Dolomites Logistical Preparation for Hut to Hut Hiking with Kids


Stillness from A Hike: Strengthening & Surrendering in the Dolomites.

What do 3 moms do to get ready for a 5 day hut-to-hut hike in the peaks of the Dolomites? Call the huts to make sure we’ve got a bed to sleep in and drink champagne while hiking in the rain, of course!

No, we aren’t bringing our pups on the Dolomites hike…this time.

It is possible to take pups to some huts, but we did not plan for it on this northern half of the Alta Via 1.

Reagan joined us in the downpour July 13th. And no, our water resistant jackets did not protect us, but it was too warm to don full waterproof rain jackets. However, it’s a pretty good idea to bring one as the weather can drop quickly in the mountains of Italy.

The rain sounds better without the hood on your head, trust me.

The Hütte Mamas are at it again after 2 months of recovery. Ashleigh can shoulder a 30 pound pack (so that the hike feels like a breeze with her 20 pound pack on) with her recent training but the others are working back up to the goal of 22 lb pack.

Tara went through major surgery from complications from her car accident a few years back and Morgan the physical therapist blew out her knee meniscus and cartilage in May.

Despite these setbacks, all the previous training has kicked in and 6 miles went by super fast.

What kind of details does one check on 2 weeks prior to a 5 day backpacking mountain trip?

1. Huts to sleep and eat: confirmed, paid deposit. Correct number of beds when going in a group of 13. So frequently these family run huts are closed or a deposit is taken but nobody can find the amount. We called in via voice and tried our best Italian to be cheerful and confirm they got our emails.

2. Find the bus from Dobbiaco (also called Toblach or Dobbiaco-Toblach), yeah confusing. It’s bus 442 from the Dobbiaco autostatione or Toblach bus station. Super confusing. We are using the free car park in the village (whatever it’s called) that is just to the west of the main “haupstrasse” main street or Italian equivalent of that main road with the churches and pharmacies in the middle of town. Parking in the the trailhead is not possible, public transport is a good idea.

3. Test rain gear. Columbia Boots perfect. Columbia water resistant jacket not so good. Will bring a ball cap to keep rain out of eyes.

4. Tried to find a tour guide for the WW1 tunnels near Lagazuoi….well, the 55 euros per person we found was a bit steep so we’ll just walk down the steep tunnels alone with some lights and watch our skulls. Apparetly you should use a helmut but nobody wants to carry one the entire trip.

5. Rental boats on the Lago di Braies. Ooops, forgot to do that. Will have to work on it!

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