13 of the Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Europe (Don’t Miss Them!)

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Stunning Romantic Waterfalls

Whether you’re looking for adventure, peace, or simply a chance to escape the world for a while, these stunning destinations offer the perfect combination of beauty and romance.

Europe is a continent known for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, and the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe are no exception. These magnificent natural wonders are the perfect destination for couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend quality time together.

I’ve been waterfall hunting for 7 years around Europe and it’s no surprise but Iceland and the Alps are my absolute favorite, but lesser known places like Slovenia are starting to impress!

Whether you’re planning a romantic Nature getaway or an adventurous elopement, this list of 13 most beautiful waterfalls in Europe will inspire you to plan your next trip to these picturesque destinations.

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Read until the end, where I highlight some tips for travellers to embark on a type of walking vacation, a hut to hut journey by foot to explore these waterfalls in person.

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Top 13 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Europe

1. Skogafoss in Iceland

By: Victoria of Iceland Trippers

Romantic waterfalls

A great place to go hiking in a dress!

Easily one of the best waterfalls in Europe, Skogafoss Waterfall sits along the Skógá River on Iceland’s South Coast and is easily visible from Route 1 or the Ring Road. 

Therefore, you can drive to Skogafoss from Reykjavik in under two hours. And it is worth it since this massive local landmark stands at an incredible 25 meters (82 feet) wide and 60 meters (197 feet) meters tall. 

Just be aware that while restrooms can be found at the entrance to the parking lot on the right-hand side, you do have to pay to use them. They are also not the cleanest facilities. 

On the plus side though, due to the amount of spray that comes off the waterfall, a rainbow is always present any time the sun comes out. 

Additionally, because the land at the base of the waterfall is quite flat, visitors can easily walk right up to it and take stunning photos. 

Alternatively, you can enjoy another unique perspective of the waterfall by climbing to the top of a steep staircase and accessing a viewing platform here. 

Plus, if you love seafood then stop by during the summer and try fishing for local Salmon or Char in the river below Skógafoss.  

Just note that while you can visit at any time of year, extra caution is needed in the winter since the area around the waterfall is extremely icy and snowy. 

You’ll also want to avoid the hotels and food purveyors around the waterfall since they are quite expensive. 

Instead, stock up on snacks at a local grocery store and make use of restaurants and hotels in either Vik or Selfoss.

2. Nauthusafoss in Iceland

by Igor of Epic Iceland

Romantic waterfalls

There are hundreds of amazing waterfalls in Iceland. Most of them are easily accessible to visitors, which means they are also pretty touristy. Not all Icelandic waterfalls are crowded, though.

Many waterfalls are actually hidden in highlands, where only experienced and adventurous travelers are able to reach them. Below are 3 such examples of hidden gems among waterfalls in Iceland.

Nauthúsafoss waterfall is well hidden in a narrow ravine called Nauthuságil, close to the Icelandic south coast. You can find Nauthúsafoss in a quiet detour from the rough road 249 leading to the hiking area called Thórsmörk. 

There is a high concentration of waterfalls in Europe. You’ll notice Iceland featured frequently. If you’re a waterfall enthusiast, there’s no better place with such density of incredible waterfalls. The hiking is pretty out of this world and filled with hidden dwarves too!

It takes about 30 minutes of exciting hiking to reach the waterfall from the car park. The hike consists of stone jumping in a narrow ravine along the small and fast-flowing creek. There’s even a part, where you have to use the chain to climb up the big boulder. No shortage of adventure on this trail!

The hike is mostly for those well-shaped, mostly due to the climbing section. However, once you reach Nauthúsafoss, you will be rewarded with a one-of-its-kind view. And you will most likely be alone there. 

3. Mostnica Waterfall in Slovenia

Romantic waterfalls

Mostnica waterfall is a stunning natural attraction located in Slovenia, just a short distance from the popular tourist destination of Lake Bled.

The waterfall is situated in the Mostnica Gorge, which is part of the Triglav National Park and is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

The waterfall is just a 15-minute drive from Lake Bled, which is known for its picturesque scenery and romantic atmosphere.

To reach Mostnica waterfall, visitors can take a guided tour from Ljubljana or they can drive to the nearby town of Bled and follow the signs to the Triglav National Park.

The waterfall is located just a short hike away from the main road, and visitors can follow the path that follows the Mostnica River to reach the waterfall.

Alternatively, there are guided tours available from Lake Bled that include a visit to Mostnica waterfall and other scenic attractions in the area.

Mostnica waterfall is considered one of the most romantic waterfalls in Slovenia, and a visit here is a must for nature lovers and couples.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush green vegetation and the sound of the cascading water creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Overall, Mostnica waterfall is a hidden gem in Slovenia and a romantic escape for those looking for a serene and peaceful getaway.

