Rifugio Fodara Vedla : Best Rifugio on the Alta Via 1 Trail

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What do you do after a strenuous hike the Alta Via 1 in the Italian Dolomites? A flying dress photoshoot at Rifugio Fodara Vedla, of course!

Rifugio Fodara Vedla is arguably the best rifugio on the Alta Via 1 Trek in the Dolomites

Rifugio Fodara Vedla
Lunchtime fills up with dayhikers on the deck, but at night you’ve got it to yourself.

If you’re here looking for information about the amazing hut-to-hut hike starting in lovely Lago di Braies —- read the Alta Via 1 hike detailed hiking informational post. You can get all the logistical details there.

What’s it like at Rifugio Fodara Vedla?

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

This article is ALL about Nature Goddesses living their best life between the end of the day’s hike and the beginning of the delicious 3 course dinner at Rifugio Fodara Vedla. The food is seriously delicious.

You won’t lose weight on the Alta Via 1 even though you’re hiking over insane mountains for hours each day.

The dishes created by the independent high elevation huts are full of pride and taste.

Read until the end to learn how to book a private room and hike to the absolute BEST rifugio on the entire Alta Via 1 trek. We’ve done it three years in a row and this place is just solid gold.

What is a mountain hut in the Dolomites?

Dolomites LanguagesHigh Elevation Accommodation
EnglishMountain Hut
Ladin I’m not sure.

Perfect Adventure Elopement or Photoshoot Location

If you are the adventurous type and met your loved on on a hiking date, this would make a memorable adventure elopement or small wedding venue. It’s even got a tiny chapel!

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Rifugio Fodara Vedla church
This is my kind of church.

Novice Flying Dress Photoshoot

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

This was my first attempt at taking photos with anything other than a smartphone. But smartphones are amazing. And easier.

I bought a fancy camera but didnt’ know about the whole JPEG vs RAW business. Everything here is straight JPEG because I’m an idiot.

I cannot imagine the results if I actually knew how to take photos. I’m defintely on the start of my outdoor photography journey.

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

Fodara Vedla Italy Accommodation

This hütte has a range of rooms including private rooms for 2 or 4 people. They come with bathrooms in your room, which is very nice for a mountain hut.

Our family and family friends had adjoining rooms with a connecting deck overlooking the alm. It’s really a lovely mountain hut.

Rifugio Fodara Vedla is a must-visit for anyone exploring the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park or hikers on the Alta Via 1. Nestled in a lush green basin in the micro herding village of San Marrebe , this refuge offers a traditional escape from the modern world. There is an access road for people that cannot tolerate the hike, but you’ll need to go in a 4×4 vehicle.

The Mutschlechner family, with roots in the area dating back to 1928, will give you a warm welcome. Their grandfather, Arthur, was a pioneer in establishing the region as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The Rifugio, built in 1979, has room for 42 guests. As for the food, expect fresh salads from the rifugio’s garden, homemade pasta dishes, and classic Tyrolean specialties. It’s the perfect place to refuel before your next hike.

Fodara Vedla Photoshoot

These guys were really curious about what was going on with the dress shoot. Or, maybe they were confused. It’s probably the first time someone schlepped up 5 lbs of satin from Lago di Braies.
kids at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

Either way, they decided to join in on the fun of a post 1,500 meter climb and embark upon a flying dress photoshoot adventure! Because hiking across the Dolomites where WWI soldiers and WWII refugees wasn’t enough drama.

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

Do not forget! This was between a 6 hour hike and dinner. Everyone was a bit….hungry.

But not too hungry because there was venison tagliatelle at lunch at Rifugio Biella. We don’t tend to stay there because they have great lunch but showers aren’t plentiful at that mountain hut.

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

What an amazing hiking model.

We definitely had to explore that trail after dinner. The one going up the mountain on the left. There’s some pretty cool caves part way up the mountain.

Of course, we ate the insanely good food at Rifugio Fodara Vedla first.

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

Walking around after you ditch your pack is such a good feeling.

However, the satin dress is a bit heavy! It will knock you off your feet if you don’t brace.

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla
There were a lot of feelings all around.

To be 13.

The thing about flying dresses, is that they fly whevever they want to fly. It’s like the satin has a mind of of it’s own.

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

These kids need some dinner. That is obvious.

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

This is my favorite. Don’t tell her.

I like that she is mysterious.

It’s compelling.

How lucky am I that my friends and family indulge my wild ideas to mix up Glam and Nature?

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

Photography Behind the Scenes

Don’t you just love behind the scenes? Sometimes it’s better than the actual “shots” you were going for. In particular, I’m fond of the mix of Korean money shorts and red satin.

It’s a statement!

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla
woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla
Pretending to be serious.

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla
10,000 won!

My child re-thinking if she should continue on my crazy adventures.

She said that she loves travel.

I may be pressing my luck with family travel experiences.

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

It’s time to call in reinforcements.

Off the deck and down onto the Dolomites meadow, here he comes to help fly the dress.

It’s actually quite a lot of work to “throw” a flying dress.

The kids are more resilient than we give them credit.

We hiked up from Lago di Braies, then did a photoshoot, then we ate, then we went hiking up to the cave and then we all played flashlight tag.

And it wasn’t at all exhausting. These are the moments.

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

It’s time to eat. Thank goodness we are staying at Rifugio Fodara Vedla.

2 helpers.

It’s not going well for our heroine.

She needs a chance to eat Tyrolean food made from a family that has been preparing dishes for adventurers since 1979.

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

Time to eat!

woman taking glamorous photos at Rifugio Fodara Vedla

You would think they were tired from the 6 hour hike up 3,000 ft.

But no, post dinner means the ultimate game of flashlight tag in this ancient herding village on the top of a Dolomites plateau.

Rifugio Fodara Vedla
Rifugio Fodara Vedla

Flashlight tag has never been better than in this high mountain valley. Is it bad the kids used the chapel as a home base?

Rifugio Fodara Vedla

FAQ Rifugio Fodara Vedla

How do I book a room at Rifugio Fodara Vedla?

Booking is done online or by phone. Contact Lorena through her website to book a room in this beautiful location.

Rifugio Fodara Vedla location?

From San Vigilio you can reach the Pederü hut by car or by bus. Travel time: approx. 20 minutes for 12 km. From the hut (1,545m a. s. l.) you reach the mountain hut by foot within about 1 hour and 15 minutes along the 3km long path number 7.

From Cortina d’Ampezzo you may use any means of transportation to the refuge Ra Stua (1700m a. s. l.). From there you walk for 5km along path number 9 and you will reach Fodara Vedla within 1.5 hours.

From Lake Braies in Val Pusteria (1,600m) you can reach the Fodara Vedla refuge within approximately 5-6 hours along path number 23 or at the Alta Via 1.

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