Bad Urach Waterfall Germany Hike [Hidden Gem]

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bad Urach waterfall with woman walking under it.
The base of the waterfall is an easy stroll, but going up it is challenging and you should wear more than flip flops.

Author’s tl;dr: The Bad Urach Waterfall hike located in the Swabian Alb UNESCO Biosphere reserve is magical, mystical and can easily be shortened. Including GPX stages for your phone and food and cultural highlights.  Dog friendly. 6.7 miles, easy public transportation. Keep an eye out for the protected Fire Salamanders next to trail.

Gutersteiner waterfall
This second waterfall with a pool is a real highlight of this hiking trip. The Gutersteiner waterfall is toward the end of the hike.

Morgan’s Hiking Video Bad Urach Waterfall

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The Bad Urach Waterfall Germany hike, in the region of Baden-Württemberg, is a stunning natural attraction where you can enjoy the beauty of a 37-meter high limestone cascade, whitewashed clifftop walk and several delicious huts serving hyper local food and wine.

We went in February and had a great time, even walking barefoot through the waterfall. Watch my video to get a feel for the incredible range of experience you can have on this 10km loop.

What I really loved was the homemade Maultaschen halfway through the hike at Rohrauer Hutte and the neon feuersalamanders in the trailside pools.

I’m so glad we got to see a fire salamander!

This guide is for people wanting to go beyond the flat walk from the train station to the Urach waterfall, because the smaller waterfalls beyond are even more impressive.

Travel tip: The spa town of Bad Urach make a great day trip from Stuttgart, but it is worth a weekend in and of itself.

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bad urach Waterfall Germany Hike

Double Waterfall Hike

  • Location: Schwäbische Alb, Bad Urach, Germany
  • When to Hike: Year Round
  • Distance: 6.7 mile loop
  • Up/down: 1100 feet
  • Time: 3:15 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy-Moderate (no high heels)
  • Points of Interest: Urach & Gütersteiner Waterfall, Rutschenfelsen
  • Transport: Paid parking, Train Stop

Bad Urach Wasserfallsteig Loop Hike Map

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What a mermaid pool!

Parking Lot – Base of Waterfall – Fels (:30)

The beginning of the hike is by far the most popular part. Most people do not go beyond the first waterfall.

This hike starts off near the Maisentalstube parking area. The trail here is wide and flat and would be just fine for a stroller.

There’s a hilarious sign with a high heeled shoe being not allowed. Gotta love the Swabische.

Shoes off! TBH: this was taken mid February and it wasn’t too cold to walk barefoot through.
It’s impossible to capture the beauty of this waterfall with my iphone 😉

There’s a lovely gushing stream next to the trail and within a mile you’ll reach the base of the magnificent Urach Wasserfalle. Take your time here to enjoy this cascading and impressive waterfall.

Top of Uracher Wasserfalle. It falls off a white cliff!

Urach Waterfall – Rohrauer-Hütte (1:30 hour)

We had to take off our shoes due to the granite staircase being covered in waterfall water. There was a bit of a workaround but I found it to be like a nice cold plunge for my feet. Once you get to the top the trail goes off to the right but you’ll want to get a view over the top of the waterfall.

There’s an impressive view of the castle ruins and the waterfall truly goes off a cliff.

The hutte at top was closed when we went in February but the door stated it opens in March and serves typical hut food and drinks.

This hutte is on the top of the waterfall. Closed in February.

The trail here starts to get very steep. It’s a hard hike to the top of the white cliffs, where you’ll then walk along the top for a mile or so.

The cliffs are impressive, they look like something I’ve seen along the coast of UK (sans ocean of course).

Rohrauer-Hütte – Maisentalstube (3:15)

This viewfinder is free and excellent.

The real highlight of this hike is upcoming. If you have time stop at this hutte and get the homemade Maultaschen (the meat was not as good as the spinach, but the menu changes).

You’ll descend lovely single track and walk down the Rutschenfelsen with many small waterfalls and lovely views.

The hike up was worth it.

The Gütersteiner Wasserfall is like something out of a movie and not at all crowded (when we went).

It’s a lovely mermaid pool and somewhat prettier than the main Urach waterfall in my opinion. It’s more serene.

Gutersteiner waterfall.

After you come off the mountainside you’ll walk past a beautiful barn and back to the parking lot.

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Bad Urach is a small, picturesque municipality nestled in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany.

Known for its therapeutic thermal springs and captivating waterfalls, the town invites relaxation and exploration and Bad Urach is definitely worth visiting if you love hidden gems.

Bad Urach’s attractions extend beyond its natural spa; the town holds a valuable spot in history with timber-framed houses and the well-preserved ruins of Urach Castle.

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Things to Know About the Bad Urach

The town of Bad Urach, situated about 30 minutes south of Stuttgart, is surrounded by the scenic Swabian Alb and offers not just the waterfall, but also a range of hiking trails, streams, and the fresh air of the forest.

The waterfall itself is easily reachable with its own railway station, allowing visitors to embark on a pleasant walk through the valley to witness the spectacular natural feature

Here’s some stand out places:

  • Bad Urach Therme (Bad Urach Spa)
  • Half Timbered Old Town
  • Outlet Shopping
  • Hiking
  • Royal Palace Bad Urach
  • Hohenurach ruins

Long Distance Hikes in the Schwäbische Alb

Urach Waterfall

This is a great place to do a hut to hut hike during the summer, spring or Fall season. The Swabian long distance path is called the Albsteig or HW1. It’s about 360 km with at least 16 stages and unlike the Alps, it’s not limited to only July and August as it’s lower elevation and you can stay in villages.

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Bad Urach Hiking Huts

There are at least 3 serviced huts on this trail, making it very attractive for foodies. We parked at the first hut, the waterfall hut at the top was closed in February, and we ate lunch at the beared hut about halfway through the circular hike.


maisentalstuble restaurant near bad urach waterfall with a nice garden.

This is where we had dinner and it was one of my favorite steaks of all time. Here’s their contact information and opening times.

Near Parking

Opening times :
Monday-Saturday from 11:30am to 9:30pm
Vorderes Maisental 5, 72574 Bad Urach

steak and french fries with salad.
The green peppercorn steak was out of this world delish…If you like rare steak, ask for “english”.

Rohrauer-Hütte (Overnight Stays)

This cozy hutte has a total Swabian vibe. They even have the inflation costs listed for each item 😉

They have rooms too!

Local Cuisine: It was simple and delicious!

Monday to Wednesday: day off

Thursday and Friday

11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m: Kitchen  until 5:00 p.m

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m: Kitchen until 5:00 p.m

Room of the Rohrauer Hut

There are 30 beds available:

4 double rooms (some with bunk beds)

2 four-bed rooms (some with bunk beds)

14 bed rooms (only bunk beds)

Tel.: 07122 9763

Directions/address Rohrauer-Hütte:
72813 St.Johann/Bleichstetten
Access via the Bleichstetten hiking car park on the K6708

Email: [email protected]

Bad Urach Accommodations

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