rhine castles trail

Rhine Castles Trail Hike (2024)

The Rhine Castles Trail (otherwise known as the Rhineburgenweg) is a 210-kilometer (130 miles) hiking trail in 13 stages that stretches along the left bank of the Romantic Rhine River Gorge near Frankfurt and Koblenz. It is divided into 13 stages, each offering breathtaking views of the Rhine Valley Gorge, … Read More

Boppard Chairlift (Boppard Sesselbahn) Tips

As my trusty doodle Ruby and I tackled the rugged paths of the MittelRhein Klettersteig, we found ourselves trekking beneath the Boppard Sesselbahn (Boppard chairlift) – a cool slice of engineering that offers sky-high rides with killer views. This unexpected encounter with the chairlift made me think that almost anyone … Read More