Crave the Planet Commits to a Regenerative Future with a Bold Impact Statement

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Crave the Planet Commits to a Regenerative Future with a Bold Impact Statement

The Culinary Adventure Brand Sets a New Standard for Sustainability in the Travel Industry

Landstuhl, Germany – 12/12/23 – Crave the Planet, an innovative culinary travel company known for its immersive hiking and food experiences, today unveiled a groundbreaking impact statement that pledges to adopt regenerative practices across all its operations. With a vision to redefine the intersection of travel and sustainability, Crave the Planet is taking a pioneering step to not only minimize its environmental footprint but to actively improve and rejuvenate the ecosystems and communities it touches.

“As a brand deeply rooted in the love for food and Nature, we recognize the urgent need to address the environmental challenges facing our planet,” said Morgan Fielder, Founder of Crave the Planet. “Our commitment to regenerative practices is more than a promise—it’s a fundamental shift in how we operate, ensuring that we leave every destination better than we found it.”

Crave the Planet’s new impact statement outlines a series of initiatives designed to promote carbon removal through regenerative grazing in Romania, rural economic empowerment, and cultural preservation. These include creating rural-focused multi-day hiking tours, supporting profitable, local businesses that contribute to community continuity and structure, and investing in promotion of inclusivity and accessibility within the tourism industry.

The company’s dedication to regeneration will also manifest in its curated travel experiences. Guests will have the opportunity to participate in experiences that combat over-tourism and focus on mobility by foot through underserved regions such as Transylvania.

Since its inception, Crave the Planet has been a champion of authentic and responsible travel. This new direction not only strengthens its existing efforts but also positions the company as a leader in the movement towards a more regenerative tourism industry.

The regenerative practices are set to be integrated immediately, with gradual enhancements and updates to be shared transparently through Crave the Planet’s channels. Travelers and food enthusiasts are invited to join the journey towards regeneration and can learn more about the company’s impact initiatives on their website.

For more information about Crave the Planet and its commitment to regenerative travel, please visit Crave the Planet Impact Statement or contact Morgan Fielder at [email protected].

About Crave the Planet
Crave the Planet is an experiential travel company that specializes in crafting culinary hiking adventures that connect travelers with the heart of a culture through its food and travel by foot. With a focus on sustainability and authentic experiences, Crave the Planet offers tours that are thoughtfully designed to have a positive impact on both the environment and local communities. For more information, please visit Crave the Planet.

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