4. Orrido di Nesso in Italy

by Nora at Travel Bloggerr

Romantic waterfalls

The Orrido di Nesso is a waterfall located in the town of Nesso, in the province of Como in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. The waterfall is easily accessible from the town of Nesso and can be reached by a short walk along a well-maintained path.

The waterfall is situated in a narrow gorge, with the river flowing through it, creating a beautiful and powerful sight, that visitors can take by footpaths and bridge that takes you to the top of the waterfall.

The surrounding area is also popular for hiking and outdoor activities and offers scenic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. There are also several local restaurants, bars and gelaterias in the town of Nesso where you can enjoy local cuisine after a visit to the waterfall.

The Orrido di Nesso waterfall is considered as one of the most beautiful places and must visit spot in the region, especially during spring and summer, when the water flow is more abundant and powerful.

The hidden pocket of Trieste Italy, Slovenia and Croatia makes for a perfect vacation roadtrip to experience the best of Europe’s mountains and sea all within a 2 hours drive.

There are a few different ways to reach the Orrido di Nesso waterfall, depending on your location and mode of transportation. You can reach the waterfall by car, bus, boat or by taking one of the many hiking trails in the area. If you’re on a ferry heading to a different town on Lake Como, you should be able to get a decent view of the waterfall from the ferry if it stops at Nesso.

Access to the waterfall may be closed during certain times of the year or in case of adverse weather conditions so it’s always good to check in advance and plan accordingly.

5. Cascata dos Anjos in Madeira, Portugal

by Abbey of Trips on Abbey Road

Romantic waterfalls

One of the most romantic waterfalls in Europe is the Cascata dos Anjos or Anjos Waterfall on the island of Madeira, Portugal. 

Anjos Waterfall is one of the most unique waterfalls not only in Europe but in the whole world. This is because it comes splashing down off a seaside cliff and into a road. And yes, the road is used every day but locals and tourists alike.  

Anjos Waterfall in Madeira is one of the most popular things to do in Madeira while visiting. It is located in the town of Porto do Sol and is very easy to get to. Porta do Sol is a seaside town in Maderia where you can find cafes, co-working spots, and beautiful seaside restaurants. One of the best to check out is Restaurante da Porta – Dentro Clube 

To get to Porta do Sol you can take a bus into town, rent a car, or go on a private tour. 

When you get there you just drive down to the location off E.R. 101 you cannot miss it. 

Once you arrive at Anjos Waterfall you will see people or all ages waiting their turn to take photos or jump into the waterfall. The water is a bit cold all year round because the stream runs from a Levada high up in the Madiera mountains. 

But do not like that stop you from playing in the water. You will see cars drive through, back it up, and drive through again. It is so much fun you will never want to leave.

The best time to visit is a sunset with the light being soft and sometimes colorful over the sea behind the waterfall. If you wanted to chase the waterfalls around Europe, you have to check out Anjos Waterfall is both unique and beautiful.

6. Öxarárfoss in Iceland

My most epic Valentine’s day trip.

Romantic waterfalls
My last trip to Iceland for Valentine’s Day!

Öxarárfoss is a stunning waterfall located in Þingvellir National Park in Iceland. It is one of the country’s most popular natural attractions and is known for its unique beauty and peaceful surroundings.

To reach Öxarárfoss, visitors can drive to the park’s visitors center and follow the marked trail to the waterfall. The trail is a short and easy walk, and visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

Alternatively, there are guided tours available from nearby Reykjavik that include a visit to Öxarárfoss and other attractions in Þingvellir National Park.

Öxarárfoss is considered one of Iceland’s most romantic waterfalls, and a visit here is a must for nature lovers and couples. Visitors can walk up close to the waterfall and admire its beauty from different angles.

The waterfall is especially beautiful during the winter months and perfect for Valentines day. Pair it with a trip to one of the many hot springs in Iceland.

7. Torc Waterfall in Ireland

By Janelle at Make that Trip Matter

Romantic waterfalls

For an unforgettable waterfall experience in Ireland, make sure to visit Torc Waterfall. This stunning cascading waterfall is spectacularly situated at the base of Torc Mountain in County Kerry, and it’s a must-see whether you’re just in the area or when taking a tour of the popular Ring of Kerry.

Reaching a whopping 20m (66 ft) high, this mesmerizing waterfall will have you in awe of its beauty. To reach the waterfall, you will have to hike a 3,700m (2.3mi) fairly easy loop trail through Killarney National Park. It’s a lovely hike with views of Muckross Lake. However, be prepared with decent shoes and proper hiking attire as the trail can be muddy and uneven.

There is a tiny parking lot at the trailhead. It is recommended to arrive as early as possible because the Torc Waterfall and hiking trail is a popular site and the lot often fills up quickly. Otherwise, if you’re staying close enough you can always rent a bike and see some other views through the national park on your way to the trailhead! 

