Why Spend Time Hiking Hut to Hut with Your Kids?


Beyond the usual suspects of fitness, well-being, and health —

What about Space to touch your Muse? Space away from technology could let your minds wander to places unexpected and beautiful.

Hiking with Kids in the Dolomites, Italy
Hiking with Kids in the Dolomites, Italy

Sometimes it takes disconnecting from our busy culture and doing a repetitive but easy enough activity to provide space for insight. Imagine time spent with your family in places without great cell phone coverage walking. What could that do for your minds?

On pondering the Nature of Sustainable Investments this came to me on a family hiking travel walk in the Dolomites:

They told her that Queers don’t belong on the Quarterdeck of the naval warship.

“You can’t wear makeup to Crossfit” they said.

1989 5th grade bully Robert Holtz yelled, “Girls don’t play soccer”.

There’s a right way, and a wrong way.

Who ever lived up to their potential following another’s Way?

Silicon valley superstars create their own category to stand out.

It’s said that if you want to sell some bibles, you’ve got to create some Christians.

Blue oceans provide new market spaces and opportunities and make the competition irrelevant.

Perhaps innovation comes from the collision.

Everything comes from somewhere if you can see the connection, especially when you don’t expect it and are open and free from the shackles of Busy.

Integrate, don’t Isolate.

Let’s create some new categories and encourage each other to find their truest expression and connect to the binding force surrounding us all.

This is Play in pure form.

Allow the many parts of you shine! Express yourself and support your tribe to do the same by putting words or video or image to some NEW categories.

New category suggestions –>

Inspired by the Great RuPaul

The Category Is…

  • Warrior Poet
  • Cornhole Queens
  • Crossfit Hippie
  • Seasoned Novice
  • Atheist Pilgrimage
  • Stoic Yoga
  • Wandering Roots
  • Glamazon Tomboy

Have fun and please add more in the comments below. They also say it’s all about the hiking or all about the food. Nah.

Hiking hut to hut with kids empowers families to connect and savor the best of Nature without having to rough it.

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