Hiking Training Plan with Weighted Vest

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You don’t know me, but after covid I went from gym butterfly to 10 lbs overweight and knees that screamed on the downhills.

The gym was no longer the place I wanted to hang out because of a lot of reasons, but when I found weighted vests it opened up a new way of training to improve strength.

I help people everyday as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, but to be honest it’s not just about exercise and numbers.

As a spiritual person, you know the deeper meaning and connection is what really counts.

And that is why I started this newsletter. As a way to help others like me see the opportunities in hiking as a way to reduce anxiety, improve well-being and connect to Mother Earth.

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So you know I’m not just blowing smoke, here’s something I created that I thought you might like: The Hiking Tracking Sheet. You can print this and hang it on your fridge to remember to try to do at least one hike a week.

Every day I’ll send you quirky & spiritual hiking ideas, trail guides, success stories, and travel opportunities in Europe that include hiking.

Once again, thanks for joining this journey.

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8 Week Hiking Training Plan

This guide is meant for training purposes and is not medical advice. If you have any issues speak with your primary care provider.

This training plan is meant to be used with a weighted vest to supercharge your training if you choose not to go the gym.

It is NOT required to use a weighted vest and it’s absolutely recommended to go the gym.

But, for those that don’t want or like the gym, a weighted vest is a nice alternative.

Strength training, or progressive resistive exercise can be accomplished in many ways and will likely improve your hiking tolerance. This plan is meant for beginners.

There is a combination of recovery, strength training, cardio and hiking.


Life is so rich!