It’s best to stay in Killarney and take a day trip to the waterfall, just a 10-minute drive away. There are plenty of excellent accommodation options in Killarney (such as The Killarney Royal Hotel) and dining options (check out Malarkey and Bricín Restaurant). Plus, this is the starting point of the Ring of Kerry loop drive, making it the perfect destination for enjoying both the Torc Waterfall and the other many natural attractions nearby! 

8. Henrhyd Falls in Wales

By Kiernen at Wales Guidebook

Romantic waterfalls

Henrhyd Falls is the tallest waterfall in South Wales, UK. It’s located in the Brecon Beacons National Park in an area known as Waterfall Country because of its unusually high concentration of waterfalls as four rivers run through the deep gorges.

The waterfall is found where the Nant Llech river plummets over a 27m (90 ft) drop into the Graig Llech Gorge a small lagoon filled with moss and ferns which is also a popular wild swimming spot in the National Park.

Henrhyd Falls shot to fame when it featured in the blockbuster Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. In the film, you’ll see Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale) use the waterfall as the entrance to his Batcave. Although there’s no secret lair behind the waterfall, there is a pathway that allows you to walk behind it.

The waterfall is owned by National Trust and there is no entrance fee. There is a free car park just a 20-minute walk from the waterfall, although be ready for a steep walk with lots of steps. It can get very busy during the summer, so if you’re visiting during the peak season, aim to go on a weekday or early in the morning to avoid crowds.

If you’re up for more of an adventure, you can continue along the full Henrhyd Falls and Nant Llech trail which will take you further along the Nant Llech river. On the walk, you’ll see a disused watermill, plenty of smaller cascades, and an array of wildlife. The trail is well signposted and should take around 2.5 hours in total.

9. Gullfoss in Iceland

Romantic waterfalls
Valentine’s Day Trip of a Lifetime~!

Gullfoss is one of Iceland’s most iconic waterfalls, located in the popular tourist destination of the Golden Circle. It is known for its powerful cascading water and stunning beauty, making it a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. Gullfoss is situated just a short drive from Reykjavik and is easily accessible to visitors of all ages and abilities.

To reach Gullfoss, visitors can drive to the nearby town of Hvítárvatn and follow the marked trail to the waterfall.

The trail is a short and easy walk, and visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Alternatively, there are guided tours available from Reykjavik that include a visit to Gullfoss and other attractions in the Golden Circle.

Gullfoss is considered one of Iceland’s most romantic waterfalls, and a visit here is a must for nature lovers and couples.

The waterfall is surrounded by rugged and dramatic landscapes, and the sound of the cascading water creates a peaceful atmosphere

10. Aber Falls in Wales

By Paulina of the UK Every Day

Romantic waterfalls

Wales is home to several gorgeous waterfalls but one of the most spectacular is Aber Falls. Located less than 2 hours drive from Liverpool is the perfect way to explore some of the best waterfalls in Wales during a trip to the UK.

Tucked away in Snowdonia National Park and guarded by the Carneddau mountain, it is surprisingly easy to get there. Only half an hour’s walk from Aber Falls Car Park will take you to one of the most charming places in North Wales.

It is not only a waterfall that impresses its visitors, but also a hike that offers incredible views of bluebells, ancient trees, and Snowdonia’s rugged terrain. Hidden between rocks and greenery, Aber Falls is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Europe.

37 m tall waterfall is not the tallest Welsh waterfall but worth a visit. Especially, when you can also explore one of the first distilleries opened in Wales. Aber Falls Distillery which was founded in the early 1900s will offer you a unique Welsh experience.

Near Aber Falls, there are a lot of other interesting locations to explore such as Conwy Castle or Snowdonia National Park, but before you leave make sure to spend some quality time at Coedydd Aber National Nature Reserve. You can also climb the hill to see this impressive waterfall from the top.

Moreover, if you hike to the right of the waterfall, you will find another impressive cascade. If you are an adventurous person you can climb Carneddau mountain to admire the secret waterfall from a close up. It is a challenging hike but offers incredible views over carpets of bluebells and the Welsh landscape.

11. Lavaderos de La Reina Waterfall in Spain

By Linn Haglund at Amused by Andalucia

Romantic waterfalls

One of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe is the Lavaderos de La Reina, which translates to the Queen’s Washing Place. It got its name after the Queen of Belgium – according to legend. Apparently, she used to go to the area with her King and she would tell him that if a Queen went there to wash, she would become even more noble.

And truth is, the Sound of Music scene you enter when walking towards Lavaderos de La Reina cascades is pure magic. The water rushing down multiple falls on the naked rock surface before disappearing into glittering streams through green meadows where cows graze is taken straight out of a movie.

