Global Rescue Travel Insurance Review: Peace of Mind?

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Global Rescue Travel Insurance Review

I always suggest some kind of rescue insurance for people traveling to hike, trek or enjoy other adventure travel.

👉 Every trip I take to the Alps or Dolomites for skiing or hiking I notice at least one helicopter rescue. Hopefully it’s not life-threatening, but it could be financially ruining without insurance.

Insurance is available frequently through European alpine clubs, but if you are coming from abroad this can be more difficult to acquire and may not include transportation back to North America in case of dire emergency.

Global Rescue provides:

  • Field rescue & medical evacuation
  • Medical advisory & intelligence
  • Destination reports & alerts
  • Transport to home hospital of choice

It does not provide trip cancellation as a regular feature.

It’s insurance for your body and health. Not your wallet.

Global Rescue has cemented its reputation by safely assisting over a million members, including prominent organizations like the US Ski Team and NASA.

Pros and Cons

  • Comprehensive Emergency Services: Members have access to a wide array of emergency services, including medical and security evacuations, field rescues, and telemedicine consultations.
  • Global Coverage: Global Rescue operates around the world, offering support and evacuation services in both remote and urban settings, which is particularly beneficial for travelers and adventurers.
  • Expertise and Resources: The company is well-regarded for its team of medical and security experts and has a partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine, ensuring high-quality advice and care.
  • Cost Factor: The membership can be expensive, especially for those who travel infrequently or are on a limited budget.
  • Membership vs. Per-Trip Insurance: Since the services are membership-based, they may not be as cost-effective for those seeking coverage for a single trip as opposed to regular travelers.
  • Limited Traditional Travel Insurance Benefits: The membership focuses on emergency evacuation and rescue, which means it may lack comprehensive trip insurance features like trip cancellation, baggage loss, or delay coverage.

With the Global Rescue memberships, travelers now have a comprehensive package, offering both expert advisory, timely evacuation, and crucial financial protection.

Global Rescue Travel Insurance Review

It can cost $300,000 to repatriate your body or get transferred back to the USA from abroad if you need more medical care? Don’t leave that risk to your loved ones.

What is included in the Global Rescue security membership?

The Global Rescue security membership includes 24/7/365 advisory services and security evacuation from events like unpredicted natural disasters, terrorist attacks and civil unrest—all supported by a team of intelligence specialists and military special operations veterans.

Global Rescue Travel Insurance Review

Global Rescue is a provider of medical, security, evacuation, and travel risk management services to individuals, enterprises, and governments.

They are known for offering services that can be critical during emergencies, especially when traveling in remote, wild or high-risk areas.

Acquiring Global Rescue’s Signature Travel Coverage for the Unexpected

For travelers interested in securing insurance, the steps are straightforward:

  • Navigate to the partner page of Global Rescue
  • Find the section dedicated to Travel or Total Care Insurance
  • Select the Type, Duration, and any Add-Ons you need to begin your application

Should you require assistance or want a personalized quote, feel free to reach out by email. Support is readily available via phone at 617-459-4200, or by contacting Member Services through email.

Senior travelers and those with specific policy inquiries are encouraged to connect for tailored support.

If you are going to be in high altitude, make sure you are clear with this type of travel.

Benefits Summary

Travel insurance is designed to offer you comprehensive protection and peace of mind during your travels. The highlights include:

  • Cancellation Guard: Insure up to $100,000 for trip cancellations to recover non-refundable expenses.
  • Journey Disruption Protection: Get up to 150% of your trip’s cost for interruptions, ensuring extra coverage.
  • Medical Emergency Support: Receive up to $100,000 for unexpected illness or injury.
  • Accident Insurance While Traveling: A safety net of up to $100,000 in common carrier accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage.
  • Vehicle Rental Shield: Covers up to $40,000 in damages to your rental car.
  • Luggage and Gear Security: Up to $2,500 for delays or loss of luggage and sports equipment rentals.
  • Flight Cancellation Backup: Supportive services for flight cancellations and missed connections.
  • Swift Claims Review: Initial claims evaluations are made within 24 hours.
  • Pre-existing Conditions Pass: Coverage is included without additional cost if selected promptly.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: Optional upgrades allow for 75% reimbursement for cancellation or interruption for any reason.

