Do Not Leave Germany Before Eating Spaghetti Ice Cream


Is that a frozen treat or a warm noodle dish? Spaghetti ice cream is a dream!

How much fun!

Spaghettieis or spaghetti ice cream is a novelty treat at one of Germany’s ubiquitous Italian ice cream parlours stationed in just about every small town.

Frozen soft serve vanilla ice cream is shaped into fake noodles, with a strawberry sauce like marinara and shaved almonds masquerade as parmesan cheese.

Also served with PLENTY of whipped cream, like everything else German….real full fat cream is essential and freeflowing in sweet and savory dishes.

It’s typically enough to share between two people unless you have hungry little foodies like ours!

It comes in chocolate versions too!

Post your favorite weird ice cream novelties, ice pops, or frozen treats below.

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