Dolomiti 2021 Plans

Hey there SuperHikers and chill family hikers too!

i will post this on my website to just preserve it for further use and so Dave doesn't go and reserve an extra hotel room, despite email and whatapp already sent. boo.

j/k who plans a year in advance? me boo.

i've planned it so that hiking the Dolomiti 2021 is hard, but not too hard. Sage did it last year and she was 11. Her 10 year old girlfriend came along though and didn't train at all and we had to turn back after 7 hours on day 1 and go back to hotel thinking we were screwed but her mama drove overnight from Germany and picked her up.

Moms are the best! To makeup time, Sage and I did day 1 and day 2 together the next day. it was okay. We didn't stop to eat.

Hint: train.

ahead of time.

the dolomiti are STEEP, but so scenic. many parts are kinda flat and there are plenty of grandmas and grandpas and 5 year olds on the trail....but preparation makes the experience so MUCH better.

I'm going to use my physical therapy super powers and suggest walking in your boots weekly for a few hours as training. And deadlifts to make the pack feel light. But if you know me, i'll suggest deadlifts for every endeavour. (really though, deadlifting is great)



I noticed that lots of families that did it last year, Dad would have a big ole pack, mom a medium and kids not wearing. I will not be carrying my children's pack out of sheer principle, but it's a great option to split things up if needed for bigger shoulders to carry more if needed. (i did carry most of sages water)

We've had good luck with going to the outdoor store with a few heavy water bottles in my purse. Put the water bottles in pack, the try it on and walk around the store to see how it feels. They are all so different and you've got to find your fit.

i mistakenly spent $240 on a pack i thought was good by looking at it. it literally rubs me the wrong way, AND, my cell phone doesn't fit into the hip pocket for easy photo access. boo.

if we get totally f*&$^ked it might rain all day. normally not so much in this time of year. but, i wouldn't pack for the "cold". think 50-70 degrees F. chill at night, warmish during day. again, we might get screwed....but doubt it.

we dont need to bring more than 1-2 liters of water (one cool hydroflask and a 1.5 liter bladder in pack was too much water) and no food really.

You can wear the same clothes to hike daily (easy to rinse at night at hut) and one outfit to eat dinner and hang out at night. YOU REALLY dont need much.



low top or mid top hiking boots are fine, running shoes will not feel great on due to the rocky terrain. the 70 dollar cheapo columbia ladies boots have worked great for us and many ladies i know. but shoes are personal, so test them out ahead of time and break them in.

i'll bring athletic tape just in case. last year i managed to step on a 1.5 inch shard of glass on my heel 4 days prior to the trip. tape worked great, it didnt even bother me during the hike despite the gash.

you will need slides or flipflops for night.


Breakfast is at the hut, dinner is at hut. Lunch will be at a midway hut or a packed sandwich. Hikers all eat together with a set menu dinner is at 6-7, and is a 3 course italian meal with wine. Breakfast is usually between 7-9. meat, cheese, fruit, bread, juice, coffee. credit card accepted, plenty of places to plug in phones to charge.

Honestly, I was NOT hungry much. the granola bars went uneaten.

Sleeping Gear:

I'm too old for "sleepsacs" and all that, so the rooms we have reserved are almost like a bnb...they provide all the sheets and towels and such. No need for anything special besides earplugs.


Dave and Lauren - aka Newlyweds Morgan Aaron - Cornhole King and Queen Andre Shannon - Candian King and Queen Sage Sascha - Cornhole Spawn Tara Ashleigh - Tell Me What to Do- I'll Cut off Your Johnson!!!! Corina, Jason, Julia - Sicilian royalty Carl - Vermont Jaegermeister Cynthia - Queen of h Current

total 15. Currently i have 13 spots booked -- If Andre and Shannon are onboard i will do 2 more. They may be out of beds now though so may have to split up between huts. I would like to finalize huts asap, because they are a pain in the but to coordinate on the correct days as we have to hike to them. So please let me know what you think....NLT 27 Feb.

PLAN OF FUN: 28 July - 2 august

28 July - Wednesday We're staying in Carbonin and driving from germany or maybe a half way point. I've reserved for fielders and Carl/Cynthia and paid already. we're staying at Crodo Rossa. it's about 20 min from "Dobbiaco' ---- the starting point in the morning. Dave and Lauren staying near airport.

