SEALSKINZ Beetley Waterproof Gaitor Review: My Take

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When the weather takes a turn, keeping your head and neck protected becomes essential. Recently, I tested the SEALSKINZ Beetley, and it didn’t disappoint. This all-weather head gaitor is designed to withstand the elements, providing both warmth and water resistance.

Its construction is impressive: a polyester and elastane shell paired with a polyurethane membrane, and a polyester inner lining. Based on experience, the comfort level is high, and it holds up well in chilly rain.

This gaitor is crafted for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t let the weather dictate their plans.


While some users may find the sizing slightly generous, this can be a plus for layering. It’s often the right call to have a bit of extra room for comfort and flexibility. The care is straightforward too – just wash and air dry.

The SEALSKINZ Beetley is more than just its technical specs. It’s a blend of functionality and style, ensuring that you look good while staying dry and warm. Even during a downpour, this head gaitor has got you covered, quite literally.

Bottom Line: Waterproof, Reliable and Really Warm

The SEALSKINZ Beetley is a strong contender if you’re in need of reliable, weatherproof headgear.

It combats the cold effectively and manages to keep you dry without compromising on style.

Enhance your outdoor gear with the SEALSKINZ Beetley.

Best Overall Performance
SEALSKINZ Beetley Waterproof

What we liked most: 100% waterproof & windproof 

  • Three layer construction
  • Maximum breathability
  • Extendable waterproof hood
  • 12 colours

SEALSKINZ Beetley Waterproof All Weather Head Gaitor Overview

After experiencing a chilly and drizzly outdoor adventure, it’s clear the SEALSKINZ Beetley gaitor stands up to its promise of all-weather protection. Its shell is predominantly polyester with a hint of stretchiness provided by elastane, topped with a polyurethane membrane—an effective barrier against water. The lining is soft polyester, gentle on the skin even when temperatures drop.

You’ll appreciate that maintenance is a cinch. A simple wash at 30°C and air drying gets it ready for your next outing. It’s quite the resilient piece, as I found no need for ironing or bleaching to maintain its condition—just wash and wear.

While it might run a bit large for some, it fits comfortably under a hood and is cozy enough to keep ears warm without causing overheating.

The construction quality is evident, meant to last through your rainy escapades or your chilly morning rides, although its water resistance is optimally utilized under a jacket hood for an added layer of defense against heavy downpours.

Whether you’re facing the brisk winter winds on your bike, skiing or snowboarding or taking on a damp hike, this gaitor has proven to be a practical addition to any outdoor wardrobe.

Comfort and Fit

When considering the Beetley Waterproof All Weather Head Gaitor, you’ll find the blend of polyester and elastane offers a flexible fit that adapts to most head sizes. However, feedback suggests that it may run slightly large for some, so you might want to size down for a snugger fit. The gaitor is designed to remain comfortable even in cold

Durability and Maintenance

If you’re planning to stay active outdoors regardless of the weather, the Beetley Gaitor promises to serve as a trusty companion.

This accessory is designed to withstand the elements, thanks to its sturdy fabric blend of polyester and elastane with a polyurethane membrane.

Users report that it maintains its form and function even after exposure to rain and cold, suggesting good resistance to wear and tear.

Maintenance is straightforward and user-friendly. You won’t need to fuss over elaborate care routines since it requires a simple wash at a low temperature and air drying.

The absence of a need for ironing, bleaching, or dry cleaning underlines the user-centric design of the Beetley.

However, be mindful that a proper fit is crucial for optimal performance and durability, as a slightly larger size might not provide the snugness desired.

This practical, easy-to-care-for head gaitor has received praise for its quality materials, making your investment more likely to extend through seasons of robust use.

Versatility in Use

When you slip on the Beetley Gaitor, you’ll notice the flexibility it brings to varied weather conditions.

Thanks to a thoughtful combination of polyester and elastane in the shell, the gaitor stretches comfortably, accommodating various head shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re hiking through a drizzle or facing a downpour, the membrane’s 100% polyurethane ensures you stay dry.

After you’re back indoors, care is straightforward: a simple machine wash at a cool temperature and a drip dry is all it takes to maintain its weatherproof qualities.

However, it’s crucial to remember not to iron, bleach, or dry clean it, as these can harm the waterproof membrane.

This level of care shows the gaitor is made to last through your outdoor adventures while remaining uncomplicated to maintain.

Waterproof Quality

In testing the Beetley Head Gaitor from SEALSKINZ, the waterproof feature stood out significantly.

Even under a deluge, your head remains dry, a testament to the quality of the materials used.

The polyurethane membrane functions as an effective barrier against water, keeping moisture out while maintaining breathability.

Some wearers mentioned they haven’t fully put it to the test in isolation because they often pair it with a waterproof jacket hood.

However, they still praise its ability to keep their ears warm and dry in wet conditions. It’s worth noting that while the size has caused a few comments—if a snugger fit is preferred—it does not detract from its waterproof capabilities.

The care instructions are straightforward, ensuring that maintaining its water-resistant properties is simple: wash gently, drip dry, and avoid harsh treatments. Keeping these tips in mind, your Beetley Head Gaitor is set to serve reliably through rainy commutes or outdoor adventures.

