7 Reasons for a Hiking Date + Bucketlist European Romantic Hikes


Tap into Nature and get the endorphins going to have a great time on your next date, whether it’s the first one or an enduring relationship.

What’s the Best Part of a Hiking Date?

It’s FREE-99!  

Just kidding, you should definitely not show up to a hiking date or romantic walk empty handed.  

You probably won’t get a second date with that attitude. 

Let’s be real. Food is the way to anyone’s heart. But then how to stand out??

ENTER: Hiking a date. Not exactly a super adventure, but something nice, based in Nature and with a hint of adventure to spark passion. Sometimes you can even take a gondola up the mountain and skip the sweat if you’re nervous.

Even Ken would take hiking Barbie on a Nature date.

I’m writing this in year 19 of our marriage that all began on a hiking date in the Appalachian mountains in VA.  Obvi i’m pretty passionate about it.

Why go hiking on a date?

  • Endorphins  
  • Connection
  • Nature
  • Wildlife – Could be a pitfall too
  • Openness to Experience
  • Test of Courage

You might have some questions about endorphins, more on that later.

Read until the end where I’ll show you the ultimate super baller Italian hiking date in the stunning Dolomites.  For a romantic trip that is truly off the beaten path, the Dolomites will not disappoint.

Hint:  This hike includes stays that are literally on the top of a 9,000 foot cliff with a sauna on the deck with 3 course dinners and local wines. 

Why a Hiking Date?

Why are Endorphins so important?

Opiates are synthetic endorphins.

They make people feel really good.

Not as good as the real thing though.

Endorphins are made in your brain and body in response to stress and pain.

Hiking is stress that makes endorphins.

A sitting date is stress, but not the kind that makes endorphins.

Make your date better with endorphins.

Say yes to a hiking date.


7 Reasons to Go on a Hiking Date + Tips

1. ⬆️ Energy

Have you ever been on a date that was going really well and dinner was so delicious that you couldn’t stop eating and opted for dessert?  Then the crash.  The inevitable fullness and sinking energy levels from sitting too long and eating too much. For a lot of people fat and happy is great, but feeling bloated equals no desire for hanky panky.

With a hiking date you can get the best of both worlds.  

You two lovebirds can enjoy some delicious food on a romantic outdoor picnic or a stop at a cool restaurant that’s half way along the trail and then keep moving.

It helps keep the energy levels high and the bloated feelings at bay.  There’s nothing like light exercise to keep the GI system happy.

2. ⬆️ Endorphins – Our Happy Hormones

Most importantly though, a hiking date is fantastic for supercharging our happy hormones called endorphins.  You know those chemical messengers in our brain and body that signal to our deepest self that all is good with this world. 

Runners’ high applies to hiking also and is very good for helping with feelings of lightness and good mood, especially on high stress events like a date.

3. 📲 Ditch the Stress – Feel Connected

What’s more romantic than Mother Nature?  According to Yale, Immersion in Nature has many benefits including a deeper sense of connection to what’s around us.  And it’s the perfect excuse to get off our devices and be with the person in front of us. This may be one of the most important things for the human race to continue.