Austrian Dream Hiking Plans

I added the trail information to the first picture from each trail so you can tell where one hike ends and another begins.

We based out of an apartment in Radstadt. I usually don’t recommend apartments to stay but Gut Unterbrunn was an adorable rustic apartment and absolutely amazing. The host was so welcoming. It was centrally located and all our hikes were easily accessible. You can book the apartment on or email the host directly Visit their website for more information:

All of the hikes have significant elevations gains. They are not for beginners. Just because a hike is short, doesn’t mean that it will be easy. Nearly all of the hikes took longer than the time on Outdoor Active. By the end of our trip, my husband and I were exhausted which probably made the hikes seem harder than they actually are. Best time to visit is June to early October. These hikes are not safe if there is snow! Difficulty is based on distance and elevation gain. I use the hiking tracker located on this site to rate hikes: --------------------------------------------- Trail: Wildsee Distance: 13.4 km (8.3 miles) Duration: 6 – 6.5 Hours Elevation Gain: 2556 ft Difficulty: Difficult Fees: None Parking: Obertauern-Felseralm bus stop ( or a small parking lot across the road (Drive down the road across from the bus stop. After your cross the river, there will be a small parking area. ( Dog friendly: Yes Beautiful circular hike from the parking lot at the Obertauern Felseralm bus stop to the Wildsee and on via the Tauernhöhenweg to the Südwienerhütte. Return via the Hirschwandsteig on the Salzburger Almenweg to the starting point. On the Hirschwandsteig there is a short, steeply sloping and narrow section of the path where you have to hold on to a rope. --------------------------------------------- Trail: From the Ursprungalm to the Giglach Lakes Distance: 8.2 km (5.1 miles) Duration: 3 – 3.5 Hours Elevation Gain: 1473 ft Difficulty: Challenging Fees: Toll Road - 4.2 euro per person. Parking - 8 euro (Not sure where to pay. We only saw the sign and no where to pay since it was the off season) Parking: Ursprungalm Parkplatz ( Dog friendly: Yes but at your own risk per the sign. Please keep distance from grazing animals especially those with babies as they are more likely to charge. The long, beautifully formed Preuneggtal Valley is accessed via a toll road. Leaving from the Ursprungalm, we hike along a good mountain pathway (way no. 771) and, in about 1 to 1.5 hours, reach the Giglach Lakes. The valley basin is flanked by alpine peaks. The two lakes are separated by a narrow strip of land and are definitely worth hiking around. You can take a break at either of the two alpine refuge huts and enjoy the views. --------------------------------------------- Trail: 5 Huts Trail Distance: 14 km (8.7 miles) Duration: 5 - 6 Hours Elevation Gain: 2910 ft Difficulty: Challenging Fees: None Parking: Parkplatz Wanderausgangspunkt Edelbrunn ( (Do not park at the Ramsau Event Center unless you want to add a few miles to the hike) Dog friendly: No. Dogs are not allowed on the trail through the Alpine pastures between Dachsteinsudwandhutte and Glosalm. If you bring your dog, you will have to turn around at the hutte and go back the way that you came. A classic hiking trail taking you from Ramsau's plateau to the pastures. From meadows, fields and high forests to the tree line - this beautiful day walk takes approx. 6 hours back to the starting point. Ascent: approx. 2h30min --------------------------------------------- Trail: SalzenAlpenTour-Stuhlloch-Annaberg Distance: 12.9 km (8.0 miles) Duration: 7 Hours Elevation Gain: 3159 ft Difficulty: Difficult Fees: None Parking: Parkplatz Pommer ( Dog friendly: No due to the difficulty of the trail. Please check the conditions of the trail on SalzAlpenSteig website if hiking early or late in the season. Rain will make the ascent extremely slippery. Do NOT attempt this trail if there is snow! A circular tour below the Gosaukamm with magnificent views of the Tennengebirge and the Pongauer-Grasberge. The hikes begins with a strenuous ascent. You can take a break to enjoy food and wonderful views at the Stuhlalm. You will continue for a while over lush mountain meadows and later through pine fields to the Bischofsmütze, then continue to the south and cross the passageway on steep serpentines. The serpentine trail is extremely steep. Please use extreme caution when ascending the trail. You will continue along the trail on the side of the mountain then ascend a rocky trail before walking on a narrow trail along the side of the mountain. After you cross the mountain trail, you will across alpine meadows to Losegg (1647m) and enjoy the wonderful 360 ° view of the surrounding mountain ranges such as the Pongauer Grasberge in the south, the Tennengebirge in the west and the Gosaukamm in the east at an inviting rest area before ascending the trail. --------------------------------------------- Trail: Alpine trail through Höll Gorge Distance: 3.9 km (2.4 miles) Duration: 2 – 2.5 Hours Elevation Gain: 968 ft Difficulty: Challenging Fees: Parking - 9 € without Sommercard , 6€ with Sommercard. Parking: Untertal Parkplatz ( Child friendly: 8 and up according to the sign. No small children. Dog friendly: No The alpine trail through "Höllschlucht" (hell's canyon) takes course alongside the highest waterfall of Styria - the Riesach waterfall. The water masses falling down are an impressive natural spectacle, which are made accessible in various ways.

You will ascend the trail along side roaring waterfalls. The trail considers of 1 steel rope suspension bridge with 50 m length, 1 steel bridge with 14 m length, 6 bridges with lengths between 4.5 and 7 m, 2 runways with 5.5 m length, 15 staircases with a total length of 94 m. If you would like to explore around Riesachsee, the hike will be longer than 3.9 km. After hiking through the canyon, you MUST descend on the forest road. You cannot descend through the canyon. --------------------------------------------- Trail: Rossbrand Gipfel Tour Distance: 3 km (1.9 miles) Duration: 1 Hour Difficulty: Easy Fees: None Parking: Radstädter Hütte (Roßbrandstraße 47, 5550 Radstadt) ( Keep driving until you cannot drive any further. You will park a short walk from the hutte. Child friendly: Yes Dog friendly: Yes The Rossbrand can be enjoyed in several ways. Since we were extremely tired, we decided to take the easiest route to the top. We drove the Rossbrandstrasse and parked right before reaching the Radstadter Hutte. We followed the signs for the Rossbrand Gipfel Tour and did the short hike around the peak. The views are AMAZING. I highly recommend checking out the webcam before going up. Another option is to park at the Burgerberalm then hike the challenging 4.2 mile (roundtrip) trail with a 1969 ft elevation gain (original plan but are legs couldn’t do it). If you are feeling even more adventerous, you can park in Radstadt then hike the difficult 6.8 mile (roundtrip) trail with a 3081 ft elevation gain.

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