Trieste Beaches You’ll love + GPS Map & 5 Day Road Trip Itinerary to Slovenia and Croatia

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Trieste, northern Italy’s second city, offers mountains, beaches, culture, and coffee.

Situated at the end of the ancient maritime silk road, it’s only 2 hours from crowded Venice. Explore this Friuli Venezia Giulia gem and connect with what really counts.

Trieste, Italy sits at the intersection of centuries of Latin, Slavic and Germanic cultures.

Read until the end where we explore how you can even go wine tasting in a UNESCO world heritage site after visiting the Trieste beaches.

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Trieste Beaches Map

Adriatic Sea

Trieste Beaches Map

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Best Trieste, Italy Beaches

Trieste Beaches on the Adriatic Sea. Lido = Beach

Beaches in this part of the world tend not to be wide and sandy, but rather they are rocky or based on a pier or other facility.

They are called “lidos” and they typically are paid (some are free) and have facilities like toilets, small bars, showers and changing rooms available for you. You can even buy Italian drinks on the beach or find a great spot for aperitivo.

Some Trieste beaches have chairs with umbrellas, but be prepared to pay for them. Otherwise bring your towel and find a place to sit down and enjoy the Adriatic sea.

I thought it was insane that Italy closed their beaches during the heights of covid, but having seen them recently I totally understand why they were closed by the government.

They can get quite crowded and a personal bubble isn’t a top cultural value.

Trieste Beaches on the Adriatic Sea. Lido = Beach

List of Beautiful Beaches in Trieste Beaches in Italy

Beach Barcola – Most Popular

Most popular beach in Trieste, spacious and clean. Backed up by a beautiful pine forest.

Spiaggia Costa dei Barbari – Least Crowded

Least crowded but most difficult to access. It takes 15 minutes walking to reach this pier based lido.

Grado Beach – Best Sandy Beach

For the best sandy beaches near Trieste you’ll have to drive about one hour toward Venice to the Costa Azzurra for it’s gorgeous long sandy beaches. Chairs with umbrellas will cost 27 euros.

Caravalla Beach – Most Natural

Free pebble beach with surrounding natural cliffs, Caravalla beach is located on the Sistiana Bay.

Spiaggia Muggia – Most Historic

Free Beach, Rocky on the outside of town near an archeological site.

Dog Beach – Best for Your Dog

Free Beach and free dog entry. Parking and a small cafe and beach club. Cot rentals and a bathing facility.

Sirena Beach – Most Private

Private beach and it has a pool, restaurants, toilets. Concrete only so will need chairs.

Bagno Sticco – Crystal Clear Waters

Bagno da Sticco is just off his beach is just off of Miramare Castle. It is also quite close to a protected marine reserve. 

Best for kids, it has a shallow protected area where kids can have their cookies and swim time. Fee to enter, clean toilets, clear waters.

Best Way to Get to Trieste Beaches

trieste beaches
Miramare Castle overlooking Trieste Beaches

Want a private airport transfer from Venice to Trieste? Take this English speaking transfer and the driver will share local insights.

This region’s popular beaches are easily accessed by car, train or bus. It is about 2 hours from Venice International Airport. Use the Trenitalia Train app to determine public transportation.

Renting a car from the airport can be helpful to explore the city centre of Trieste and nearby Croatia and Slovenia and the Trieste beaches.

—-5 Day Outdoors Road Trip From Trieste to Slovenia and Croatia

This guide will help you create an itinerary step by step to enjoy the most of culture, nature and adventure in 3 countries in 5 days. Only 2 hours drive south of Trieste, lands you on the Istrian peninsula in Croatia and swim like a mermaid in the ultra clear and buoyant waters of the Adriatic sea, cliff jump, and watch dolphins from the ancient city of Pula on the Adriatic.

And only 2 hours north of Trieste gets you to lovely Slovenian turquoise lakes nestled in the Julian Alps like Lake Bled and Bohinj.

trieste beaches

Explore Italy, Slovenia and Croatia on a Magical 5 Day Trip

Example Itinerary

Part 1: Trieste, Italy to Bohinj, Slovenia

From the Sea to the Mountains

trieste beaches

Arrival Day: Get to the city and enjoy the famous Trieste beaches and bathing facilities. Stay there the night before or get going on the road mid-afternoon.

Thursday – Day 1: Rent a car from Trieste airport and drive to Lake Bohinj. It’s about a 2 hour drive. Venice airport is also a great alternative, it’s a 3.5 hour drive.

Enjoy walking around Lake Bohinj at the outskirts of Triglav National Park.

No car? Get to Lake Bled from Trieste with ➡️ this tour.

