign

This trail actually connects through France all the way to the main Camino Frances, a trail that crosses northern Spain.

Grab a drink or pasta at the family owned Salvatore’s, a classic place I love eating and hanging out while watching the kids play tennis in Landstuhl. Try the lasagna, yum….

The trails are hard in the beginning and then become mostly flat with plenty of gorgeous rock formations and ancient trees to ponder.

If you are looking for a unique hike near the Kaiserslautern or Ramstein area, that has plenty of solitude, check out the Breitenwald Fels Loop Hike.

Breitenwald forest path
Which Way?

Getting to the Breitenwald Fels Loop Hike

Take either entrance into Landstuhl from the A62 or from the A6, either direction is simple and easy to the trailhead. If coming from A6 or the village center of Landstuhl drive west on the Saarbruckerstrasse. If coming from A62 and anywhere north or west of Landstuhl, take the main (only) road towards Landstuhl center and you’ll see a massive shopping area on the left. Take the 3rd exit at the roundabout and turn right to park in the Toom/Kaufland parking lot.

It’s free and abundant so park on the Toom Parking lot that is marked well with signs.

It’s an 8 min drive from Ramstein Air Base, 17 minutes from K-town and 30 minutes from Baumholder by car to this parking lot.

For train:

The closest station is Landstuhl bahnhof. This is actually a perfect hike to do if you do not have a car. Just start and end the hike at Landstuhl train station.

Breitenwald Fels Loop Trail Map: Camino de Santiago Map Route

Here is the Breitenwald Fels Loop Trail Hiking Guide on the Camino de Santiago Map Route

Red marks interesting places, blue transportation points of interest.

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Hiking Guide Breitenwald Fels Loop

Trail Name: German Camino de Santiago: Breitenwald Fels Loop Landstuhl and Hauptstuhl

Breitenwald Fels Loop Trail Hiking Guide: Camino de Santiago in Germany

Location: Landstuhl and Hauptstuhl, Germany

Type of Hike: Loop with train

Distance: 9.6 miles (3.4 miles train)

Elevation: 600 ft gain 600 down

Duration: Approx. 2.25 – 2.75 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Start/end point: Parking lot Toom

Kid-friendly: 10+

Stroller-friendly: No

Dog-friendly: Yes

Fees: none

Camino de Santiago: Yes entirely, with exception of a train ride to make it a loop.

Breitenwald Fels Loop Trail Guide on Google:

Breitenwald Fels Trail Guide on the German Camino de Santiago

Komoot App with GPS Tracking: Komoot allows one free region so you don’t have to subscribe to use this. It’s an easy to use app for hiking.

Use my “tour” that I personally created to have this particular hike on your phone. Even without a good mobile signal, you can use your phone’s GPS and follow the red dot.

Don’t get lost! Or maybe get lost a little 😉

On a mission to hike the Camino de Santiago in the Kmc section by section and create fun day loops.

Breitenwald Fels Loop
Breitenwald Fels Loop

Tips for Hiking the Breitenwald Fels Loop on the Camino de Santiago

Park at the Toom parking lot as it’s free and many spots. Cross the main road (illegally, no zebra here) and walk about 100 meters toward the tennis club and take your first left up a dirt path. From here it’s a gorgeous single track steeply uphill on the Camino de Santiago but the signs are pretty sparse, some yellow arrows painted on trees.

In October, tons of mushrooms are to be found after some rain.

You’ll have to zig zag a bit to find the single track, but it’s there…usually about 20-30 ft from where it’ll pop onto a wider bike path. You’ll cross the cleared gas line with some zigzag single track.

Enjoy a mini canyon with nice red fels (german rock formations) and a cute stream you’ll cross right before a clearing with many teepees made by kids.

You’ll pop out of single track right in front of the American army military base. Watch out for cars, they never expect you. Turn Right and cross the bridge over the autobahn and follow actual Camino de Santigo signs through the Reha Zentrum parking lot.

Cute cute school with great playgrounds, veer right around school to end of parking lot and you’ll see real signs for the camino into forest in single track.

Breitenwald Hiking Loop
Breitenwald Loop

Pop out onto a very wide cleared gas line…directly across you’ll enter forest again with sign that looks scary but it’s not. It’s a pre, pre army training area sign for the Breitenwald range. Don’t be worried if you hear gunfire. The range is close, but not exactly there.

Pop out of forest and this is the sucky part…you’ll have to walk alongside a busy narrow German windy road until you reach the Mammut trees.

Ancient Mammut Trees Sign on breitenwald fels loop hike
Ancient Mammut Trees

These are ancient trees imported from America. Very cool history and you’ll want to check out the placards and have a weinshorle or beer sitting under them. I met 2 cool German dudes here that were walking 10 days on the Camino who said this section was incredible compared to other German parts.

They might have been on a memorial walk as they both were so sweet and had hats adorned with flowers and buttons with photos of women (likely their wives) printed on the buttons. They offered my pups all kinds of sausages and we did lots of selfies, not for the internet they promised.

From here enjoy the second best part of the hike – through the quiet quiet woods away from cars, people or anything.


Get to just north of Hauptstuhl and take a hard right down a grassy path and wind downhill until you get to the Heidenfels. Turn Right off your track a bit to get a glimpse of these impressively colored rock formations.

Then down to the village. Make your way to the train station and hustle if you are getting close to the train time :04 and :37.

Hauptstuhl Train Station
Hauptstuhl Train Station

This loop depends on you taking the train from Hauptstuhl bahnhof (train station) back to the Landstuhl bahnhof.

Go to track 1 in Hauptstuhl. Tickets are 2.70 euros and you can buy at the platform. The train comes 2 times per day during at

:04 S1 direction Neckargemünd and

:37 RB70 direction Kaiserslautern.

Go east on train. It’s hard to mess up. Get a child ticket for each dog you bring.

Track is open 0400-2400, trains are consistent between 0900-1900 then slow down. After arrival in Landstuhl make your way back to the Toom parking lot via sidewalk.

Exploring the Breitenwald Fels Loop Hike and More

Like so many of the sections of the Camino de Santiago you’ll get not only some exercise but some insights into the local life and culture.

And with such great proximity to Ramstein, Kaiserslautern and Landstuhl it is the perfect day hike destination.

This is a hike we recommend you add to your bucket list, especially if you want some challenge and maybe are starting to train your dog off lead as portions of it are very empty.

You may even run into a group of Germans walking a long distance portion of the Camino de Santiago with a shell on their packs! Don’t be surprised if they want a selfie with you in it.

Jakobsweg Sign Breitenwald
Jakobsweg Sign Breitenwald

Have you visited the Breitenwald Fels Loop Hike in Landstuhl and Hauptstuhl or other sections of the Camino de Santiago? We would love to hear about your experiences.

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I hope you enjoyed this Camino de Santiago Blogs entry #3 and you make plans to enjoy some of the best day hikes in Europe with your friends, family or solo!

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