When in Rome (or anywhere in Italy) Eat Gelato.


It’s probably important to eat gelato everyday if you are lucky enough to be in Italy, especially after a long hut to hut hiking with kids travel trip.

Do you love real Italian Gelato? Comment on your favorite place to experience this delish treat. ⁣⁣

We love it so much we made one final Italian stop for real gelato before the border crossing back into Austria after our Dolomites hut to hut hiking with kids experience.

On the 8 hour drive home, we picked Vipiteno, Italy to stop for gelato vs anywhere in Austria or Germany. The mountain huts or hütte (German) or rifugio (Italian) served the most amazing plain yogurt in their giant breakfast buffets.

We saw “Vipiteno” natur written on the yogurt carton and since it tasted so good we wanted to stop at the source for some amazing Alpine dairy products.

⁣⁣There is something about these Uber fit alpine cows and the milk they make. It’s surprising how high the cows graze on wild grasses literally on the top of a granite mountain. ⁣⁣

Is it German or Italian?


It’s confusing because people speak German in this Italian town and at the mountain huts on the Alta Via 1 trail! ⁣⁣ My Italian duolingo lessons were not so much needed. A “salve” could easily have been a “hallo” to other hikers on the trail and people working in the huts.

When taking this outdoor vacation we were pleasantly surprised at the huge amount of culture and diversity. Often in the USA an outdoor experience is limited to just Nature, but this is not so in the Dolomites.

Between the languages, the immense history, the food, and attitudes and each mountain valley having a distinct cultural flair, it’s the best of both for travellers who love equal parts adventure and culture.

If you are a Hemingway fan or a WW1 history buff be sure to check out the Cinque Torri outdoor museum exhibition.

You can walk in the trenches and view the heavy weapons used in the bloody battle at the “top of the world” on the Italian front. The numbers of deaths and pure human carnage really put it into perspective how much better life is now. It was sad and tragic and so important to educate our kids about the potential of cultures to be overran by greed.

Walking through this outdoor museum makes it visceral and easier to comprehend.

It’s set into the unbelievably gorgeous Cinqui Torri Rock formation. It’s a popular place for rock climbers, orchestral light shows and skiing.

See, life is amazing now! 1916: 500k deaths for no real reason. 2020: Ski, hike, climb, outdoor music shows.

and, gelato.

Lots of gelato.

So let’s revise the statement: When in the Dolomites (Or anywhere in the Alps): Eat Gelato.

Until Next Time, Adventure Awaits!!!

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