Mont Blanc Hike Elevation vs AV1


Tour du Mont Blanc vs Alta Via 1. Which one should you do?

Hello Outdoor Lovers –  A question I get asked – should you do the Tour du Mont Blanc in the Alps or the Alta Via 1 in the Dolomites for an awesome multi-day hut to hut hike?

Well, it depends on your capacity to enjoy downhills.  But you should absolutely do one of them at least once in your life.  And hopefully the old crossfit or jazzercise will keep your legs fresh so you can do it your ENTIRE life. 

My family absolutely loves the Dolomites, but in 2023 we’re gonna give the TMB a try!

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Some stats on the Tour du Mont Blanc as estimated by the Komoot App –

102 mi in total
30,350 ft up
30,350 ft down

Alta Via 1 
74 miles
23,050 up
26,325 down

 That’s the real kicker – it’s quite a lot of up and down relative to the Alta Via 1.


Many of the stages end in the valley floor.  You can even stay in some normal hotels at night vs a mountain hut.

I’ll let you decide which one sounds more fun in an upcoming full post comparing the two – likely – most famous multi day treks in Europe.

Want to know more about the the Alta Via 1 Hike?

Read the full blog post here.

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If you missed the download, here’s a 2022 updated lightweight packing list for hut to hut hiking in the Alps on the TMB or the Alta Via 1 in the Dolomites.

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 —- Morgan