Remember to choose your policy within 20 days of your initial trip payment to secure the best terms, including pre-existing condition waivers.

Securing Your Travel Insurance Promptly

Act swiftly after your first trip expense to ensure broader protection. Your travel insurance starts safeguarding against unforeseen incidents only post-purchase. Secure your policy no later than 20 days after your initial expense to unlock these benefits:

  • Automatic inclusion of a pre-existing medical condition waiver at zero additional cost.
  • Opportunity to enhance your coverage with options like “cancel for any reason” or “interrupt for any reason”, though at an extra charge.

Remember, your “initial trip expense” might be the earliest booking, such as your flight.

Enhanced Flexibility with Signature PLUS Coverage

As travel plans can change unexpectedly, investing in coverage that allows for adaptability can be beneficial.

The Global Rescue Signature PLUS policy furnishes you with both the ability to cancel your trip for nearly any unforeseen reason and to halt your travels with the same breadth of reasons.

Should you need to cancel due to an unforeseen event, like a family member’s passing, rest assured that this is included within the policy’s terms.

Conversely, changing your mind does not typically qualify as a covered reason under standard policies. By including the cancel for any reason (CFAR) and interrupt for any reason (IFAR) options, you enhance your trip insurance, thus ensuring peace of mind. However, it’s important to note that including these options will reflect in a higher policy cost.

Key Details:

  • Premium Add-Ons: CFAR and IFAR coverage
  • Reimbursement: 75% of non-refundable trip costs
  • Purchase Window: Must be added within 20 days of initial trip payment

Remember, these upgraded benefits in the Signature PLUS option give you greater control over your travel investments.

Policy Termination Options Post-Purchase

  • Window of Opportunity: You have a 10-day period to reconsider your travel insurance.
  • Refunds: Eligibility for a full refund exists if your journey hasn’t commenced and no claim has been made.
  • Restrictions: Be mindful that limitations apply, including exclusions from reimbursement for missed connections.

Emergency Evacuation Coverage

When traveling, understanding the breadth of your insurance is essential. Here’s what you should know about the services aimed at providing critical care during unforeseen events:

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: This service ensures you access life-saving medical treatment not available at your current location. If you face a serious medical emergency, such as the need for a high-altitude rescue or specialized labs and imaging, these services work to move you to the nearest medical facility with adequate resources.
  • Costs: Transporting you can be expensive, potentially ranging from $25,000 to more than $250,000. These costs are influenced by several factors, including your location, destination, medical condition severity, and the type of transportation, such as an air ambulance, needed for your safe evacuation.
  • What’s Covered: Beyond medical emergencies like needing a nurse or physician, a robust evacuation plan might include assistance during natural disasters, terrorist activities, or political turmoil.
  • Insurance Coverage: Not all travel insurance plans are created equal. While some may cover emergency assistance and transportation benefits, they may not fully support other evacuation costs. Assess if your plan includes medical evacuation travel insurance for comprehensive emergency medical coverage.
  • Key Personnel: It’s not just about transportation; medical professionals, from field rescue teams to medical evacuation services, are vital in ensuring your safety and well-being during the evacuation process.

Remember to verify the specifics of your policy, as emergency services and benefits can vary widely. Your goal should be to have a clear understanding of what types of assistance and costs are covered in an emergency.

Comprehensive Safety and Assistance Coverage

Ensuring Security and Support While Traveling Abroad

Traveling today is more complex than ever, with unexpected events posing potential risks to your safety and schedule. A solid travel insurance is no longer a luxury but a necessity. By securing the right kind of assistance, you can protect yourself against unforeseen medical costs, trip disruptions, or logistical snags.