Pros and Cons

After spending some time with the Beetley Gaitor, it’s evident that the product is designed with functionality and style in mind, ideal for braving chilly and wet conditions.


  • Effective Protection: You’ll appreciate how the Gaitor shields you from rain and cold, serving its purpose admirably in various weather scenarios.
  • Style Meets Utility: Its well-thought-out design doesn’t compromise on aesthetics, making you look good while staying protected.
  • Quality Material: The Gaitor boasts robustness in its construction, a durable piece that suggests longevity and reliability.
  • User Satisfaction: Many users have touted this as their top pick of the year, indicating a high satisfaction rate with the overall performance.


  • Sizing Concerns: Some users have noted that the fit can be slightly loose. Before purchasing, consider going for a smaller size for a snug fit around your head.
  • Water Resistance Not Fully Tested: One notable point is that complete water resistance hasn’t been thoroughly assessed under all conditions, considering its effectiveness when worn under additional layers.
  • Specific Use Case: Intended primarily for cyclists in the winter, its utility may be specialized rather than universal, potentially limiting its appeal.

It’s key to weigh these benefits and drawbacks according to your specific needs. The Beetley has established itself as a trusty companion for outdoor enthusiasts, despite the minor sizing issues and relatively untested water resistance in isolation.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The head gaitor has garnered praise for its thoughtful design and practicality, especially in cold and wet conditions. Users find it to be a standout purchase for braving the elements.

However, not everyone found the fit perfect. A few mentioned that sizing could be an issue, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right size for a snug fit—something to keep in mind when ordering.

Those who have taken the Beetley out for a spin appreciate its quality but have mixed feedback on its full water resistance capabilities, as some haven’t had the chance to test this feature to the fullest. The material’s quality and the warmth it provides have been commonly


After having the opportunity to use the Beetley Gaitor, it’s clear that this product from SEALSKINZ offers commendable weather protection to keep you cozy during cold and rainy conditions. With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 from a total of 42 users, the majority have shared positive experiences, highlighting its well-thought-out design and effective performance in inclement weather.

Some users noted that it could run slightly large, suggesting that you may consider a smaller size for a snugger fit around your head. That said, the overall sentiment reflects satisfaction with the gaitor’s quality and ability to keep the wearer’s ears warm, emphasizing its practicality, especially for cyclists braving the winter chill.

One point to consider is that its water resistance hasn’t been extensively tested by all users, as some wore it beneath a hooded waterproof jacket. However, the quality material and construction suggest it should stand up to the test of wet conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features of SEALSKINZ gaitors?

The Beetley Waterproof All Weather Head Gaitor by Sealskinz is crafted with a priority on keeping you dry and comfortable. The main features include the use of a three-layer fabric construction that involves a polyester-elastane shell, a polyurethane membrane, and a polyester inner lining. This combination ensures water resistance while granting flexibility, making it an apt choice for outdoor activities.

Can SEALSKINZ gaitors be used in extreme cold weather conditions?

Yes, you can certainly use the SEALSKINZ head gaitor in colder climates. The polyester component provides insulation, and users have reported it keeps ears warm effectively. However, it’s worth mentioning that it’s not specifically tailored for extreme conditions, so for sub-zero temperatures, pairing it with additional headgear could be advantageous.

How do Sealskinz gaitors compare with competitive brands in terms of durability?

From what I’ve gathered, the SEALSKINZ gaitors hold up well in comparison to other brands. The materials and construction are known for durability. Maintaining the gaitor as per the care instructions—washing at a low temperature and air drying—plays a significant role in preserving its resilience and function over time.

Are these gaitors suitable for hiking in diverse terrains?

SEALSKINZ gaitors are adaptable to various hiking environments. Their waterproof fabric keeps you dry through wet grass and rain, while the stretch in the material accommodates vigorous movement. They are a reliable companion for trail explorations, whether in the woods or on more rugged mountain pathways.

What is the breathability level of Sealskinz gaitors, and do they cause perspiration?

These gaitors balance waterproofing with breathability. The design aims to minimize perspiration, with several users reporting comfort during use. It’s inevitable that any waterproof material will have some moisture build-up in certain conditions, but SEALSKINZ attempts to mitigate this as much as possible. Always check for fit, as a snug but not overly tight fit helps manage perspiration effectively.

How should SEALSKINZ gaitors be maintained for optimal longevity?

To ensure the longevity of your SEALSKINZ gaitor, follow the care instructions: machine wash at a gentle cycle of 30°C/85°F and then allow it to drip dry. It should not be subjected to dry cleaning, ironing, or bleach. Proper care will maintain fabric integrity, water-resistance, and the overall performance of the gaitor for future adventures.

Final Verdict

Let’s face it, you pay for what you get. You’ve got many options, but if you’re really interested in performance I highly recommend you consider this one.

Best Overall Performance
SEALSKINZ Beetley Waterproof

What we liked most: 100% waterproof & windproof 

  • Three layer construction
  • Maximum breathability
  • Extendable waterproof hood
  • 12 colours

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