Is Kirkel Germany Worth Visting?

Do you love hidden gems? If you do, Kirkel Germany is worth visiting due to it’s blend of natural beauty and historical charm and it’s TOTALLY off-the-beaten path in the Saarpfalz forest. Located in Saarland near the UNESCO Bliesgau biosphere reserve and 10 minutes from the town of Homburg, it … Read More

lake eibsee germany

Visiting Lake Eibsee Germany: Pros and Cons

You may be wondering, is visiting Lake Eibsee, Germany worth it? I’ve got you covered with my detailed guide based on 8 years visiting. Morgan’s Lake Eibsee Germany Video Nestled amidst the breathtaking Bavarian Alps, Lake Eibsee is not exactly a hidden gem. But, it sure is an emerald gem … Read More