  • Emergency Support: Leveraging assistance from medical and security experts can be invaluable, especially when facing critical situations. Think of professionals who’ve honed their expertise through NASA advisories or military special operations, ready to guide you through crises.
  • Crisis Readiness: Imagine having military-grade crisis management services at your fingertips, whether that’s a pandemic response or navigating the aftermath of natural disasters.
  • In-Transit Peace of Mind: With benefits like GPS tracking through a mobile app, you’re not just ensuring your luggage is secure, but also that help is within reach at any moment, anywhere.
  • Health and Security Integration: Access to global medical advisory services can mean the difference between a minor hiccup and a travel emergency, particularly with the rise of infectious diseases.
  • Organizations’ Endorsement: Noteworthy entities like National Geographic recognize the importance of such integrated services in managing travel risks efficiently.

Investing in comprehensive travel risk management means putting your trust in a system designed to respond to emergencies, offer medical guidance, and ensure your peace of mind during every step of your journey.

Where are you Going Next?

Embark on your next journey effortlessly. Whether it be family mountain getaways, hut to hut hiking with friends, or romantic honeymoons, every detail is meticulously curated for you. Just immerse yourself in the excitement of travel.

Note: As an affiliate in the Global Rescue Partner Program, Crave the Planet earns from qualifying purchases. If our resources assist your planning and you decide to opt for a travel insurance policy or emergency evacuation membership, booking through us supports our services.

Important: This is a succinct overview of travel insurance options. Not all details, such as limitations and exclusions, are present. Availability varies by region and policy terms should be reviewed for complete coverage details.

Final Verdict: What’s the Deal with Travel Insurance?

It’s a very good idea to get insurance for this trip just in case you twist an ankle or worse on the trail.  Parts of these trails are totally inaccessible to vehicles so if you did get hurt you would have to get a helicopter rescue. 

Crave the Planet partners with Global Rescue to offer the world’s leading travel protection services.  Medical and security emergencies happen. When they do, we rely on Global Rescue to provide our clients with medical, security, travel risk and crisis response services. Without a membership, an emergency evacuation could cost over $100,000. More than one million members trust Global Rescue to get them home safely when the unexpected happens. 

👉 We highly recommend hikers enroll with Global Rescue for peace of mind.

| TL;DR From Author

Don’t let unexpected changes derail your travel plans – with travel insurance you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered if you need to alter your bookings. Protect your investment and travel with confidence by securing travel insurance today.

Common Inquiries

Coverage Scenarios for Global Assistance

Global Rescue caters to a range of emergency situations you might face while traveling. Whether it’s a medical emergency in a remote location, a natural disaster, or political unrest that requires immediate evacuation, Global Rescue aims to be there. Their services typically include medical and security evacuation, travel risk and crisis management.

Price Comparison with Other Travel Insurance

When evaluating the cost-effectiveness of Global Rescue’s plans, it’s important to compare them with what’s available in the market. Their plans may be priced at a premium, but the extended services, like emergency evacuation without the need to be hospitalized first, could justify the higher price point for some travelers.

Distinct Qualities Compared to Peers

Global Rescue stands out for its field rescue services—offering assistance even if you are not near a hospital—and its deployment of paramedics to assess your condition. Their services often go beyond what standard travel insurance companies provide, putting emphasis on the immediate response in critical conditions.

Policy Limitations and Exclusions

Like any insurance policy, Global Rescue has certain limitations and exclusions which you should review carefully before subscribing. For instance, pre-existing medical conditions or activities deemed high-risk might not be covered, and there could be restrictions based on the destination country.

User Feedback and Company Reputation

Seeking feedback from reliable review platforms like TripAdvisor and the Better Business Bureau can shed light on how users perceive Global Rescue. Pay attention to the consensus on their services, customer support, and issue resolution, which will inform your decision.

Customer Support Response and Effectiveness Ratings

Past customers’ experiences with Global Rescue’s responsiveness during a crisis are crucial indicators of their effectiveness. Look at customer reviews focusing on response times and the quality of support provided during emergencies to gauge their reliability.

Remember, each of these points merits careful consideration when looking into Global Rescue’s travel insurance options. Your individual needs and travel plans will determine the right choice for you.

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I hope this Global Rescue Travel Insurance Review helps you make the best decision for you.

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