TODO: get the bus tickets to state park reserved online. reserve gondola boats for the lake, remaining accomodation tara, ashleigh, carl, pardos, carneys, angela paid: 162 fielders 108 harringtons via 29 July - Thursday (Dobbiaco to Fodara Vedla Hut: 12km mostly uphill 6-7 hours hard + car/bus ride) we'll get up 6 am, drive to Dobbiaco bus station and leave cars in free park there and catch the 0800 bus to the Lago Di Braies National park. impossible to drive to. and too pricey even if not impossible. 8-10 explore park bfast, then 10-6 hike. lunch is at the peak at Rifugio Biella, lots o pasta and views. the first day is hard and longest day maybe 6 solid hours hiking but we will take many breaks. we have to get up early to get bus into national park....then it's UP UP UP. so gorgeous though- prettiest lake i've been too. milky blue waters. and we might want to rent a gondola type boat and do drone photos. but it is a tough day on the legs. we're staying at Fodara Vedla a small family run hut in a tiny valley with delicious pasta and sheep running around. deposit paid 300 euros - rest to be paid there in person. minus deposit it is 78 euros per person. for: 1 - 2 bed (honeymoon Dave and Lauren) 1 - 6 bed dorm (mix of carney/fielders/carl/cynthia /ashleigh/tara) 1 - 5 bed dorm (mix of carney/fielders/cynthia/carl/ashleigh/tara) THOUGH: if all 15 plan to come i'll have to add more spaces. 13 spots planned now.

30 July : Friday (Fodara Vedla to Laverella: 9km, flat. 3.5 hours easy) second day is a stroll 3.5. hours. rambling, top of the hills...NO RUSH. Stay at Lavarella. 52 euros per person, except Julia (kid price) 44.20. Paid already 220 euro deposit. 2 - 2 bed rooms (one has child bed for juia for Carneys, and a 2 bed for harringtons) 2 - 3 bed (mix of fielders, grandpy, angela, pardos) Ashleigh and Tara paid themselves. 31 July : Saturday (Laveralla to Lagazuoi: (16.5 km, up, down, up 6-7 hours) Longer day 4-6 hours - ups and downs, bring the sack lunch from lavarella. This day is hard up and down with crazy views but not so bad as first, ends in a steep uphill trail (not slippery, just rocky flat path upward) to the most scenic view with the hut on teh top of a rock with a sauna on the deck. stay Lagazuoi: paid 20 euros pp deposit. 1 2 bed - 186 9 dorms - 774 (86 pp) (mix of fielders, pardo, grandy, angela, carneys) Ashleigh and Tara paid themselves. OUTSTANDING: plan a tour guide of ferratas, wwi tunnels. Aug 1: Sunday (Lagazuoi to Cinque Torri: 13km, DOWN, 4-5 hours) Here we have a chance to explore the WWI tunnels, ferratas (hanging onto the sides of a cliff buy a wire) and more. The views are incredible. More tourists than we are used to due to access by bus. The day is mostly downhill- but if knees are a bother, there is a gondola to skip the downhill and it's 2 hours gentle up-ish but fun with some scrambling up rocks if you want (you can go around). a cute coffee shop is there. the most delicious hut is Averau a 30 min walk from cinque torri

Stay in Cinque Torri. This is a place i had in 2020 but had to reschedule because i jacked up the plans in 2020, they offered me to move it. so cool. still negotiating the rooms, etc. they wanted me to wait until feb to finalize. it's a cutie simple place. i'm not sure about it, but it'll be okay no matter what i think. i've paid 120 euros deposit reserved: two 4 beds 1 3 bed and 1 2 bed (honeymooners) 13 spots total. AUG 2: Monday (Cinque Torri to Cortina d'Ampezzo 14.5 km, easy stroll 3-4 hours) walk from cinque torri down the glen into Cortina de Amprezzo. Tara and Ashleigh have a place they've reserved. Harringtons and Fielders staying on Dave's super fancy pants hotel. Carl, Cynthia,- we've got to figure out something. carneys. - It's a great night to explore Cortina d'Amprezzo. the place where Italian movie stars go. the perfect pedestrian night on the main street.

Aug 3: Tuesday (Cortina d'Ampezzo to Dobbiaco where cars are. 1 hour bus ride, anytime) breakfast bakery meetup: there is a bus stop in Cortina every hour to Dobbiaco where our cars are parked. it's uber cheap. get back to cars in Dobbiaco and then drive home or to airport and/or next destination.

Drive home- kiss - hug.

Fielders, tara and ashleigh, carl, cynthia and anyone else can drive back to germany.

morgan really wishes she could continue the entire alta via 1's 6-8 more days.

Carl do you have your plane tickets to get to Frankfurt for a month or two this summer?

love and kisses,