When in Rome (or anywhere in Italy), Eat Gelato.

It's probably important to eat gelato everyday if you are lucky enough to be in Italy.

Do you love real Italian Gelato? 🇮🇹 Comment on your favorite place to experience this delish treat. ⁣⁣


We love it so much we made one final Italian stop for real gelato before the border crossing back into Austria on our Dolomite hut to hut hiking experience. ⁣⁣


Except they all speak German in this Italian town! ⁣⁣


We picked Vipiteno because of food of course! The bed and breakfasts in the Dolomites often served Vipiteno natur (plain full fat) yogurt and it tasted so good so we wanted to go the source for dairy. ⁣⁣


There is something about these Uber fit alpine cows and the milk they make. It’s surprising how high the cows graze on wild grasses literally on the top of a granite mountain. ⁣⁣


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