Mont Blanc Hike Elevation vs AV1

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Mont Blanc Hike Elevation vs AV1

Hello Outdoor Lovers –  A question I get asked – should you do the Tour du Mont Blanc in the Alps or the Alta Via 1 in the Dolomites for an awesome multi-day hut to hut hike?

Well, it depends on your capacity to enjoy downhills.  But you should absolutely do one of them at least once in your life.  And hopefully the old crossfit or jazzercise will keep your legs fresh so you can do it your ENTIRE life. 

Some stats on the Tour du Mont Blanc as estimated by the Komoot App –

102 mi in total
30,350 ft up
30,350 ft down

Alta Via 1 
74 miles
23,050 up
26,325 down

 That’s the real kicker – The TMB is quite a lot of up and down relative to the Alta Via 1.


Many of the stages end in the valley floor.  You can even stay in some normal hotels at night vs a mountain hut.

I’ll let you decide which one sounds more fun in an upcoming full post comparing the two – likely – most famous multi day treks in Europe.

Want to know more about the Alta Via 1 Hike?

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Ready to book the Tour du Mont Blanc hike?

You can book it several ways from DIY to self-guided to fully guided. How to decide? Read my article on guided vs self-guided treks.

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Final Verdict: Ways to Book a Hut to Hut Hiking Trip

Best to Hike Your Own Pace but Forgo Logistical Challenge
Self-Guided Tour Planning Service

Self-Guided Tour Planning Service

  • [Self-Guided] - You're on your own once you start
  • Must book in Oct to Jan of year prior to hike
  • Fully done for you route
  • Service finds and books your huts
  • Maps provided on app
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What we liked: The logistics of the TMB and other hut to hut hikes can be very daunting, especially if you don't speak Italian and French. 

Note: Lesser known trails are often easier to book.  

  • Ease of route
  • No finding or dealing with huts
  • Tapping into expertise
  • No waiting for slow hikers
  • No feeling rushed if you're slower
  • Less control of dates
  • No guide on the trail
  • Unknown - you didn't "plan"
Best for Beginners & Social People
Guided Group Tour : 4 Days

Guided Group Tour : 4 Days

  • small groups (<10 typically)
  • local Chamonix guides
  • all transfers/breakfast/dinner/accommodations included
  • airport transfer included
  • stay in the insanely beautiful Rifugio Bonatti and other huts at high elevation
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What we liked:  Designed for busy people that want to experience the highlights of the Tour du Mont Blanc without having to take 2 weeks of their precious vacation time.  Everything is done-for-you and you can show up and relax in the most stunning mountains. 

Note: The standard price includes shared rooms in the huts.

  • All transfers included
  • Best price for a guided trip
  • Local Chamonix Guides
  • At the mercy of group pace
  • Not the full circuit
Best on a Budget
DIY: Book Your Own Huts

DIY: Book Your Own Huts

  • Cheapest Option
  • Most Freedom
  • Take side excursions as you like
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What we liked: The challenge of it.  It's so fun to route plan, find trails and the huts you want.  Often it's not the expense saved, but the learning of the trail while planning that is satisfying. 

Note: Be prepared to spend some time with spreadsheets and wait weeks for replies from hut owners. 

BONUS:  Click on the link to watch my 10 part video series on HOW to book a hut to hut trip.  It's a Dolomites hut trip but it's basically the same process for TMB. 

  • Cheapest option
  • Most freedom
  • Learn the Trail by planning
  • Time suck
  • You must be organized
  • Map skills are essential
Most Freedom


  • campgrounds can be crowded
  • reservations often needed in advance
  • Wild camping is prohibited or limited by elevation
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Not really my favorite thing for hut to hut trails in Europe. The huts are quite often the best part of the hiking trip and the rules are so complicated about wild camping.

  • Price is good
  • Quiet
  • More Flexibilty
  • Wild camping is tricky
  • Rules change
  • harder and heavier pack

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