You are in the wild Sierra Nevada National Park in southern Spain, a hike that will take a day to complete, and one of the most beautiful day trips from Granada. But you must have a car to get to the trailhead. Driving past the mountain village of Güejar Sierra, you must continue on narrow mountain roads for another few kilometers past the village to reach the parking spots. This is not a highly frequented hike, so you should download the track on an app like Wikiloc.

You can walk to the bottom of the waterfall and back in 4-5 hours or walk along the waterfall to the top and loop down again on a different trail which will probably take 8-9 hours. If you are up for a challenge, it is truly worth it. The cascades continue for a long distance and are so refreshing on a hot day.

Note that you must bring enough water, though you can refill water on the trail (recommended with a water purifier due to livestock grazing in the area.) You also need good hiking boots and the round-trip hike is not recommended if you are not used to hiking and navigating in the mountains.

12. River Tabre Waterfalls in Spain

By Diana at Avagu Press

Romantic waterfalls

Most pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago complete their pilgrimage at the cathedrale in Santiago de Compostella. Yet, some pilgrims continue on from Santiago, headed to what is often considered the true endpoint of the Camino — the end of the earth.

The walk from Santiago to Finisterre (literally “end of the earth”) is about 90 kilometres, and is generally completed in 2-4 days. While the Camino ends at Cape Finisterre with views of the Atlantic Ocean, a different sort of waterfront view is hidden along the way, in the hills of Galicia.

About a 16-kilometre walk past Santiago lies the medieval Ponte Maceira (Maceira Bridge), just before the town of Negreira. Here, pilgrims cross the River Tambre, where the river splashes down along the rocks, flowing under the bridge as one of Galicia’s most striking waterfalls. With the beauty of the falls and the idyllic views of the bridge and local village, combined with the massive distances most pilgrims have walked to arrive there, it’s not uncommon to see pilgrims stopped on the bridge, lost in thought, staring at the falls.

While most pilgrims reach the River Tabre waterfalls on foot (making the 16-kilometre journey from Santiago de Compostella), it is possible to drive there from Santiago (approximately a 20-minute drive). Public transportation between Santiago and Finisterre generally won’t make the stop, but tour buses often includes the bridge and falls on their itinerary. There are several accommodation options in Negreira, including an albergue municipal and privados.

13. Triberg Waterfall in Germany

By Leanna at Wander in Germany

Romantic waterfalls

The famous Triberg Waterfall is located in the heart of the Black Forest in Germany. Considering the whole area is known for its many waterfalls, it’s hard to get major name recognition, but Triberg boasts itself as “The Highest Waterfall in Germany” and is therefore one of Germany’s most famous waterfalls. Granted, there are definitely “Taller” waterfalls in the Bavarian Alps! However, at an impressive 163 meters (535 feet), Triberg still deserves plenty of accolades. The waterfall descends over 7 uniquely different “steps” so no one section of the waterfall looks outrightly tall, but all together, it is a beautiful sight. 

There are three main walking trails that surround the Triberg Waterfall, all of which can be accessed from any (paid) entry point into the falls. Many people combine them all, which still only takes a couple of hours total to complete. Otherwise, each section should only take about 45 minutes to an hour. The main route that leads along the falls itself is the “Cascade Trail” which only takes about 45 minutes and follows the whole waterfall up (or down depending on where you start) and is easy. The Culture Trail takes about 1 hour and leads through the forest and is still relatively easy but more difficult than the paved waterfall route. The third route (Nature Path) is also only about 1 hour long and is in a beautiful section through the forest. 

Most people going to Triberg also love to see the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock in town as well as enjoy a piece of the famous “Black Forest Cake.” Try hiking from the waterfall to the Restaraunt and Cafe Bergseestueble which has fantastic tortes, cakes, and delicious Schnitzel! 

Bonus 14!! Schrammach Waterfalls in Austria

Romantic waterfalls
On my last Goddess Lens Photoshoot in Austria in 2022

Schrammach waterfalls are a series of beautiful waterfalls located in the Tyrol region of Austria, near the famous Olpererhütte hike. The waterfalls are situated in a lush and picturesque valley, surrounded by the stunning Zillertal Alps, but as it’s adjacent to the famous hike you get it mostly to yourself.

Overall, the Schrammach waterfalls are a hidden gem in Austria and a must-visit destination for those looking for a serene waterfall. Whether you are hiking to the nearby Olpererhutte or on the Schlegeisspeicher to Pftizerjoch hike, the Schrammach waterfalls are a must see for waterfall lovers.

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FAQ: Waterfalls in Europe

What is Europe’s Largest Waterfall?

The Rhine falls in Switzerland is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. It is a top Europe destination and one of the biggest waterfalls in the world.

What are the Best Waterfalls in Switzerland?

You’ll notice I’ve left off most of the Alps on this list. That’s because I’ll be writing a very HIKING specific waterfall bucketlist where Swiss waterfalls play a huge role. Stay tuned!

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