47 Ways to Make Your Life Easier if You’re a Hiker

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You don’t know me, but after covid I went from gym butterfly to 10 lbs overweight and knees that screamed on the downhills.

I help people everyday as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, but to be honest it’s not just about exercise and numbers.

As a spiritual person, you know that the deeper meaning and connection is what really counts.

And that is why I started this newsletter. As a way to help others like me see the opportunities in hiking as a way to reduce anxiety, improve well-being and connect to Mother Earth.

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So you know I’m not just blowing smoke, here’s something I created that I thought you might like: The Hiking Tracking Sheet. You can print this and hang it on your fridge to remember to try to do at least one hike a week.

Every day I’ll send you quirky & spiritual hiking ideas, trail guides, success stories, and travel opportunities in Europe that include hiking.

Once again, thanks for joining this journey.

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