Geierlay Suspension Bridge Mörsdorf Parking and Sosberg Parking – Updated 2023


Exactly where to park and not get a ticket when exploring the Geierlay bridge in Germany.

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As promised a full post on how to park your car to explore Germany’s second longest suspension bridge, built in 2015. Learn more about Geierlay with this Ultimate Guide to Geierlay to hike, park and travel gems.

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Getting There by Car

Do not try to park on the street.  There is no charge to walk across the bridge, so they use parking fees to keep the trails maintained.  The timing also limits people from staying too long and overcrowding the area. In winter there is no problem with crowds. 

Paid Parking Areas from Sosberg Side

Most Stroller Friendly: 

P1: Sosberg Wanderer parkplatz.  .98 mile or 1.6km, 25 min on flat gravel road or wide path.  2 electric car charging stations and bathrooms appear under construction.

Best for Campers:

Sosberg Wohnmobil Parkplatz:  You can park your RV or camper here but only for a maximum of 12 hours.  1.15 miles on flat road or path.Cost of Geierlay Bridge Parking

4 Hours : 4 euros

6 Hours : 5 euros

8 Hours : 6 euros

12 Hours : 10 euros – RV maximum

Free and Paid Parking Areas from the Mörsdorf Visitors Center Side

You can download the Mobilet app or you must bring coins to pay. The parking prices depend on how far away you are from the bridge.

P1 : Central Parking lot INFOCENTER.  You’ll park here if you want to be closest to the visitors center. I’s 1.3 miles or 2.1 km of a walk to the Geierlay bridge on a mix of farm roads and hiking dirt paths.  The first 4 hours costs 8 euros.  Each additional 15 minutes cost 1 euro. 

Parkplatz P2 Windorf: Park here and walk 1.6 miles or 2.6 km to get to the bridge on a mix of road and hiking paths.  For RV and campers also with electric hookups.  RV costs 18 euros for 24 hours. There are options for longer term spots, but this may be hard in summer.

P3 Sportplatz: Park here and walk 1.6 miles or 2.6 km to get to the bridge on a mix of road and hiking paths. First 4 hours are 6 euros.  Each additional hour is 2 euros. 

P4 Free Parking : Park here for free and have a nice hike to the bridge.  2.2 miles or 3.5 km. 

Map of Parking at Geierlay Suspension Bridge

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