Where to Stay in Bohinj, Slovenia

Best Accommodation for Families Exploring Nature

Stay at the gorgeous Art Hotel Kristal, a 5-10 minute walk from the stunning and exclusive Lake Bohinj. The hallways are lined with art of all kinds, the beds are super comfortable and the breakfast service is out of this world! You can eat your entire day’s calories and enjoy every bite.

Best Budget

Stay at Apartment Zvab in the heart of the village and walk to bakeries and restaurants with easy access to bike trails. Great apartment with all the services you need.

Best Eco-Friendly Luxury

The first eco-friendly and sustainable travel property in Slovenia boasts an indoor pool, luxurious essentials and charging stations for your electric car. A stay at the Four Star Bohinj Eco Hotel leaves no detail out.

Friday – Day 2: Explore hiking in Triglav national park only 12 km away. Recover in the hotels sauna and views of pristine alpine forest.

Part 2: Bohinj, Slovenia to Pula Croatia

From the Mountains to the Sea

trieste beaches

Saturday – Day 3: Drive to Pula, Croatia on the charming Istrian peninsula. It’s a gorgeous 4 hour drive. Stop at the iconic (if crowded) Lake Bled on the way. Explore it’s romantic waterside with a chapel in the middle of the island, famous for weddings for people from around the world.

Popular activities in Pula

Where to Stay in Pula Croatia

Best Accommodation for Families Exploring Sea Adventures

Best for Families

Stay at the spacious Apartments Nadija 1366 in the heart of Pula with a free parking facility.

Best Budget

Stay right in the heart of Pula and walk to the town squares full of street artists and shops and restaurants. The Hostel Pipištrelo is clean and affordable.

Best Eco-Friendly Luxury

Sustainability is on our hearts and minds and this travel Sustainable Travel Hotel you can walk to the Roman Amphitheater and enjoy elegant furnishings in a private apartment.

Sunday – Day 4: Cliff jump, cave explore, swim, snorkel and eat wild oysters prepared by Capt. Chris, the Poseiden of Pula on his magical boat tour.

Explore Pula’s classical old-town with amazing seafood, street art and street performers. Get a glimpse into the daily life in this charming Adriatic city by wandering between the harbor and the ancient Roman ampitheater.

Monday – Day 5: Recover from all your hiking and Adriatic swimming adventures with a delicious breakfast and then head back to the Trieste beaches and city center. Return home.


Stress Free Rental Cars from Trieste, Italy

Make sure to get an automatic if you aren’t comfortable with manual transmissions. There’s also the option to search for in-airport desks vs a shuttle to a far off rental car location.

———-Top 4 Best Things to do in Trieste Italy

Beyond the Trieste beaches, Trieste has a lot to offer families and solo travelers alike.

Slovenia Lake Bled and Ljubljana

Explore beautiful Ljubljana and Lake Bled in Slovenia just across the border from Italy, on this tour with an English speaking guide and hassle free transportation from Trieste.

Slovenian Cave Castles

Be amazed by visiting Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle – the only preserved cave castle in the world on this small group tour in English with hotel pickup from Trieste.

trieste beaches tour

Wine Tastings in a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Love wine? Tour the UNESCO world heritage Cividale del Friulli and highlights of the Collio Friulli wine growing region on this amazing history and wine tasting tour.

Vintage Boat Trip to Explore Slovenian Coast

Enjoy the water and book a vintage boat tour. You’ll get to see small towns along the coast near Trieste as Slovenia has a sliver of coast next door.

Best Time to Visit Trieste Beaches

May – November

For the best conditions on the Trieste beaches, May through November is great, however as beaches in Europe can be crowded, avoid August if possible. September enjoys warm air and water and less crowds. Bathing in the sea is tranquil in the early Autumn near Trieste Beaches.

Lifeguards will be working 1 June to 30 September.

Where to Stay in Trieste, Italy

Check out the links here from Booking – I always use them for my city and multi-day hikes because they are trustworthy and helpful to keep organized.

Best for Dog Lovers

Villa Botacin delights travelers with dogs and they will LOVE the private gardens and hotel dating back to 1854. Choose a hotel room or private apartment and enjoy the outdoor pool.

Best Luxury

Savoia Excelsior Palace Trieste – Starhotels Collezione is one of the most luxurious hotels in Trieste, boasting 4 stars, walking distance to the Trieste beaches, a restaurant and bar.

trieste beaches ampitheater
Trieste Ampitheater

Travel Tips

Planning your trip?


Does Trieste have a beach?

Trieste is a hidden gem filled with history, good food, 9,000 ft mountains and amazing, clear Adritatic beaches. It’s a perfect getaway from Venice.

Overall, I’d highly recommend a trip to the famous Trieste beaches if you like off the beaten path destinations.

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