Tour du Mont Blanc Packing List – Download it


Take only what you need on a hut to hut hike in the Alps.

Today is Dec 13 2023 – Where did December go?
Hello Outdoor Lovers – 
It’s been a week of shopping, Christmas markets and icy icy hikes with my husky and doodle. We’re up to researching some cool photoshoot locations when the ice freezes over the trees and bushes.  Love to find a frozen spiderweb too!

If you’re behind on shopping, like me REI is having a final pre–Christmas sale until Dec 19 if you need any outdoor gear. 

Also for people wanting a chance at 2023 on the Tour du Mont Blanc, it’s a good idea not to wait to book your huts.  Shoot me an email and I can point you in the right direction to a concierge that can do all your bookings for huts if you want.

I wrote up a checklist to make it easier to stuff everything into luggage for a flight to Geneva – You can see it’s not really much which is the advantage of hut to hut hiking!


Want to know more about the TMB?

Read the full blog post here.

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If you missed the download, here’s a 2022 updated lightweight packing list for hut to hut hiking in the Alps on the TMB.

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Until next time, Adventures Await! —- Morgan